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They’re Talking a Better Game, But Will the Democrats Fight?


They’re Talking a Better Game, But Will the Democrats Fight?

Richard Eskow

In public, leading Democrats blame outside forces like Russia and former FBI Director James Comey for their losses in 2016. But privately, many acknowledge the party needs a new direction.

The Democrats’ massive losses at state and congressional levels cannot be blamed on WikiLeaks, Comey or even Trump. Something clearly needs to change, and fast.


From your lips....

I'm doubting it more and more, even though I decided to stay in, at least until 2018, as a PCP.


The Dems jobs program guarantee that “would not compete with existing private-sector employment” is, by default, a guarantee that their jobs program is a program that would pay an even lower wage than the private sector and a backdoor assurance to that private sector that the Dems will not vigorously pursue raising the minimum wage, let alone fight for a living wage. Same old worn out product in a new more populist friendly package. This is not change. Sanders and what few progressives exist in the party need to wake up to the fact that all their efforts are only going to further entrench this core of the party. Time for them to ditch this sinking ship and offer voters some real alternatives.


We don't even need Bernie Sanders... Warren Buffet is joined by conservative economists in advocating a "big-time" increase in the Earned Income Tax Credit. We already have a mechanism to generate living-wage total incomes for working Americans. We can greatly reduce poverty and stimulate the economy by exercising some political will.


Will they? Which of them will when most of them won't?

Maybe the question is really being heard (at least by Dem ears) as >>> who will get reelected and who will not?

They strengthen alliances! They forge bonds! The Dems are motivated! They are on a roll! The Dems close ranks on which issues should be emphasized. They give assurances on which will not.

They make promises to each other liberally and 'reoffer reassurrances repeatedly' that they swear will extend even unto retirement.

The Dems are going into battle!

Their slogan is 'At least we aren't as bad the republicans- reelection or bust!'

What did I forget something?

Oh yeah, they want ordinary people to know that despite the obvious that not voting for the Repubs will fix everything! Once they are reelected then they - the Dems - will know what to do when they do what they always do but this time they know they can win doing the same thing as they always do when they lose. This time they are sure that the result will be different!


The Clintonian Democratic Party is tired and does not care about anything. It is irrelevant. It needs to get out of the way of progressive candidates that may have no choice but to run as Dems in this system. Let's the grass roots do the talking and fund-raising. All progressives need is the letterhead and their names on the ballot. They do not need corporate or Saudi money. They do need the upper-class Dems to keep their neoliberal mouths shut, thank you very much.


"First order of business: what can we do to make it seem more like we care about the majority of the citizenry?"

"Maybe we could give more money to Israel. Ordinary people seem to like Israel, and this could even win us the favor of some Christian Fundamentalists."

"Well, I think we should be more careful about how we hide our methods to cut Social Security."

"Let's face it, folks. The Republicans are just better than us at framing bank deregulation to make it look good to the working class."

"Well, it's been a decade since there's been a minimum wage increase."

"Hey--how did THEY get in?"


You'd think something called "The Center for American Progress" or CAP would be a progressive think tank. Many people seem to think that.

But it is a Neo-Liberal think tank. The reality is that after the Clintons were out of office, their right hand man, the man who started the Podesta Group to lobby for Neo-Liberal ideas, founded the CAP in 2003. This was a continuation of the same stealing of the term "progressive" by Neo-Liberals that began with the creation of the "Progressive Policy Institute" as the DLC's think tank in the 1980s.

Ever since Morris Udall dropped the term "liberal" for "progressive," the Neo-Liberals have meant something entirely different than the heirs of Robert La Follette and Henry Wallace mean by the term. We mean by the term people who hold to leftist positions bordering on socialism that would up end the current system and replace it with something new. They mean making small, incremental changes- ie progressive change- that just tweak the current system. It is important we don't get fooled by this unspoken difference in definitions of terms.


"The Center for American Progress (CAP), responding in part to the seeming success of the right-wing CPAC gathering, held what it called an “ideas conference” last week. As CAP put it, the gathering brought together “leading elected officials, thought leaders, movement leaders, and others to discuss their ideas to move the country forward and address the needs of all Americans, covering topics from economics to energy, national security to the rise of the Resist movement.”"

"discuss the needs of all Americans"? Really. How is that done when "all" Americans do not have a seat at the table. These were paid seats folks and those with the best access paid $250,000 for the privilege -- this is the DEMOCRATS while the REPUBLICANS "ideas conference" was FREE and OPEN TO ALL. If that does not say everything I do not know what will.


This is the same party, that in California, the party chairman told protesters to shut the f*ck up and leave.
I've saved that article and tweets so I reread thmt every few days so I never forget and never get taken in again.So I stay angry with the democrats.
If they were going to change, for the people, they would have invited Sanders as the most important speaker.



The idea of crowdsourcing (their word, not mine!) the Russia investigation must have been an answer to that very question.


"In public, leading Democrats blame outside forces like Russia and former FBI Director James Comey for their losses in 2016. But privately, many acknowledge the party needs a new direction".

"The Democrats’ massive losses at state and congressional levels cannot be blamed on WikiLeaks, Comey or even Trump. Something clearly needs to change, and fast"

The Democratic Leadership has proven that they do not have what it takes to lead a major political party. Continually selling out the democratic base, the leadership of the democratic party needs to be removed from power, Brutally! The same way they treat their base.


It is hard to know how much voter suppression and extreme gerrymandering has had to do with Democratic losses but I would suspect those things have played a role. There needs to be a leveling of the playing field when it comes to voting. Also, the electoral college should be ended because the president is really chosen by voters now not electoral college delegates and the electoral college gives more power to voters in small rural states which are mostly Republican. Also, the Republicans probably benefit more than Democrats from dark money in elections. Quite a few reforms are needed for fairer elections. Of course the Republicans know that if voter turnout was increased they would be the main loser so they are trying their best to stop people from voting, particularly people who are African American or Hispanic.


I agree whole-heartedly! This story is a slam dunk verifying that the Clintons and the old guard just don't get it one iota. I don't like the headline - I don't even think that they are "talking a better game" when you look at a few of the specifics... Dissing Bernie and not even inviting him? They are so clueless. CAP really stands for the Corporate American/Democratic Party. Read this article about the recent survey published and discussed in the New Republic -


In a word, "NO".

At least not for those things that almost every reader of CD seeks: e.g. an end to corporatocracy and its steady elimination of all but vestigial hints of democracy; an end to "American Exceptionalism"-justified imperialism and militarism that consumes so much of the national product that we can't afford public health, education nor to fix bridges, to invest in renewable energy infrastructure, or do anything that might just be suggestive of a modern first-world .economy. A direct, Constitutional rebuttal of Citizens United and other assaults on democracy, etc.

Oh, they'll "fight" for "JOBS, JOBS, JOBS" ....at least that's obviously the message they'll employ ... but look for yet more corporate subsidies, tax breaks, etc., rather than revamping of trade policies which have steadily encouraged offshoring of jobs and downward pressures on wages. Maybe they'll even agree to fight for a national minimum wage increase....which will of course be too little to help very many of the working poor, and do nothing to slow the growth of the wealth and income gap,

I'm sorry if I appear cynical...but as a D for 45 years, I'm no longer able to swallow happy-face Kool-Aid...I can tell the difference between fresh juice and artificially-flavored sugar / saccharine drinks.


Both of the two major political parties need to get kicked out of our government. If we are interested in peace on earth and a fair sharing of the wealth of our nation we need more than the lesser of two evils. If we are interested in keeping the world safe from endless wars we must disarm the United States of America. We claim to be against nuclear weapons for the rest of the world---but not to US and Israel. We need to cut our military budget by 75% AT ONCE and use those funds to meet the needs of our people and to protect our environment.

The US goes all over the world fighting 'terrorists' but we never look in a mirror or allow the truth to be seen that WE ARE TERRORISTS!


I have to wonder what " thought leaders" think in an ideas conference.
An ideas conference that begins with a minimum $350 ticket to get in.
An ideas conference that does not include the most popular politician in the country who aligns with democrats.
An ideas conference that cost $1000 to get into the "progressive party"
An ideas conference that just can't leave Trump out of the equation and force republicans to be responsible for him.

No, the corporate democrats will not fight.


I will not vote for any Democrat that takes legal or illegal corporate bribes.

Direct Democracy


I liked the article in the AnchoragePress.

In response to it and others, maybe the reality is that the old guard Dems do not care about winning though they did get behind Hillary (except that the voters wanted Bernie).

I am seriously beginning to think that the Dems really don't care about winning the WH, what they care about is their own personal reelections. The Democratic Party can fade into irrelevance or rise to the top... maybe the game is that for the Dems none of that really matters. Each old guard Dem cares only about their own reelection. Perhaps they even agree with the Repubs on most issues. The ruling elite and so forth.

If they really had cared about their party winning, they would have admitted early on that Bernie would easily have the day but instead they ran against his winning!


'But will the (current) Democrats fight?'

Who cares? The only proper answer is the one Bernie Sanders has been giving, in deeds, not words. Turn them out, don't even waste your breathe asking. When the transformation is complete, the progressive Democrats can then debate the course of action to take.