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'They Throw Away Our Lives': Honolulu Sued Over Homeless Crackdown



Gestapo. It's a wonder the Hawaiian Gestapo does not outright kill the homeless. The Gestapo would probably get raises and medals and money kickbacks from the dog food factories.


Instead of zero-interest rate monetary policy, we need some fiscal policy--like find something constructive federal government can hire low-skill workers at minimum wage to do. Most of the work repairing or replacing or upgrading our worn-out infrastructure requires work done by workers of all skill levels, from foremen all the way down to apprentices. We certainly have plenty of worn out infrastructure in need of repair, replacement, or upgrading, including our electric grid and electric generators (this time powered by renewable energy including wind and solar).


So much for the land of Aloha. This is not only cruel, it is vicious.


So, I found a misprint in the article. It says, "The Constitution protects us all equally, regardless of who we are and whether we are rich or poor...". Yea, thats wrong. Never has this country been for the poor. Jekyll Island, Reaganomics, Clintons and Bushes presidencies, and the 'financial collapse' with bank bailouts are just a few examples. I challenge anyone to go to the CIA factbook and look up the gov't type of America...seriously, check it out. You'll see the real truth.


A "paradise" without pity


Destroying food and letting people go hungry is reprehensible. I'm sure the other nasty and counter-productive actions can be rationalized. I'd like to see anyone try to rationalize destroying food needed by hungry people.
Note to all: Abusive comments may make the commenters feel better, but they do not help the situation.


Look at the smug rich faces of the city council members...investigate the number of Native Hawaiians among the homeless...(30+%)...how many families...the dirt wages offered compared to the exorbitant cost of living in Honolulu...the problem is getting worse because of the self serving acts of the people in power and their vision of economic growth. The homeless are a constant reminder of their failure, hence must be assaulted in order to intimidate and hopefully force to leave.


The realestate/ development interests are to blame. They are the biggest lobby by far and they get whatever they want, eventually, from both State and city governments. There are no trailer parks allowed, hardly any campgrounds, it is even illegal to sleep in your vehicle. There is a four year waitlist for government subsidized housing. The state and city constantly complain they have no money for housing but they came up with 5billion(with a b)for the boondoggle train like nothing. They just slapped an additional excise tax on the middle class. The realestate folks have gone to a lot of trouble to make sure there are few if any cheaper/ affordable options available. It is not a free market. I wish they could be sued for the pain they have caused and continue to cause.


The Gestapo tortured and murdered anyone considered to be an enemy of the state. Your comparison is ludicrous at best. The homeless problem across the USA has no simple solution and that is because there are no simple solutions to complex problems. As long as corporations are considered to be people, real people will continue to suffer the inane policies and results of the "profit-driven motive." The greatness of any society can be judged by how it treats the least of its people. Under that standard, Hawaii seems to be falling shorter and shorter as time goes by. There is no right way to do a wrong thing.


In our modern culture, many, too many, believe with a faith worse than religious faith, that raw capitalism is the holy scripture that should run all lives. They fervently believe this and attack any opponents, despite all the evidence that shows the many ways capitalism has failed.
And around our world we see so many peoples, many of them aboriginals who for several hundred or thousands of years have rejected this modern ideology. And moderns too often reject this ideology of hate, fear, aggression and violence. Yes, many of us flat out reject any claim by any government that stipulates we are merely a line on their accounting sheet, that we must play this nasty game that is forced on us, and that we are lazy, whining, nere-do-goods with nothing constructive to add to society. But often this is not so, since many of the disaffected are constructively engaged with society, urging the enforcers to abandon this folly, and to serve all people for the well being of all. They seek lives of peace and modest consumption, wanting little but food, shelter, some clothing, and a way to exist outside the barbaric tyranny of capitalism's rigid and nasty foundations. Stepping away from
the prison that has corrupted modern thought is not laziness but the ultimate act of sanity. Let's support this.


Well: we Brits built government-owned Council houses after WW2 to cope with the homeless. It is not hard. And the UK was bankrupted by WW2, unlike Honolulu which only got bombed once. Oh, I forgot. Hawaii is part of the USA. Can't have "socialism" can we? It's un-American.