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'They Need Our Help': As CBO Projects $16 Trillion GDP Loss Due to Pandemic, Sanders and Schumer Demand Relief for Working Families

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/01/they-need-our-help-cbo-projects-16-trillion-gdp-loss-due-pandemic-sanders-and

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McConnell needs to go and DNC favorite McGrath won’t cut it. It’s time for someone who will really work for the people and the planet: Charles Booker.

" Crickets? Did someone hear crickets? Mitch, did you hear any crickets? Mitch, are you there?
Hello, hello Mitch, it’s the President. The sound of these crickets is gonna drive me crazy. You got to get these crickets out of the White House. Mitch, are you there? For god’s sake, Mitch, help me. I’m losing my mind. I’m losing the election. I’m going to the damn prison, Mitch. Help me. Do something. "

Trump threatens to gather the troops to put down the uppity protesters.
It’s time people. Now or never.

He went to The Panic Room on Friday night.
What was his next move, shooting someone at
3:00 P. M. on a Manhattan street in front of millions? His bullying and menacing POTUS act is about to run out of options.
He’s already on the hook for major malfeasance and felony charges in NYC. What’s he gonna’ do?

He doesn’t believe in the inherent goodness of human beings .
When your minds been corrupted by old books about evil ,sinful human beings and about gods anger,wrath and judgement .The belief in the separation of the divine from humanity and survival of the fittest guiding principle, his actions are therefore normal in his eyes.
As John Trudell said…" their minds have been mined ."

It’s a civil rights movement for the soul of humanity.

since the Democrats gave away all their leverage when they bailed out the already extremely wealthy and their corporations–this is just one more gaslight in a long line of gaslighting from the feckless Democrats-it is as if they don’t get basic politics 101–as they keep doing the same thing over and over again while failing to provide even the minimal protection for our people–$2000/wk(paid to people for the whole period of this virus–including Back Pay)–M4A-this is the minimum I expect from them–what do I think I will get from the Dems??? --NOTHING----more nothing and then some more bail out for the wealthy and their corporations

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The author should clarify the meaning of $15.7 Trillion ($16 trillion rounded up) – The CBO states in the following paragraph: “That difference constitutes 5.3 percent of the value for cumulative nominal GDP for that period that the agency projected in January.” Over a ten year period, 2020 - 2030, the CBO projects a cumulative total GDP (output) of $296.22 trillion, and the $15.7 trillion is 5.3% of that large amount. Tossing around big numbers is meaningless, and slightly insulting to everyone’s intelligence. Julia, thanks for the good article, next time try to clarify more fully. My blog is Economics Without Greed, Part Two. Output and growth are not very important, more important is equitable growth. The Washington Center for Equitable Growth has a report (A Tale of Two Countries) showing that income growth over 34 years, 1980 to 2014, for the lower-earning half, 50%, was 1%, and for the top earning 1% it was 200%. The CBO projection is also based on this extreme inequality, so growth however big or small is not important, in any humane sense.