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'They Treat Us Like Robots': Frequent 911 Calls From Amazon Warehouses Reveal Employees Driven to Despair

'They Treat Us Like Robots': Frequent 911 Calls From Amazon Warehouses Reveal Employees Driven to Despair

Julia Conley, staff writer

An extensive report by the Daily Beast paints what one critic called a "worrying, distressing" picture of life for employees at Amazon's hundreds of warehouses and fulfillment centers—detailing the high volume of 911 calls that come from the facilities and why workers are so frequently driven to desperation.

I have never bought anything from Amazon. I try to buy things from smaller stores or small business people, but I don’t buy that much of anything—except books. When the last industrial revolution came around, children were working too as there were no labor laws and the whole family needed to work to survive.
Read THE JUNGLE by Upton Sinclair-----and you will think that Jeff Bezos got his ideas from real American history. Mother Jones worked hard to get workers rights as she saw their real gory and desperate lives. One story told of a young girl whose hair was grabbed by a loom machine—and her scalp was ripped off—and yes, she died.
NO workers comp, no fair wages, but a lot of maiming , disease and early death. Jeff Bezos seems to love that period of American history. Workers back then were attacking the loom machines for taking away their jobs----I guess Jeff Bezos is going for the robots in the future, but right now, he’s making sure that the workers feel like robots --and where is the humanity in this? Please help the workers–and if at all possible----avoid Amazon. : )


Just let me add, avoid Whole Foods, which is now also owned by Jeff Bezos.


Hi catsma, LOL, yes I will — as his processes for business are scary to me. I suppose he’ll be willing to sell the GMO salmon too. : (

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So what’s the plan to get to the worlds richest man?

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Perhaps it is time to stop acting like robots and give that whole civil disobedience thing a try?


I heard the same things about the plant in Chengdu, China. Worse than Chinese factories by a long shot.

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Don’t use Amazon, stopped shopping at Whole Foods when “he” bought it, don’t use Uber, Lyft, don’t patronize Starbucks and stay out of Walmart, - etc, etc. These companies are our doom but people keep using them. Just like our politicians have sold us out on so much, the people themselves (who elected those politicians) seem to be selling us out.

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Here in Canada, I often hear pundits for the “free market system” (See The Fraser Institute) complain that Canada not “competitive” enough and that the workers not as productive as those in the USA or China. They insist that in order to remain “competitive” productivity has to be increased and to do that regulations on workplaces relaxed.

THIS is the model they are talking about.

The hosts asking the questions rarely bring up the true nature of that enhanced “productivity”. They nod and go along with what being spewed.

The article is 100% correct. If you haven’t worked there, you don’t know.

We are the soldiers. They feed (pay) us and use us up like cannon fodder and then replace. Sometimes with robots. No benefits to pay out and no whining from the fodder folks.
Sounds like people, workers, of today wouldn’t last as forest ranger tower fire watchers. “One is the Lonliest number.”

Hi Snaldo: This is your first post!!! Welcome here as there are lots of wonderful people and ideas, and you get the feeling that a real democracy is attainable!

And what is so awful about Amazon is that America has already done this horrible treatment of employees where employees are treated as cattle on the way to slaughter as their bodies breakdown from breakneck speed requirements! I have read many stories of employee experiences—did you work there too, and if yes, what do you think will change Amazon—can the employees do it?

Hi GANDOLF, and sadly, Americans lose jobs to employers who then send jobs overseas. It seems really insane to do that. That’s what the UK did during WW 1----they decided that they were the service economy, and didn’t need to get their hands dirty from work with leather, and metals and glass-----so----Germany took over the jobs----too late , too late–the UK found that geez in a war, they need those products and those skills! : 0 America is doing the same thing, and probably with Ms Insane Brexit Teresa May, the same thingwill happened to both the UK and America.
I read that Italy just joined up with the Chinese/ Russian etc new silk road too

My favorite line from my favorite movie, another old one and great one— HARVEY—when Jimmy Stewart said. "You can be oh so smart or oh so pleasant… I’ve tried them both and pleasant is better. " I guess America, and the UK still need to learn that,: )

The problem is you can’t legislate morality or mandate fairness .
Why would someone want to treat another human being in a way they wouldn’t want to be treated themselves .
Government has been trying to change stuff like this for eons. Yet it still persists.

The change that must be made can be made only in the hearts of men.
We are not seperate from life and we are not seperate from each other .
The only future we have the only hope is the ultimate truth : nothing exists in the universe that is seperate from anything else .Everything is intrinsically connected ,irrevocably interdependent,Interactive, interwoven Into the fabric of all life.
All governments ,all politics ,must be based on this truth.All laws must be rooted in it.
Amazon is a monopoly it sucks up everything in its path …creating a race to the bottom a robot that has no feeling, no empathy and no love .

The evolution of a society is measured by how well it treats the least amongst its members .
We have so far to travel in this regard .
But we have to call out oppression wherever we see it.
Do we see it or do we turn a blind eye …as long as someone makes billions in profits and we get to call this the free market economy .
Can we not see the obscenity of it ?
Are we proud of our creations?