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'They May Have the Money... We Have the People': Sanders Calls for Citizen Co-Sponsors of Medicare for All


'They May Have the Money... We Have the People': Sanders Calls for Citizen Co-Sponsors of Medicare for All

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With his new and improved Medicare for All legislation coming in the next few weeks, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Tuesday issued a call for citizen co-sponsors of the bill to show the insurance industry and the political establishment that the public is "ready to fight harder than ever for the fundamental belief that healthcare should be a right."


After seeing Biden speak to the Fire Fighters ( very nice wage, health and retirement pkg. ) I sent Sen. Sanders $27 and a note, " Just Say No To Joe ".
We can’t be selfish as " sharing is caring ". So, in that spirit, I think all Americans deserve at least 1/2 of what Fire Fighters & Police Officers get. For 30 years of hard and difficult work ( even though I’ll work 12-15 years longer for that 1/2 ).
Just sayin’.
BTW-MSDNC said, " Joe Biden isn’t afraid of Bernie Sanders ". That’s pretty rich since the Sanders/Warren wing of the Democratic Party gets about 40% of the polling votes, currently. Whereas, a Biden/Klobuchar ticket gets about 32-33% of the polling votes.
If you never want a Sanders/Jayapal version of universal healthcare for all vote for the " aspirational " ticket of Biden/Klobuchar in 2020.
If you do want real healthcare for all, it’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.
" I didn’t land on the DLC/DNC, they landed on me. And, won’t get off. " The Progressive Wing of the Democratic Party


The way I see it, is that American’s are already complacent with Trunpism? So are the multitudes going to make corporate America give up on many of it’s cash cows.Or is the oligarchy overall going to NOT let that happen. I don’t have enough faith in mainstream Americans to believe they will gather.


Don’t get boxed into the framing of it’s " socialism ". As if; it’s rather vulture capitalism vs. the common good. Who would you rather sit down and break bread with, a vulture or the common man ( and woman, of course )?
" The fight is not between the left and the right. It’s between the ups and the downs. " Molly Ivins


I got my notice in an email and gladly signed it, it is our country!

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I think we are on the same page. And the downs will again be used as cannon fodder.
I can barely find a parking space on any given day at my VA clinic as it is.
And let’s just say that DJ Trump is no Teddy Roosevelt. He won’t be leading the charge to anywhere but to one of his golf courses.


Sanders is staying in the news by talking up a fairly bold agenda, at least by past standards.

That’s a smart strategy, both in terms of campaigning for office and for driving enthusiasm on the issues.

Just giving credit where credit is due.


Trump personifies a vulture capitalist. He’s just now ( where were the NY State regulators and IRS for 4 decades ) being partially exposed as a career criminal, surrounded by other careerists.
Unfortunately, he’s got a lot of company in NY City and Florida.
And, Pelosi’s amoral and calculated " he’s just not worth it " statement is pretty thin broth considering the hundreds of thousands of felons whose crime was growing and selling pot. From a 3 light bedroom operation, no less.
They’re all an ‘effin’ joke about 1/2 the time.


I agree with you. There are two things I believe Bernie should do if he is to be the “Democratic” candidate.
To get votes from those who are not that as “progressive” as us here on CD, he should say “I will only serve one term, and my running mate will be a woman”.

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I totally disagree with the self-imposed term limit, just as I disagree with term limits in general.

The best way to limit a politician’s term is to vote them out.

As for earning the votes of ‘moderates’ or disgruntled white working class voters, he might have a prayer of winning over a few by virtue of remaining an outsider candidate. Sadly, Trump’s approval rating sits at 40% and his loyal supporters aren’t likely to be swayed by Bernie.


Sorry to rain on your parade, but I would argue that because of the super,corrupt, Democratic, delegates Bernie has no chance to be nominated for POTUS in 2020. Bernie will probably be thrown under the bus again in 2020 by Biden just like he was by Hillary in 2016. But I would love to be proved wrong!


Are you fucking kidding? I wasn’t that annoyed before at a separate Senate Bill which I actually thought brought up more detail on handling the transition than HR 676 did even though here many were annoyed because it wasn’t the gold standard. But now I don’t get it. Couldn’t Bernie have coordinated with Pramila on anything he thought was missing from HR 1384 before it was released and just introduce the same damn bill in the Senate? This is pure stupidity in my opinion, and I’m quite annoyed now. We don’t need two separate bills.


“The best way to limit a politicians term is to vote them out.”

Yes I would agree, if voting was fair.


What makes me really mad about that, is that a common answer to corrupt voting is to opt out of voting, period. Well, who does that serve?
And we already have about 40% not voting.

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This is exactly this issue which must be hammered into the population.

The issue, is the “1%” and how they prosper while the rest of the nation flounders.

I really wish the Green Party changed their name to the "99% Party.

The Democrats have stolen the name of the Green Party’s “Green New Deal” offering the people much less than the Green’s intended, the Republicans are all Ethically, and Morally Corrupt Criminals who support a “moron” and if the Greens did this, who in their right mind wouldn’t join them.

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Bills in the Senate and House are written and marked up differently, but the House has the " power of the purse ". The Senate may slow walk a bill but the House can zero out a Senator’s pet project. Horse trading, arm twisting and … lions, tigers and bears, oh my.

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I like your suggestion!

They have been using progressives for their nefarious agendas to con too many well meaning people for a long, long time.

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Actually, Senator Sanders’ staff was working closely with Representative Jayapal in crafting her bill (as were many others). It is precisely that reason that both bills will be much closer to each other than the previous versions from prior sessions of Congress. If the Democrats take the Senate in 2021 then I suspect the new bills introduced then will be closer yet.

For the public, the debate over the global issue of single payer versus insurance based systems will be intense. People come out of the box favoring the idea of a single payer system and avoiding the headaches of premiums, co-pays, deductibles, insurance claim rejections, and medical bankruptcies. But they will be bombarded even more than they are now by the usual false arguments about taxes, government running our lives, millions supposedly becoming unemployed, people dying because they have to wait for care, death panels, baby killings, and all the rest. The difference between the Senate bill and the house bill is pretty irrelevant in all that as far as I can see.

This where I hope that the presidential primary campaign shines more light than darkness on the issue and hope that the Democratic Party candidate will be a strong single payer proponent. Bernie’s 2016 campaign clearly moved the needle forward in this regard - I hope that movement continues. Meanwhile the hearings we will have in the House will have the Republican Representatives and some of the more conservative Democrats on the committee(s) spreading the misinformation generated by nefarious entities of all kinds who will whine about the details in order to obfuscate the big picture and destroy the momentum. Here is where I hope that the expert witnesses and Congressional progressives like AOC will be clear and effective advocates who spread awareness.

There’s a lot of big “IFs” in all of that as seen by the number of times I have to use the word “hope” to describe anything good happening - but it is still the best chance we’ve have in decades.


My notice also came in today’s email, and I also quickly signed on as a citizen co-sponsor of Bernie’s Medicare for All legislation.

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Maybe. But I don’t see the utility in starting out with one iota of text difference other than the bill number and list of sponsors. If that had been the case, the Senate bill would already have been out there, they could have made a bigger production out of it, and there is less information for people to read if they want to know fully what is being discussed (I have no to plans to read the Senate bill, and I’m only a very small way into the House bill which I intend to read in its entirety - if there are any differences in the Senate bill not outlined in the media or mentioned here, I’ll never know about it).

I agree with everything else you said. I have hope as well - I just get easily annoyed with stuff I consider painfully obvious as sub-optimal against an easy improvement which I see all the time unfortunately - I’d probably be happier if I could get myself not to notice.