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'They Should All Resign': Here Are the GOP Lawmakers Dodging Metal Detectors Installed After Capitol Assault

Considering that the presence of guns often leads to unintentional deaths, suicides, and carnage, I would ban all guns completely from the Capitol for anyone but the security people. And now the Nat Guard. Just my opinion but needs to be addressed.

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A man with a fine mind.

Yeah, but you have to assassinate people like John Kennedy first.


I agree, although he is somewhat controversial among his peers.

My feeling has always been that this was America’s Rubicon.

But - history only rhymes - so we’ll see if in two thousand years we’ve learned anything.


Weren’t we supposed to get a chance to see the information gathered about Kennedy assassination? What happened to that?

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Yea - released after fifty years or something like that ?

Been doing a lot of looking back lately - getting old I guess.

Hard not to fall into cynicism.

I’ve been to DC you know, me and my half ton Ford - to Union Station and a nice restaurant there (Savannah’s ??) - to the rotunda in the Capitol, Freedom on top - to the Supreme Court building (Equal Justice Under Law) - down the Mall to the Lincoln Memorial, with Vietnam vets sitting on the steps - to Arlington and the grave-site. Man that was a million years ago ~ I could tell a lot of stories - spent six months tooling around the entire east coast of America - anyway …

Now is now - payback for crossing America’s Rubicon.


Yeah, well it sounds just like a trip my parents took me on, when I was 10 years old. Great trip really, because it represents ideals that indicate the values that should exist. Alas, ten years later we were all being sent to Vietnam.

Not me though, I wound up in Germany. But, trying to understand what the Nazis and WW 2 was all about turned into a real blessing.


You know those values still exist - at least I believe that - they’re kind of eternal.

You mention you were ten. I remember seeing a father holding his son’s hand at JFK’s gravesite - sure wasn’t Disneyland, from the body language and the faces.

Germany - never been to Europe except Ireland and England.

My respect for Biden is taking a tumble. He always meant 1400 plus 600 - what a crock.

Even if they’d just come out and say we can’t afford it - something, anything except that twisting of words.

Did you like Germany ?

Took same road trip with parents & 3 younger siblings, summer of '69. I too, was 10yrs old. Am only kid in family who remembers it, but it was neat, seeing all the usual DC landmarks & visiting few forts + Cape Kennedy (it was 2mo. long vacation thru many States). On that trip I learned to tell license plates by their colors & how to read a map (while Mom slept & Dad drove). I remember too, that Ohio had the best rest stops of any State we went thru ~ pulling trailer, we stopped at so many of them! Why do I remember that even now? Hey! I was age 10…different things matter to a 10 yr. old, I guess.

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Life means a lot to the kids.

Yes, sure does. Smiles