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They Were Us. He Is Not.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/05/23/they-were-us-he-not


Trump is golfing at his own properties because he gets huge payments from the US taxpayers every time he does so. We should recognize that he is totally doing it to soak the taxpayers for huge amounts of money.

IMHO when he goes to his own clubs, he should use his own security, paid for on his own dime.

Not one penny of taxpayers money should be spent on this scam.


Nonsense—Right-wingers NEVER STOPPED whining about every single thing Obomber did.


It’s not the golfing, it’s golfing at a resort he owns, and for which he charges us full freight for his retinue when he does it.


exactly, running up the tab every time. And now he’s going to do it again.

This is what we get for nominating a crappy candidate whose hidden agenda was outsourcing working peoples jobs in large numbers.

An agenda that most people in America knew targeted them and wouldn’t let them survive, so a nonstarter.

Trump knows too, and he’s determined to rub our faces in our own stupidity and make the most of it financially.

And now its going to happen again. This is not democracy.


God bless you Homer. I had no idea that there is an entire website that tracks how many times and how much money Trump has spent playing golf, compared to Obama. Now I know that people have entirely too much time on their hands and hate in their hearts. Fact do bear out that Trump has spent twice as much time doing exactly what he criticized Obama for doing when Obama was president.

A coworker’s son is a type 1 diabetic, which puts him at the highest risk for death from COVID-19. He is 16 years old, on his high school basketball team and underweight for his age. What kind of personal responsibility should he take for his (interesting word) “failure?”

Those doing the dying are people on the front line, putting their lives at risk so that they can pay their bills and allowing the rest of us to remain safely in our homes. Imagine if these “narcissistic” people did not transport our food and medicine to stores, stock store shelves, deliver to our homes, and expose themselves to COVID-19 deniers who refuse to wear masks. If it were not for their “failure,” to find a better paying job, those of us with superior immune systems would be forced to forage for ourselves.

Unless you are 10, in which case your comment is excused, you have a very childish understanding of issues of which you attempt to school the rest of us. Your self-righteousness would be amusing if human beings were not dying.


Biden is going to HAVE to turn Left (even if it is just empty words) or he will surely lose the election.


Your post is just more proof of what I posted when,NOT MY PRESIDENT! Was selected. “Trump has just made one of his best business decisions in his whole life.”

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Goodness, your “bootstraps” must be stretched beyond belief, but you keep pulling, any day now you’ll be in their economic class.


Yes but the power to actually do anything is absent as is the (politicians) desire to do anything (they would have to fess up to this, whch they wont) as a trade agreement we entered into more than two decades ago took it all arguably off the table. What little is not is in the queue to be , very soon. You likely dont believe me, why dont you give me a list of things we in the left must demand from Biden to get our votes. maybe some things are in his power to change but not the ones that will actually change anything, and at the same time, all the important things have either already been taken or are about to. Most importantly, jobs and assets like the value of a home or a career - a job, and the ability to get another job if one ends. What makes it possible for us, a middle class, to survive, all those things. What makes the US different than say, India or Pakistan or Brazil, all countries where the distribution of wealth is M shaped. Where the rich are really rich and the poor are very numerous and many are very poor. Why do so many people want to come here, instead of remaining there, where their families and friends remain? because we have a middle class and even now its still the envy of the rest of the world. That made the very wealthy all around the world feel threatened by it and the aspirations people have to a decent future. Rather than improve the lot of people they changed it so that now its a race to the bottom, framing regulation as bad.

What happened is a deal that made services, 75% of the economy, tradable.

Think NAFTA for the rest of the jobs. Especially public sector jobs at all levels, teachers, nurses, doctors, IT, engineers , public works, anything that possibly can be subcontracted out. And of course this blocks them all from ever being public, ever again. they have been very smart and we have been very dumb, and gullible. We’ll see. But it will be too late by then.

How could they do this? With a treaty that we joined, its a worldwide thing, an agreement to privatize everything, prettty much. It and the phony “obligatiions” it created nullify democracy and the vote, except in superficial things.

Why isn’t it more suitable for tRump to die in a mental institution than in a prison? He’s less likely to get public attention if it’s in a mental institution.

You just answered your own question.

I’m just wondering when he, his befuddled supporters or the gaggles of sycophants around him start referring to him as “Donald the Great”.

“…Gazing down the green fairways of indifference.”

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You sound like a Trump Cult-member making excuses for your Dear Leader WHO TAKES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING. I hope you WEAR A MASK in public places. DON’t SPREAD the Virus the way you spread Ignorance.

Donald the Great WHAT? Donald the Great POS?

Does anyone still know whether Donnie refused to wear a diaper if anyone was watching?