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They Went In With Blood In Their Eyes and Shot Everything That Moved

They Went In With Blood In Their Eyes and Shot Everything That Moved

On this day 50 years ago, a platoon of U.S. soldiers entered the hamlet of My Lai in South Vietnam and, in hours, massacred 504 unarmed women, children and old men. Over 300 of the victims were younger than 12; the G.I.s also raped the young women and burned the homes. Today, with torturers and warmongers on the rise, the horrors of My Lai serve as a grim warning. In America's wars of choice, says one vet, we are all "one step away from My Lai."


Lest we forget…


It started long long ago. When we first stepped onto the shores of Turtle Island. Nothing has changed. We are The Ugly American. Nothing will change. We are consuming the planets humans. If unchecked, we will once again be doing this in the streets of your home town. Hate of the “other” is externalized self-hate. Our national sickness.


Our remembrance days through the year should include events like My Lai, Hiroshima/Nagasaki, Wounded Knee, Sandy Hook, Pulse and all other acts of commission interspersed with the actions we took to prevent them from ever happening again.

Sadly the events continue to pile up bodies while the preventions are rationalized away until they are just faint, distant echoes.


Turning men into animals, into killing machines, and expect them to be civilized on demand.

The same oligarchs responsible want to build actual machines that kill by Artificial Intelligence. This is what Hawking and Musk warned us about.



Boy that triggered a day of flashbacks

I’m afraid the steel needs the tempered flame still

A majority have not learned


We are not one step away from My Lai, it’s happening, has happened. 2 million Iraqi dead, thousands dead from Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Somalia the list is long. The USA Govt is the biggest terrorist on earth.


Done by the “Greatest country on earth”. We have a strange way of bringing democracy to other countries.
Let’s hope that someday some other country will bring back democracy to this place.


Today Donald Trump would probably nominate Lt. Calley to head the CIA.

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First – Thank you Abby Zimet and CD for this sad but truthful report which likely most
of the American public has never heard.

Not sure that the American public can recover from the lying propaganda by our
government from the first days of its violent history here and throughout the world …

If any American has ever thought that the German people had a responsibility and
duty to rise up against its fascist leadership, what do we think of ourselves right now…?

How much more damage to the world – the planet/Nature – to Women and Children
and Elderly are we willing to watch happening by fascists running our government?

How different was My Lai from everything that Hitler/Nazis did?

Certainly, much of the violence of our government is shown in its blatant sexism and racism,
but those are simply the means of “hatred” by which their goals are attained. It is absolute
control over the nation and the minds of every citizen that they want and require. What we
all have to understand is that what looks like a war on women and children is actually a war
on all humankind. It is not a war on some of us, or some people of color – It is a war on all
of us – and on Nature/Planet, as well. That is the level of insanity and suicidal behavior we
are facing.

For anyone interested …

Where does it begin with our military?

At least by Eisenhower’s administration, he knew that there were attempts for a right
wing take over of our military. Ike warned of the MIC and Intelligence takeover of government.
Essentially, Ike did nothing about it.

But JFK fired General Edwin Walker who had been circulating right wing material – KKK,
Nazis pamphlets and trying to “influence the votes” of soldiers.

Gen. Edwin Walker led the racist riot at Ole Miss …
During early 1962, Walker campaigned for governor of Texas and lost the Democratic primary election to the eventual winner, John Connally. During October 1962, Walker was arrested for promoting riots at the University of Mississippi in protest against admitting a black student, James Meredith, into the all-white university. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy ordered Walker committed to a mental asylum for a 90-day evaluation in response to his role in the Ole Miss riot of 1962, but psychiatrist Thomas Szasz protested and Walker was released in five days. Attorney Robert Morris convinced a Mississippi grand jury not to indict Walker.

And, yet, this lie continues to be told …

Walker was the target of an assassination attempt in his home on April 10, 1963, but escaped serious injury by the attack when a bullet fired from outside hit a window frame and fragmented. After its investigation into the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Warren Commission concluded that the assailant was Lee Harvey Oswald.[2]

In fact, General Walker seems closely connected to those who arranged the assassination of JFK.

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Even this sad history of Vietnam is exceeded by so much violent history of the US which
continues on today …

In 1969, the military released photos of My Lai by Army photographer Ronald Haeberle, along with some by John Smail. Years later, Haeberle admitted he destroyed every photo of any officer killing civilians.

On this day 50 years ago, early on March 16, 1968, Lieut. William Calley Jr. led about a hundred U.S. Army soldiers with Charlie Company into a hamlet known as My Lai 4, in South Vietnam’s Quang Ngai province. Expecting to meet Vietcong forces, the troops found unarmed women, children and old men cooking their breakfast rice over fires. In a few hours, most were dead. “Many were rounded up in small groups and shot," Seymour Hersh later wrote. “Others were flung into a drainage ditch at one edge of the hamlet and shot, and many more were shot at random in or near their homes.” Hersh described young women and girls raped then murdered, and G.I.s systematically burning homes, destroying livestock and fouling wells. When it was over, 504 civilians had been killed; over 300 were under 12. "They went in with blood in their eyes and shot everything that moved,” recalled Hugh Thompson, an army helicopter pilot who, with his crew, were the only soldiers who actively intervened to stop the killing - by threatening to shoot their comrades.


Shhhhh…don’t give him any ideas!

Agree – Tough to control that “WE” blaming thing, however …

Sioux Rose … where are you?

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night –

My husband was reading some comments the other day and someone was
suggesting that someone tell Trump that Obama could hold his breath for 10 minutes.



Humanity has never yet found a way to deal with the few among us who will resort to violence
to get what they want.

In the original movie … “The Day The Earth Stood Still” with Patricia Neal and Michael Rennie
(1951) – the question is weapons and war - but there is an answer where nations together
develop a weapon which strikes at any nation attempting violence against any other nation.

Fletcher Prouty who was involved in intelligence work for US - and who is the mysterious X
in the movie JFK – writes on the subject of secret government and reveals what he knows of
its workings, including the coup on JFK. Prouty related in one of his books that at the end of
WWII, as the troops were being readied to be shipped home, there was a very serious attempt
to begin a military presence or attack to hold Vietnam. This involved the readiness of a good
deal of equipment and naval operations. However, the soldiers rebelled and refused to go.
So, we see that VN was long in the minds of those interested in that “nice piece of real estate.”

Yes – Elites here and internationally recruited Hitler and funded the Third Reich. The Catholic
Church helped “catapult” Hitler to power. Money was raised by Allen Dulles and Prescott Bush
through Dulles’ legal firm – Sullivan & Cromwell which still exists – and by the running of front
companies where they raised money here and internationally: Holland America Line was one of
those front companies. Dulles traded in American dollars for GOLD which was shipped to Hitler.
Later the USHR began an investigation into both Dulles and Bush and Bush’s funds were confiscated.
It’s said that Dulles and Bush “wrapped themselves in the flag” and moved on with their careers, in intelligence and government. As you note, they were given only higher positions as a “reward” for their work for fascism. (Same for members of our Supreme Court - Thomas and Roberts only 2 examples.)

Two years before the end of WWII, higher ups in Hitler military were visiting our Pentagon and making
deals. Research now seems to confirm that there was a deal by US to “let Hitler go – with $$$$.”
There’s a book called “Grey Wolf” – a History Channel Program called: “Hunting Hitler” which had a
number of episodes this winter – and a History Channel Program called" "Hitler: Suicide or Survivor
which has been aired a number of times.

I’m not familiar with the book, as yet. However, I’ve seen a good part of the TV programming which
seems to make clear that the long standing suspicions that Hitler survived are true. And that beyond
that a great deal of money was used previous to his escape to ensure that there would be a Fourth
Reich. Including enough to fund projects to build atomic weapons – and US was certainly a target.
This was an immense undertaking and our intelligence/CIA seems to have been aware of much of it.

We begin to have more confirmation of the suspicions of the Vatican/RCC having assisted greatly in
the movement of money/GOLD into Germany – and Nazis and GOLD back out of Germany. Also
in the movement of ex-Nazis into South America where new identities were required and new
passports. Catholic Church was “baptizing” these Nazis and giving them new identifies and then
Red Cross was providing new passports under relaxed rules which were intended to help refugees
after WWII.

Re 9/11 – Cheney a few days before was given control over everything – everything – by “W.”

Al Qaeda was an old cult which had petered out which the Nazis had picked up – and they turned
it over to the US after WWII. US created Al Qaeda and Taliban and funded it thru ISI-Pakistan.

A number of common causes came together in 9/11 – and they seem to have been practicing
for it during the Clinton Administration where we saw the first attempt at bringing down the WTC
and where the FBI was obviously involved according to FBI whistleblower.
The buildings were going to have to be brought down (due to asbestos problems) just the way it
was put up, with scaffolding. This would have been at great expense – but demolition had been
barred. It then became an opportunity for many difference forces – military/CIA/Elites and those
interested in war – especially with war on Iraq – and a new opportunity for right wing power over
our government. (Don’t forget long term drug involvement of our government and Elite profits
from it.)

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