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They’re Killing Us. Help Us Stop Them


They’re Killing Us. Help Us Stop Them.

Grace Dolan-Sandrino

They’re killing us. Help us stop them. They are making laws in this country against us.

I’ve been more excited and then more terrified by this weekend’s rollercoaster of emotions than I ever thought possible.

On Friday, I felt amazingly supported and empowered and valued by President Obama, by my LGBTQ community, by my school and by my family and friends and neighbors as I took part in the first-ever White House Summit for African American LGBTQ Youth. I was so happy.


I really don't see how anyone will be safer when only the militarized police and so-called terrorists are armed. Please take some time to research the 2nd Amendment- think beyond the dialectic, two choices: armed/not armed, violent/non-violent, us/them, etc. Gays are arming themselves- check out The Pink Pistols, " Armed Gays Are Not Bashed."

Tyranny runs rampant in every disarmed society. Take back your rights, take back your power. Please wake up- Obama is a tool. Don't be like a farm animal, peacefully led to slaughter. Stand up for yourselves, stand up for the innocent, stand up for what is right.

Even Ghandi said that "if" his people had guns, then they should use them in self defense. But the British forceably disarmed India, and only the police and terrorists had guns, and the rest is history...


"The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes.... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man."
- Thomas Jefferson, Commonplace Book (quoting 18th century criminologist Cesare Beccaria), 1774-1776


Excuse me, but "Huh?"


I'm very familiar with HRC-
They hijacked my Lesbian marriage for fundraising. No joke.


I don't think you understood my comment.
I said, "Obama is a tool." You don't need to convince me.
I said "huh?" Because your response didn't seem to address my comments. I'm against Obama/Hilary and the Democrats' gun grabs, pandering to, but still screwing women, gays, brown people, the planet, etc...Just as I despise the Republicans for their hate and hypocracy. I oppose this rigged system in which we are offered two evil choices, yet remain enslaved at the mercy of psychopaths.


The USA has the most heavily armed Citizenry in the world.

I will list a number of countries with stricter Gun regulations and far fewer guns overall than the USA.

I would like you to detail to me why you think these Countries have tyrannies when compared to the USA and detail to me in which countries gays at greater risk from violence because they not armed


I see no evidence that a citizenry embracing guns and violence as a means to defending liberties are free from tyranny and have a public that is safe from violence. What I see is the embrace of such just ensures violence more acceptable.

There are many millions of people and billions of people that live in Countries without a second amendment. It does not follow they have less liberties or are safer from violence.


I was referring to China, North Korea, Nazi Germany, etc. Actual tyrannies.


Exceptions do not make a rule.

You stated Tyranny runs rampant in EVERY disarmed society.


Tyranny runs rampant in all unarmed societies?

Do you pack a gun Helena, so no one thinks of messing with you on a trip to the local market? If so, you are part of the problem.

Do you really think that the ridiculous number of guns in this country will ever be confiscated? Ever???????

One thing hot lead launching phallus advocates can always be counted on, is shouting that the government is going to take away everyone's guns, and that any gun control laws amount to a slippery slope of gun confiscation.

Meanwhile the NRA maintains and grows power in Congress year after year after year.

Spare us the histrionics, your guns are safe.


Anyone can slap a Jefferson quote down. It means nothing.

The USA has more guns than any nation on this Earth. It has hardly prevented Homicides. Jefferson and Beccaria just never bothered with the facts and like trump and others were more interested in sound bites. "All men are created equally" sounds good on paper too until you consider Jefferson owned slaves.


That's because our gun laws are not nearly strong enough or affective enough, thanks to the bullying tactics of the NRA and the Gun Lobby. If politicians had the guts and the spine to stand up to the Gun Lobby and the NRA, many, many more lives would've been saved, rather than lost to gun violence.

I'll also add that the whole idea that the 2nd Amendment guarantees the right of individuals to bear arms is pure malarkey...it's not true. It only applies to militias (i. e. military personnel), cops and other law-enforcement people, and security personnel. Nobody else.


Excellent post, SuspiraDeProfundis! Way to go! Thanks.


This young woman has struck such a fantastic balance here. She did simply advocate rational gun policy but that is not the main intent of her piece. I'd written a long comment which would have added nothing but would have made me sound like a bigot or homophobe or a gun advocate: he could have carried out a mass murder at Pulse in several other ways, but of course semi-automatic weapons are readily available so lock and load. He may not have gotten so enraged had he not witnessed a public display of homosexual affection, so maybe the gay "community" should be more circumspect in their public behavior, not for the sake of the straights but for themselves. Conclusion: adds nothing and goes nowhere. Retreating back into the shadows is not a strategy, but a surrender.

Young Grace, you nailed it. Is there a historian here who could either confirm or refute the notion that this is the first time in human history that any collective has come so close to socially normalizing this persistent biological reality? If that's so then that means that we've never ridden this coaster to the very end, so we don't know what further thrills and chills await.


Here's the rub, Herdpoisoning:

While it's true that Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter was employed by G4S as a guard at a juvenile prison, he would not have passed a background check and therefore the ability to obtain firearms if more intensive and extensive background checks had been in place, and implemented.


imho, is a total non-sequitur...way off topic. We need cops, whether you like them or not. We're talking about some crazed-out civilian who went into a nightclub and opened fire with his assault rifle, killing roughly 50 people.


Lacking any workable solutions and averse to any change, the establishment is campaigning against Trump, even when he is correct. It will keep enforcing the status quo, even if it has to go against Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and others of our forefathers who dared suggest that an armed populace is the best defense against tyranny. I think people should prefer non-lethal weapons for defense though. Tasers and spray often work better than guns.


I'm sorry, but I may be mistaken here. Are you advocating LGBTQ population refrain from living their LIVES in public arena? Or was that sarcasm? This shooter was brought up in a culture where the only option for gays was death. He, himself has been proven to be gay. Therefore, his own self hatred led to this violent action. His wife knew he was unstable, but was unable or unwilling to do a thing about it, she drove him there knowing what he would do. This is a complicated tragedy. Assault rifles were banned in the US until 2004, when it expired. The congress did not re-up it then, as they were busy suckling at the NRA's teets, and loved that money. We have such an excess of these war rifles, we in US, are then actually arms dealers with ourselves and other countries, who know to come here and buy em up. Our Orlando medical team said these wounds were different than their usual gunshots, such extensive body damage/blown away. They stated with tired eyes and sadness it was like a war scene. That is because these rifles are made to make war, killing people. Have you seen video of the attack in Paris? I was extremely surprised at the horizontal hail of bullets, much like a human shredder. WHAT in heck is wrong with re-banning, or registering guns much as we are required to register our cars? I see here 2 types who want these war rifles. One has a buried worry they might not be able to overcome our government. Hmm, just think for a moment of what imperialistic USA military might has at their disposal. Oh yes, an assault rifle would do it!!! Second is the entitled individual who likes it as a sport, and fun! These remind me of the thinking of toddlers, who have not yet learned to share/compromise; nor the difference between "want" and "need". We can still have guns. Just re-ban human shredders in civilization life. LGBTQ are of biologic nature. We need change our political representatives, tea party types, who pander to extremist christianity, giving them legalized discrimination, giving them their false sense of arrogance and superiority over most anyone not meeting their Aryan perfection. This has been a TERRIBLE year, with hate groups working with government officials in growing bigotry up again. It is happening. They feel free to utilize hate speech toward anyone not caucasian/christian/male. Most especially LGBTQ, totally ignoring the biology and science evidence of this being one way of gender identity. We now know gender ID is in a brain structure!!! NOT the presented organs! There are SIX genes for gender identity. This great scientific/medical new discoveries are not celebrated. Our USA media is controlled, & propaganda. We do not hear of science progress/discoveries, nor of further oil attacks on our bodies of water. No more candle vigils. Stand strong, stand in love against the popular mocking/hate/bullying. It is repulsive, encouraged by our govt so they can distract from the vile things they do- deregulating everything, including water safety, big pharma (prices on meds have gone up to $250-700/mos at times! I watch people be told the price and leave without. Trying to steal what citizens have put forth in their paychecks to SS and Medicare. Slashing food help in heinous amounts. I have hope in this young woman's generation. I do not see much hope written in reply. Cynicism doesn't have to be fashionable any more. We need to stand up against these bad representatives, and be patient, or if you prefer, civil unrest. No assault rifle will help you in this case. Our country elites chose to make USA the biggest baddest military might in a secret meeting in the 70's. Comparing the US to other countries distracts from our issues, it is apples and oranges. Thank you for your statement Grace Dolan-Sandrino. I believe in hope. No more victim pose. Rise up from candle vigils, and march in pride for being your own self, living LIFE. Hatred lives as long as citizens are willing to impose it themselves upon others, not stop and think do I need or want this, and get out of your own SELF.


What is Trump correct about? He is one of the 1 percent and nothing more. All of the rest of his utterances are sound bites. He selling advertising jingles.

Your so called forefathers claiming an armed populace the best safeguard against tyranny does not mean they were correct . Ancestor worship and the clinging to myths circulated about them is no different then people quoting the Bible as justifications of their actions.. You have tyranny in countries with an armed populace and always have had such. What safeguard are you talking about?

Violence and the threat of it is no safeguard. Heavily armed countries like the USA, Yemen, Iraq . Somalia and the like are examples of that. It leads to the tyranny of the MOST violent and those most willing to kill their fellow human beings.


No. The British did not disarm India. The British Indian Army was dominated by Indians who had access to guns.


Washington et alia had a vested interest in arming the colonists against having to pay tyaxes. George Washington et alia did not want to pay taxes.