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They're All Reactionaries


They're All Reactionaries

Peter Dreier

The news media is understandably trying to parse the words, tone, and body language of the Republican candidates' debate performances Thursday night to decide who "won" and "lost," who is on the rise and who is on the descent, and how they differ from each other.

But the most significant revelation from the debate is that all of them -- including the so-called "moderate" candidates (Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and Chris Christie) -- are right-wingers. On a scale of 1 to 10 -- with 10 being the most reactionary -- every candidate rated an 8 or above.


They certainly are, all of them, and The Donald is leading in the polls because, not having to suck up to rich donors and corporations, he can mouth off like the self infatuated asshole he is and compared to the rest of the snivelers with their memorized talking points, he ends up seeming brave, courageous, and bold.

There is no one on the Left either near or Far who can talk tough like that and be credible. There hasn’t been anyone with that kind of troublemaking defiant tell it like it is charisma in a long time. Of course if anyone tried to be that kind of leader, the weight of establishmentarian policeperson powers and monopolization of mainstream media would do all they could to make her or him vanish into the black hole of cultural marginalization.

Maybe. If anyone has a powerful Abbie Hoffman-like political persona that they’ve been holding back, let that person speak now or forever lose the illusion of peace. and let’s see if a bandwagon effect might somehow start to happen as at did with Barack Obama and is trying to do with Bernie Sanders, both pushers of nicely packaged false hope and both almost as reactionary as Trump and the rest of the chumps, and so also is that first female wannabe trying to bring Bill Clinton (as “First Gentleman”?) back inside the White House with their many loyal “contributors” all with agendas.

The warmongering global warmers are setting things up get all the political “power” there is, and will quickly push all the buttons and blow it all to smithereens before word spreads that the world currency collapse is starting to happen just ahead of the anthropocenic environmental mass extinction currently just out of sight but definitely in progress.


Go Bernie!!! More polls are showing that he can beat the Republican, and with more name recognition, can beat Hillary. I will take Bernie over all of the above any day.


You left out something that’s key to the calculus of what you’ve presented as Trump coming off as “brave, courageous, and bold.”

I forgot which writer nailed it yesterday by specifying the special brands of cruelty displayed by these zealous fools. For instance, one might lash out at Planned Parenthood and care less about women’s rights while another would lash out at “illegal aliens” showing similar disregard for the ways that Latin American families are being brutally torn apart.

What ALL of these disgusting individuals have in common is a love of bullying and condemning those least positioned to fight back. Their inner motivation is to come off as “Top Dog,” a fitting title for competitions within a society based on brute force and what should be unlawful forms of domination.

Trump can get away with being an adult, inflated egotist because he has LOTS of money.

What kind of Abbie Hoffman would attract mega funding?

We are living in a corporately controlled nexus that’s even dictating to us what we can eat. And if the bastards manage to tie up TPP and TIPP you can kiss any prospect of KNOWING what’s in your food good-bye.

Think about it.

Women can’t determine their own reproductive choices.
The Black community is being attacked on a daily basis.
The “War on Drugs” is a massive fraud since people remain incarcerated while others smoke joints on the streets of their states’ cities.
Schools are being forcibly closed down, water (Detroit as the first example) privatized, and govt. is listening in on everyone.

NONE of this is remotely reflective of a free, open, or Democratic society. What Inverted Totalitarianism means is that all of the rituals–like voting–remain in place while Civil Liberties vanish as do the workings of a genuinely Democratic state. Big Money owns all venues of commerce, and it has moved into the control of intimate areas of our lives; and since Capital is what moves through its “bloodstream,” only those with LOTS of capital have any claim to freedom. Trump can mouth off because he has a lot of money at his command. The same hardly holds for charisma… or access to mainstream media in order to BE heard and seen.


Absolutely. If you strip off the superficial technological differences of this age, the whole scenario has the same creeping fascism of the Nazis in 1930s Germany. However, the social cancer is more subtle, entrenched and widespread. For example, there is the illusion of getting to choose the new Hitler.


Why do you disparage Bernie Sanders, who has a long history of progressive votes and bills? Why are you and yours trying to destroy the best progressive hope we have?


Well, maybe Bernie can’t, but sorry Lenin isn’t available this election cycle.


“You and yours” – It’s only me and my opinions have succeeded in staying unheeded for many decades. CommonDreams has a very small readership and even there was a group of paid anti progressive trolls using opinions posted here to undermine candidates, it would be money foolishly spent. CommonDreams would not be a platform from where anyone could be “destroyed.” Has anything said by anyone on this site been quoted with attribution anywhere?

As to Sanders whose “long history of progressive votes and bills” have they been able to change anything? He has said he would support the Democratic candidate whoever it may be, and seems to have few stated views on the new Trumped up Cold War or much of any views on issues of foreign policy. To me seems as worthy of disparagement as any of them.