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They Murdered My Mother for Defending the Environment — Help Me Seek Justice


They Murdered My Mother for Defending the Environment — Help Me Seek Justice

Salvador Edgardo Zuniga Cáceres

In March, my mother Berta Cáceres was murdered in her own home. Her death pains me in a way I cannot describe with words.

She was killed for defending life, for safeguarding our common goods and those of nature, which are sacred. She was killed for defending the rivers that are sources of our people’s life, ancestral strength, and spirituality.


The murderers were part of an elite military unit trained by the U.S.; well, of course they were. The question is, When aren't they? 500 years of European and U.S. genocide against the original and only true Americans. Time, and time again, we see the bloody and heinous crimes committed in the name of development. And, self-assuredness in our shared national and worldview. Our mission statement is, " In god we trust and let the hindmost be damned for eternity. P.S. Look out world, here we come to pillage, plunder and ravage your communities and sacred places. " Because, of course, our spiritual leader, tells us to. And, our best and brightest are always, " just following orders ". The Alphabets orders? The U.S. Chamber of Commerce orders? Sorry, we don't know that, either. In fact, we'll have to pray and and ask for enlightenment on this great mystery. BTW- Sorry to hear about your mother. She sounds like a wonderful and caring woman. I really wish our country had a woman like that. Why, I'd want her to run for our highest office. Which is another thing that confounds us Americans; you know, who in the fuck exactly is running this worldwide operation, anyway?


A heroine in a long line of those harassed harangued and brutally murdered for cherishing and protecting the earth and all of creation.

Signing the petition is a small thing to do. And the struggle never ends.


I signed.


An aside:
The word "environment" implies that we are not a part of Earth System. Such a belief has allowed us damage Earth System and not be aware of the fact that what we do to Earth System we do to ourselves--so that we are "digging a grave" for ourselves. Unfortunately, there will be no funeral for our species because no one will be alive to officiate at our funeral.


When it comes to the environment I think the planet says, " let the dead bury the dead. After all, that's how you jackasses got fossil fuels in the first place. " See you on tbe other side, red.