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They Took My House, They Took My Life.

They Took My House, They Took My Life.

Israeli police just forcibly expelled a Palestinian family from their home in occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City and promptly turned it over to right-wing Jewish settlers under a convoluted racist law that declares Jews the pre-Nakba "rightful owners" of the property. Police also arrested the Abu Asabs' father and son, and assaulted some of their relatives. The family has lived in the house for 67 years. Video of the action is wrenching; to be clear, the Nakba is ongoing.

One of the most heart wrenching things I’ve ever seen. The US just looks the other way. Again…


pretty monstrous thing to happen to the family. the israeli govt. is totally out of control, well, actually totally in control, in the worst possible way. it is embarrasing to witness this type of thing, esp since usa is complicit in actions like this, madness.


Nothing unusual. The Israeli government has been confiscating Palestinian homes since the Six Day War. If they accuse a family member of helping the PLO they bulldoze their or their families’ home.



Do you ever get accused of anti-Semitism?

Because, if say, AOC, or Ihan Omar had put up a picture of a Jew, hand extended and titled “thief” (isn’t that a classic anti-Semitic canard?) they would be hounded to instant resignation with shrill wailing of “anti-Semitism!” from various Jewish groups and the Democrat Party leadership - and all the explanations of the picture’s context would have gone nowhere.

Will progressive Jews like you please make an effort to speak out more loudly on all this anti-Semitism-jacketing going on? Where were you-all when Ms. Omer was forced into that shameful apology for doing nothing wrong?


Longtime reader of your columns.


And people still question my opinion that Israel is an illegal entity that ought to be dissolved immediately and its leaders tried for genocide.


A central tenet of Judaism is the sanctification of Life. Such heartless, soulless acts undermine this tenet at least for any zionist. The Jewish community needs to step up their efforts to reign in these monsters.

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BDS, BDS, BDS times a googol.
Ironically, the zionists in Israel are creating the PALESTINIAN Holocaust----ripping people from their family homes and ancient olive trees from the earth.
Judaism and Zionism are NOT the same. What evil people these zionists are.

On the positive side , the land in Israel is said to be sinking and imploding in areas----land sinks into oblivion and maybe the zionists will too. Lucifer smiles on these who believe themselves “chosen,” as it appears that zionists have their own home grown version of the KKK.


Ironic – “Doing unto others as …”

If the Israeli trained police in America were ordered to start confiscating the homes of dissidents or suspected “terrorists”, do you imagine many of them would refuse?

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The racist terrorist entity called Israel was born in racist exceptionalism - AKA, superiority - that planned to ethnically cleanse as much of Palestine as they could get away with of the indigenous Palestinian population! That plan to take the territory of others by force to be for Jews only is the very definition of racism and official state Apartheid, that continues to this day and is accelerating under the zionist stooge and collaborator trump regime! Together those allies; the US, the Saudi killers and the Israelis arguably form the greatest threat to world peace today.

The subversion of America by those racist supremacist’s and their American supporters is a grave threat to US sovereignty, and is treasonous in intent and action! AIPAC is the tool of Israeli subversion of America along with “religious” extremists that support Israel only for their fantasies of the return.

The more Israel commits atrocities against civilians and crimes against the entire Palestinian people, the more the world will despise and oppose their racist path that is causing contempt for Israel and their response they term “anti-Semitism”, the big-lie used to cover any opposition to their illegal expansionism and brutality in the Occupied Territories! Their world-wide threats against the BDS Movement are representative of their own contempt for world opinion and free speech! ENOUGH!

Zionism IS racism! Support the BDS anti-apartheid Movement!


Kristallnacht, Palestine.
Never again?

Predictably, just as it was when a handful of zionists betrayed Germany on Rothchild’s orders during ww1, it won’t just be Israel’s zionists that has to deal with the inevitable fallout.
Since the zionists, like all extremists, claims to speak for all jews everywhere, the blame will likely once again fall primarily on the innocent.
In fact, if things get bad enough we can expect the zionists to attempt to collaborate with whomever picks up the nazi torch this time around, just like so many of them did during ww2.
History repeats.

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Yes, not unusual but accelerating. Just getting worse and in the case listed here the expulsion combined with the simultaneous take over is a new wrinkle in timing. The most religious orthodox were put in charge of certain things in the state from the start by ben Gurion. Over the last couple of years the orthodox have almost completed a religious coup over every other division in Israel, Jewish and Palestinian. There is a good article on Consortium News from the other day which brings us up to date. Very chilling.