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'They Obviously Can Afford to': Workers Call On Walmart To Raise Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour

'They Obviously Can Afford to': Workers Call On Walmart To Raise Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour

Michael Sainato

The World’s largest retailer, Walmart, is far behind its competitors when it comes to a minimum wage;

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Bernie started out calling for $10.10. I said, "Try to live on that. He raised it to 15.

15 will be 10.10 by 2024.

Ds are bold flakes.


Massive worker walkouts must be organized at Walmart.

Lead the effort, Bernie, AO-C, Rashida T.

This could be the movement that resurrects union membership in this effed up country.


These rich companies are not going to feel the pinch of giving a raise to it’s employees. So what’s the reasoning. Greed? They can’t take it with them and they can’t spend it all. I think it goes to the top, the chain of top businesses. I wonder if they want to keep workers barefoot so they have work two jobs. That way all those low paying jobs have a worker available for each one of them.


Flakes, or Fakes?

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Maybe you missed the part where all the income gains of the past 40 years went to the top 10%:

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vman, Here’s the idea you are missing ;

Austerity is an old and stable policy that has been used by oligarchs for hundreds of years. There was a brief respite after the great depression of the 1930’s. That door to a dignified life for average people was gradually closed beginning about 1973. Actual wages have not gone up since then; two workers are now required to support a family.

Oligarchs require about a 7% annual interest on their wealth. The US government provides tax breaks and subsidies to corporations that would not be in business if they were required to clean up their messes behind them. The squeeze is put on heavier and heavier. Cancer grows from chemical pollution. Twenty thousand farmers a year commit suicide from financial stress. Eventually there is not enough wealth to squeeze from the countryside to satisfy rich New York realtors like Trump to keep up with each other.

A day dawns when the choice for rich capitalists becomes too limited to find sufficient money to hide in secret island bank accounts. They become cannibals and begin fighting among each other devouring each other in a piranha froth feeding frenzy. That’s when the wisest who are not rich will laugh when the pentagon attempts to draft poor people to help rich people steal from each other. Those who dream of being as rich as the richest will believe the propaganda that war is good and regime change in Russia and China will do the trick.

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I remember when I was in highschool…