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'They Should All Resign': Here Are the GOP Lawmakers Dodging Metal Detectors Installed After Capitol Assault

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/13/they-should-all-resign-here-are-gop-lawmakers-dodging-metal-detectors-installed


JFC other than Capital Security, No one for any reason should be able to get in that building without going through the metal detector.

Especially the gun happy Republicans. Have to wonder how many are taking guns in there.
Resign my ass. they should be expelled


W T A F ???
Are there currently, during this call to impeach, congressassholes in the house chamber with gd guns???
Is there going to be an actual gunfight over these articles of impeachment???

Optics-schmoptics, these dirt bags that set off metal detectors need to be phucking arrested, now. And we do know that Lauren Boebert, rep of CO packs a Glock, so start there…
I am watching these proceedings and the crocodile appeals from some, looking at you Kevin McCarthy, calling for unity ring absolutely hollow. The gd horse already stormed outta the barn.


Stephen Colbert hit one out of the park last night in his opening monologue



Surprise, surprise, the liars and cheaters are lying and cheating! Republicans following rules, obeying laws, ha!


… When I first heard about this hubris, my first reaction was; “this is what is referred to as ‘white privilege.’ It is a supreme sense of pure entitlement.”
… If you look at those videos which showed the mob when that young woman was shot by the Capital police officer -there was no panic. There was no scattering for cover. There was just simply ‘dumbfoundedness,’ as they stood there, as if puzzled.
… When you look at that iconic photo with the officers all pointing their guns at the ugly mugs peeking through the broken glass, in the House Chambers -those ugly mugs were staring down the barrels of numerous weapons, and even then, felt no real threat. Why was that?
… White privilege. Rich or poor, college educated or G.E.D. -if you’re white… your ‘right (pun intended)!’
… And we thought 2020 sucked…


And the first Rep to be expelled should be that fascist shitstain who (unfortunately) “represents” my Alabama district, the Tea Bagger Mo(ron) Brooks!


Once they refuse, they should be presumed guilty of hiding something - like fleeing a CBP border check 100 miles from the border - and they should be stripped and cavities searched for contraband. Treated like regular Americans.


I’m sorry, I thought there was a “Sargent of Arms”, guess I was wrong.


‘I thought I was going to die’: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rips GOP lawmakers, shares experience during Capitol riots on Instagram Live



“Ted Cruz, you do not belong in the United States Senate. Josh Hawley, you do not belong in the United States Senate, so get out,” Ocasio-Cortez said. She said Hawley fist pumped the mob, moments before they stormed the Capitol and accused them of putting their political futures ahead of democracy and the safety of Americans."


I’d like to know why I have to read this on Yahoo News (Business Insider) rather than here on Common Dreams ?

There is more (another article)

Several congressional Democrats claim the January 6 Capitol insurrection was aided by ‘insiders’



I don’t understand. People either walked right passed the detectors and police, sidestepped them, or set them off and were not stopped. And after all this, Nancy Pelosi permitted the days session to start without having every single person that violated the metal detector to remain in the chambers?

Really democrats? Really? Is this the kind of governance we can expect from you for the next two years, with the nation in the worst shape it’s been in since 1932?
Fucking worthless pussies. The invaders of the Capital last week would have done us all a favor if they had found Nancy and the rest of the feckless democratic leadership. This is a time for serious competent stewardship. Nancy and her ship fools have proven time and again to be incapable.
My god people. There were probably house members who were armed in today’s proceedings.
Once again I feel compelled to ask, how do democrats stand without spines?


These creeps should be arrested and shot if they resist.


Confused and delusional sociopaths-psychopaths is the only way to describe these republicans. Which leaves no choice but to remove them from office and public service. There must be a demand and requirement for extensive psychological testing and analysis not only for gun owners but people running for public office. You can’t have people that lie and cheat and are mentally unbalanced representing the people! Besides, people like this tend to be stupid imbeciles to begin with.



What is going on Recon ?

This is unbelievable !

fancy Nancy has the days schedule to the minute.

Having the gate crashers removed physically would have taken
about at least an hour with all the republican representatives
physically resisting anyone trying to escort the armed reps
out of the chamber. All on c-span.

Trumpism wins in that scene.

If I were a dem rep, I would sit in the furthest row, end seat.
Watching the door over my shoulder with 45 holstered.
Any noise, bustle, it comes out and so do I, into the hallway.

The Failed Fascist Coup and the Futility of “Reconciliation”


‘They Should All Resign’ - Fred Guttenberg

After the horrendous murder of his daughter, and congressional inaction on gun legislation, Fred Guttenberg has every right to be outraged and to demand the resignation of politicians bypassing metal detectors.

But, with elite Democrat lawmakers - who have not experienced such horror - it’s different. It is reprehensible for politicians to manipulate outrage over efforts to deny Biden the Presidency, despite his electoral victory, as an excuse to deny right wing Republicans their congressional positions despite their electoral victories.

If congressional representatives cannot to learn how to engage with each other as colleagues, without dehumanizing one another, the response is not for those with the most State power to deny electoral victory to those without the power. If this is the stage that the US is at, then its time to recognize that the United States has come to an end. If this is the stage the US is at, we need to begin the process of forming a new social organization/organizations that will replace the former US government.

I think it’s plainly obvious what happened today. It’s the same thing that’s been happening since the day Bill Clinton first darkened the door of the White House. Republicans do a whatever they want, and democrats do nothing to stop them.
And here we are now in 2021. With fascism rising quicker than it did in Weimar, and the democrats only response is to stand there like impotent bobbies crying “Stop!, or I’ll shout stop again.”
It’s not even Inauguration Day, and I already feel the need to ask, what was the purpose of the 2020 election? It appears that, instead of trying to change the direct of a nation hurtling towards oblivion, the democratic leadership thinks they were elected to manage a more orderly march to authoritarianism or anarchy.


If this is really an inside job, a coup in fact and underway right now - then Pelosi and the dems are risking their lives as we speak.

I cannot forget an image of Ted Cruz that played for a day or two on the NY Times front page - he looked well rested, entirely confident, as if the game was already in the bag.

Amen Phred. It appears that, once again, the democrats have brought knives to a gun fight.
While it may be sacrilege to the average American, its needs said. Lincoln was a terrible president who committed the ultimate act of stupidity and malfeasance against the American republic. He did it by welcoming the traitorous confederates back into the Union, no questions asked.
We modern Americans are still suffering from that horrible, fateful decision. And it appears that we are about to do the same thing again.