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'They Should All Be Held in Contempt': Group of Mulvaney Allies Team Up to Stonewall Trump Impeachment Probe

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/04/they-should-all-be-held-contempt-group-mulvaney-allies-team-stonewall-trump

Clearly these are lawless, ruthless thugs and the Democrats-if they want to win in 2020-need to offer what the masses want: a livable planet, living wages, improved & expanded Medicare For All, publicly funded education, transportation, housing, a banking system such as the US Postal Service when it offered banking services in the past.


I think it is time for the FBI to do its job and stop this conspiracy of treason against the US and it’s Constitution.


Arrest them ALL , immediately .
If you or i tried this sht we would get our ars beat by the police , arrested , convicted and would rot in jail for years !


Indeed. We have gone from “Lock her up”, “Lock him up” to what has been true all along–Lock Them up!


I fear it’s not going to happen, as Nancy and Tom and Steny, mayor Pete, and ol uncle Joe are busy telling us what we can’t do. And all the while, tomorrow is Election Day, and no mention of voter suppression or voter registration drives from the democratic leadership.


Fill the jails.


With no one really needing to be flipped at this point, they are all going down with the Trumptantic. Good riddance.


As we are seeing with the college admissions scandal, those who fess-up and plead out for their hubris and arrogance are rewarded with relatively light sentences - those who refuse to co-operate and admit their wrong-doing/crimes, demanding a trial when they are clearly guilty (yeah, I know, I know - innocent until etc, etc - that’s BS) they are hammered, with more charges and prison time/fines, etc, as well they should be - at least they aren’t shot dead for “resisting” killer-cops.when screamed-at in the street, their cars, or their homes!

In this case the trump regime criminals are refusing to co-operate in any way and should be arrested, charged, prosecuted with all the crimes and contempt they show and all the costs/time wasted by Congress attempting to do their jobs!

The weak-kneed sister pelosi just doesn’t have the Moxie or integrity to do the freakin job, being rather, complicit and utterly devoid of the needed courage any “opposition party” or leadership to be worth their salt must have! If capital crimes, cover-ups, and treasonous behaviors are allowed to be winked-at, there is no justice as most already know - allowing the political perps to get-away with this shite openly and brazenly crosses a very bright line! Rip these fuckers a new one - all of them - if there is anyone left to do so.


As if this contempt for the law from the trump regime isn’t enough, there is the speculation of hillary scheming in her evil Harpy way for entering the race for prez?? Hubris and arrogance indeed as well as deep corruption and the offer of nothing except four more years of trump nightmare spelling the likely death of all truth, honesty, integrity, justice and livable planet - all life on Earth

WTF has happened to this freakin country (and world)? Hopefully this is all speculative BS and DINO sellout psycho fantasy!


Until Congressional leaders start issuing arrest warrants, the rump’s minions will continue to thumb their collective noses at them.


The constitutional crisis unfolds before our eyes.
The two-tiered “justice” system does too.
If any of us were subpoenaed or otherwise required to appear in a judicial proceeding, even for a traffic ticket, and we explicitly told the judge we think the law and his court are a sham, we’d be held in contempt and jailed.
Chelsea Manning has refused to comply with an attempt to force her to testify falsely about Assange, and has been jailed for months and is being fined tens of thousands of dollars every month.
The Trump gang’s ongoing criminality is a test for Congress and the rule of law.


Dems have given members of the Trump admin more than enough chances to comply with requests and supoenas that at this point the Contempt of Congress charge should be an automatic to those who continue not to comply.

No more waiting around, wasting time, and bending over backwards for this contemptuous bunch.


Agree 100%, these people, working? in the white house, the Reps and Senators, all republicans, are NOT employees of trump! They, supposedly work for the PEOPLE of the USA, not for this cancerous asshole, the so called president.


I look forward to the day when fines and or jail time is used against these criminals. I have faith it will be so, before it was just an inquiry. nancy has come out and said she doesn’t know if t___p has committed treason, she is fully aware she has to play hardball…let the game begin, Play Ball.


Impeach Em All. Then bring out the flamethrower.


The so called rule of law does not exist in reality. The democrats are playing political games and so are the republicans. The democrats and Pelosi are not weak, they are just playing the game. The wealthy and their handmaidens in congress are never punished. The democrats will do nothing about Trump. The democrats will do nothing about Mulvaney and his cohorts thumbing their nose at testifying, providing documents or anything else they decide to do or not do. This is part of the show, the theater that is demanded by the press. Trump isn’t going any where. The DNC is plotting to steal the election from Bernie and then it’s four more years of Orange Terror. The big Donors are very happy with Trump.
He lets them do what they want. Pelosi will never get in the way of that. She will be paid well. With those campaign donations she will help elect lots more candidates from the CIA and the FBI. Oh, and throw in some Gung ho Military too. All of those blue dog corporate democrats will double down on killing Medicare for all and everything else you and I desperately need.


Congress has been granted great power on this subject and confirmed by the SC in 1927, but will more than likely refuse to use it, as talked about in the linked article below. It’s this reluctance that allows Trumps minions to snub their noses at the justice system with little-to-no punishment for doing so.


Trump presidential “employees” in good standing:

Mick Mulvaney White House Chief of Staff.
Russell Vought ‘protege’ leading WH OMB.
Brian McCormack, asso director natural resources at OMB,
Roger Blair his senior advisor advising advisably.
John Eisenburg, NSC Lawyer,
Michael Ellis his deputy.
Michael Duffey (who?)

Don’t be surprised if their legal defense of obstructing justice
is based on how they enjoy drinking beer.

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When will the dems grow a spine? or do we not have laws that address this egregious defiance ignoring subpoenas by congress? has congress been neutered over the years by politicians and presidents because we have not held them accountable?

In all probability all of the republican party and many centrists dems are corrupted by money, foreign money, ties to nefarious mafia organizations around the world, or the world wide 2,000 or so billionaires who want to have total control of all