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They Will Not Win


They Will Not Win

More tales of resistance, from the satirical - a bill banning the disposal of unused sperm - to the profane - donate now to Impeach the Motherfucker Already, with proceeds going to good causes - to the ingeniously annoying - ceaselessly call Trump's hotels/satellite White Houses for your comments and concerns! "Tell them anything you want!" urges the White House Inc. campaign. "But let’s mobilize!"


Let's flood the Orange Clown's hotels with political calls! An absolutely brilliant idea! If, as he says, he has removed himself from any involvement, he'll never know. And when he has a raging twitter attack, it will be proof positive that he is still very much involved. Love it! And on top of that, we will have the satisfaction of compromising his business. Beautiful.


Holy Moly, I really like that first sign! good one.


Will do but we all need to start organizing coalitions and for a new 'America'.


Yes, but Elizabeth Warren and Democrats just voted in favor of Trump's appointments. She said they had to or there would have been worse ones nominated.

They had to. Does this sound familiar? Meanwhile the Republicans voted against every one of the Democrats issues under Obama, no problem.

They had to. They aren't adult.