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"They're Desperate to Beat Bernie": Amy Klobuchar Drops Out of 2020 Democratic Primary, Endorses Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/02/theyre-desperate-beat-bernie-amy-klobuchar-drops-out-2020-democratic-primary


warren is nothing but a self absorbed, unprincipled politician who showed herself to those of us who noticed way back in the 2016 campaign when claiming to support Bernie’s agenda, she never supported him, waiting for 2020 for herself. She cares not one iota for any of us, just for herself, her little lies along the way should tell you all you need to know about Warren. I would be shocked if she dropped out with no clear path ahead except monkey business at a brokered convention. to hell with her and her ilk. You would think by now her supporters would see her for who she really has been all along and now attacking Bernie instead of Biden. ugly no matter how you understand this. GO BERNIE!


…and Lil Petey will do the same. And I’ll put money on Warren doing the same.
The Nothing Bloomburger might even go 3rd party, but if not of course he will endorse Biden. It’s been all part of the ‘master plan’ to screw “Us” yet again.


She’s already said that she is in it for a brokered convention.
JFC, I am sick of these fascist bastards


You’d think Bernie has the coronavirus and ebola the way they run away from him. Children pretending they are adults - so tiresome. So afraid of democracy they can’t see their reflections in the mirror.


If Dems play this smart - a big if - both Sanders and Biden can whip Trump. The question then becomes what kind of administration do you want - one that is bold enough to be able to address the challenges we face on behalf of the vast majority of people OR one that tries ot maintain the status quo in the face of all the challenges we face.

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If you are suggesting a Sanders/Biden or Biden/Sanders ticket, I say NO EFFING WAY! Joe is no kind of progressive, and those of us who back Bernie would never vote for him as VP on a Biden ticket, and I really can’t imagine that Joe would consider another four or eight years as number 2. We either get a ticket with Bernie and HIS choice for a progressive running mate, or we boycott the election again and let the rats who run the DemoRAT party go down with the sinking, stinking ship.


Trump will chew up Biden and spit him out on the debate stage. Slow, inarticulate with lots of baggage. Supporter of Obama care which gives the health insurance industry life support and will fail dramatically if Corona virus becomes pandemic. And the Hunter thing is not small; maybe not illegal but sleazy, no sleazier than Trump’s nepotism and not at that scale, but undercuts any claims of “clearing the swamp.” Supporter and promoter of the Iraq war. What can the DNC be thinking?


It will be interesting to see just how many Buttigieg and Klobuchar supporters back Biden.


Reagan did it for years… Still not sure how he was able to pull it off. Maybe being an actor helped.

I would like to see Biden in a one-on-one… but I am willing to bet that will be avoided as long as possible.


Warren will stay in as long as possible - she is there to split the progressive vote.


I agree that the probability of a Biden/Sanders or Sanders/Biden ticket has to be near zero. And I agree that for Bernie to win the plurality (now even more so with fewer competitors) and to be denied the nomination is grounds for burning the house down. But if Biden actually pulls it off to get the plurality and isn’t cheating in some way, then I don’t think the case for mass exodus is still there. I still won’t vote for Biden in the general, though I’m not remotely in a swing state. But I’ll understand if others do. But if they actually steal a plurality from Bernie which is still quite possible, then all hell will (and should) break loose.


Biden can not beat Trump.

Bernie should have put Biden to bed by calling him out like he did in Iowa:
Wants to cut Social Security
Voted for Iraq War
In favor of mass incarceration
Credit card industry puppet


could it be any more obvious how totally corrupt is the duopoly. Bernie or boycott the system.


I did not read his comment that way. Sounds like he is actually saying that either Bernie or Biden can beat Trump. Frankly, I cannot see Biden beating Trump at all.


Does anyone know how often Morning Consult does second choice polling? The last one (Jan 30, ~https://morningconsult.com/2020/01/30/how-endorsements-could-shape-a-narrowing-democratic-presidential-field/) indicates that Biden is more often the second choice of Warren voters than is Bernie (gee, I wonder why that is?). And now that Pete is out, I’m afraid Biden’s share would go up by more than Bernie’s.

Unless Warren withdraws and actually endorses Bernie, it doesn’t help that much if she exits (it’s possible that if it is between Bernie and Biden and both are under 50% but Bernie is leading and Warren’s voters go more for Biden but still Bernie goes over 50% because he started with more). And at this point, I’d say it’s actually more likely Warren endorses Biden. If so, I hope she is primaried as soon as possible.


Underlying assumptions in this thread’s replies are that there WILL BE head-to-head debates. Trump has made noises that he doesn’t need to debate. Any ideas out there? Under what conditions will Trump debate?


Oh lordy, things are just gettin’ started, re ratfckery and machinations by the corp-o rats and the DNC.
The Delegates; the count IS going to matter big time.
All eyes on what Warren is going to do…the big question…

Yup, going to the Bernie shindig in Saint Paul, MN tonight and voting for him tomorrow.


Not just voted for, but cheerleaded for. I haven’t seen the Mark Weisbrot film on this (~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SemNT372CIw) yet, but anyone who is even mildly anti-war and votes for Biden or Bloomberg is out of their mind. Mark goes so far as to claim and it seemed believable that the war WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED had it not been for Biden. Unfortunately many voters are clueless on war partially because the media does a crappy job of covering the issue.


I thank you, Amy. And so I’m sure does Bernie and many, many others.