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They Were Bailouts for the Banks: Study Confirms Resuce Loans Didn't Serve Greece


They Were Bailouts for the Banks: Study Confirms Resuce Loans Didn't Serve Greece

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A new study offers more confirmation that the so-called bailout packages the European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) delivered to Greece primarily served European banks rather than the Greek people.

The study released Wednesday by the Berlin-based European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) analyzed where funds from the two aid bailout deals—received on the condition of imposing harsh austerity measures—since 2010 went.


Did they bail out the banks with 17 trillion tax payer dollars? Yes. Did they bail out the millions of homeowners facing foreclosure on their homes? No they did not.


Well, yet again, there's a freakin surprise! The international banker conspiracy has the entire flag-waving world by the balls - debt and loans and interest in the billions or trillions all created from thin air - the greatest con in human history. Money manipulation has brought Mother Earth and her creatures to the brink! The worship and domination of Mammon, profits above all else, and the people that control vast wealth have been, and are increasingly, financial pirates - parasites on the Earth, buying the sham governments, ostensibly "Of, By and For the People" while actually destroying peoples/societies, the environment, natural resources/sustainability while creating and maintaining populations as wage and interest slaves to maintain their dominance and power to control by financial instruments or war! Enough! We either smash Vulture Capitalism or perish......


Well this hardly news as when this was first going on many commenters here on common dreams were pointing out this was a bank bailout.

The banks have a sweet system set up.

They loan money, creating it out of nothing at interest. They claim that interest is needed to act as a buffer for "bad debt", the greater the perceived risk , the higher the interest. They collect that interest in the way of the peoples labor and taxes and when those "high risk" countries in fact default , rather than accept those losses as they should , they demand a bailout.

This the definition of having your cake and eating it too.

This is a CON.


Please take the time to watch:


Varoufakis was shouting these truths from the mountaintops all along, but, once again, TRUTH which serves anyone other than the 1% of the world matters not to the business that is being done. https://yanisvaroufakis.eu


Clearly it is a Con, and it has to be recognized and stopped. The real key lesson here is, for once, not to blame a population or nationality or religion, and move to War, but to be smarter for a change and focus on Banking, much as Ellen Brown does in her book “Web of Debt”. If it were even possible to single out Banking, place the blame for international chaos on it, and have a very broad public discourse on what banking should be and how it Should be regulated internationally. The GWOT is really the Power Elite’s war on mankind.


Not news. File under no shxxt. Its a big file.


"we heard the White House spokesman siding himself completely with Berlin"

We all heard it. This is not going away, it will cascade.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." JFK

People who have no hope, make their own hope possible through the only means available.
And I'm not talking a peaceful "Please Sir May I have some more..."

Shame on you Obama.
Such a great opportunity to push forward, to only get a flunky and have it wasted upon the greedy.

You have abandoned your people, go drink the water yourself.


Want to know who the elites are? Go here: https://theintercept.com/2016/05/05/at-conference-of-elites-the-distress-of-others-is-an-investment-opportunity/?comments=1#comments

This is going on at this very minute…


Beautifully stated, sir! Smash Vulture Capitalism!!


“Now, we are entering a new phase in our relationship with Iraq, and we are very committed to making a major civilian commitment to Iraq’s future. We’ll be opening, as you know, and running consulates in Irbil and Basra, we’ll have civilian experts available to work with not only Iraqi counterparts, but also Americans and to support American businesses in the years to come, as we do in our diplomatic – especially our commercial diplomatic work all over the world. And so it’s time for the United States to start thinking of Iraq as a business opportunity. And the sacrifice that the Iraqi people have made for your freedom is one that we highly respect.” Hillary Clinton June 3, 2011


Something's missing in the article and the comments: If all it is is just a transfer of these loans to the banks, why even bother with Greece, just hand it over to the banks directly? Why the charade of loans to Greece. The answer is barely touched on, in the mentioning that the private debt is converted to public debt, and I would have preferred more emphasis on that. The money is half of a two-sided coin, so to speak, the other half is debt slavery which may well even be the primary goal.


From the article:

"And once they did this, it’s like Shakespeare, it’s like Macbeth: You commit one crime, then you have to commit a second crime to hide the fact that you committed the first one, and then a third one, and then a fourth one. And the second crime, of course, was the second bailout, because once the first bailout makes whole the bankers, then, within a few months, it becomes abundantly clear that the Greek state cannot sustain that loan. So, a second predatory loan is enforced upon the Greek government in order to pretend that it is making its payments for the first loan, and then a third one, and then a fourth one."

There are 3 more aspects to the story.

First, that on top of these financial acts of Criminal Intent, there are whole choruses of media pundits in place to "sock it to" the Greeks and accuse them of being spendthrifts, etc. It's the ultimate version of "Blame the Victim."

Second, that Puerto Rico is #2 in line... the "Greece" of the Caribbean.

And last, that what's being done unto Greece is likely planned for our nation, too... since the debt that was unleashed with the cutting of all regulatory frameworks is unsustainable, stratospheric, and now there's precedent that ordinary people will be forced to pay it.

Of course, with this level of graft and corruption gone global, as I've been saying for some time--the next revolution will be global.

The same entities that profit from war and gamed the money changers' tables in the new temples of greed are also the corporations (or composed of the same players) pushing for treaties like TPP and TIPP that do away with Labor law, environmental protections, and citizens' rights altogether.

And the groups on the receiving end of all this orchestrated "largesse" call anyone who points it out... a "conspiracy theorist." By damning truth and its brave tellers, no narrative is sufficiently in place to replace the one the Takers developed in order to take it all and turn the entire world into their model of a vast Plantation System.


Earth Mother has only begun to show Her response to so much senseless natural resource rape, plunder, and abuse added to equally senseless wars.

Look at what's happening in Canada? Japan? Added to recent quakes in Nepal, Ecuador, and hurricane season is only just starting up.

It wouldn't take much for Earth Mother to send a catastrophic event.... one that would stop the armies in their tracks, or maybe take down the Internet... and bring all commerce to a halt.


Thank you for linking this conversation !!

Most folks here are familiar with the documentary Catastroika. Coupled with this NYC Library conversation you get even a deeper documentation to better understand the predatory engines.


That sounds like what an agent provocateur would say.

It's like asking the fat junior high school kid to take on the school's armed (and trained in the use of arms) guards.

Promoting that sort of rebellion or attack is counter-intuitive.

Men are so accustomed to the frame of aggression, the idea that everything comes down to ACTION which is Yang, that they discredit the counterbalance required in the form of raising CONSCIOUSNESS.

Truth has a way of doing that.

And like the imbeciles who STILL try to discredit the FACTS of global warming and climate upheaval, the actual experience of nature's many destructive acts will serve (and is serving) as a wake-up call.

Similar with economics.

When it's clear that the small number of people who control the earth's financial systems have impoverished the vast majority, armies or otherwise, the elites will have a hard time controlling the masses.

That's why propaganda is so important.

Convincing people that wars serve their interests or that bailouts to the very rich keep the economies stable can only work for so long.

The fabric of lies like a hopelessly tattered garment is NOW coming apart.

Watch for falling debris.

Incidentally, if fighting ever changed anything, don't you think there'd be less wars now?


This helps to define how the system of control(s) works:


Bailouts are only for the banks...they learned most politicians like Clinton can be bought.......why it is


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