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They're Not Going Anywhere. Trump Has Created Right-Wing Beast He Cannot Control

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/07/theyre-not-going-anywhere-trump-has-created-right-wing-beast-he-cannot-control

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The white supremacists (I’m white) must be ostracized. They do not belong in polite society as they have so clearly demonstrated. No mask, no service. Carry a weapon into a place of business where it is not welcome, no service. Hate speech, no service. Etc. White is not better, it is an accident of birth–nothing more, nothing less. Who is a real American? Anyone that has America in their heart and welcomes all Americans to participate in its opportunities. Want to claim supremacy? Then do it away from the centers of culture where all Americans are welcome. That ambulance that rolls down the highway doesn’t care about the color of your skin nor your politics, now does it? That is socialism, whether you like it or not. Whether Fox News likes it or not. Just the way it is.


All those speeches yesterday that said, “Enough is enough.”

Get real. For a lot of those assaulting the Capitol yesterday, this was their Fort Sumpter.


30 years after Hitler killed Hitler , I worked in Germany during the mid 70s and found that a significant minority of Germans’ (similar to the % of Trump cult in the US) only beef with Hitler was that he lost WW2. Just as few cult members ever left Hitler’s cult, few Trump cult members will ever leave…that is the nature of cults and their members.

Nearly a half century of the GOP getting away with ever more egregious crimes with each passing year is what got us here. The only way to get the cult disease under control is for Biden’s DOJ to launch Nuremberg scale indictments on January 21 to bring Trump, his appointees, and other enablers to justice.

Biden following Obama’s failed “look forward” strategy by not launching indictments will empower the GOP more than they ever have been, ultimately consigning the Democratic Party and US democracy itself to the dust bin of history.


This is how internecine warfare gets launched. These people are not Trump. They just coalesced around the bum. I’d be surprised if none of these bums had in mind to injure or even fatally attack Democrat office holders, especially those more visible, such as “The Squad” or go after the people on the stand at the inauguration.
I suspect they are just getting going. They may pause a bit, a few ragged ones will start something somewhere, shooting or bombs. Real bombs were found and blown up yesterday and you have to figure more are just waiting.
Then there are the cops, who are all too eagerly part of the same rotten bunch. 75-million voters means you can probably double that for candidates for violence. With numbers like that, brainwashed into their own pity-party corner, I can imagine something like what happened in Iraq happening here.
Just listen to some of the stations and media sources they listen to, the silo they are in admits to no other way of thinking. Their entire reality is absorbed by a limited view of the world, all coming from isolated and self-referencing media views (their silos).
Not once do I remember any of them talking about health care, equal treatment, or anything which actually helps a society, a community, thrive. Only who’s in power.
They are not done. And “they” are all around us, menacing. Wish I had no reason to be so cynical.


“They are not done” indeed. The GOP has been an organized crime syndicate going back at least to Newt’s contract on America a quarter century ago. Trump is simply their current godfather, with many current GOP godfather wannabes, including two Q’non kingpins in the House of Representatives, who are more zealous than ever to keep the syndicate’s power growing.


Yes. Right on. Nazis remained Nazis, including our own secret Nazis in the CIA and other “security” organization. Not to even begin mentioning the Gehlen org. General Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler’s chief of intelligence on the Russian front, who met with Dulles in Switzerland a few months before the end of WWII and arranged to bring his agents into the US sphere, so that when the war ended and the CIA started thousands of Nazi agents continued, under US management.
I don’t see Biden doing what he really needs to do. I was fooled in 2008 thinking that Obama would at least hold the ground until a real president could be brought in, one with more drive and legislative accomplishment, but it turned out he was bought (actually went out and sold himself out) long before he was elected. Obama was basically treading ground, looking like a candidate, setting a stage to go further, then, once elected, Obama just got worse.
Biden is already starting off worse and has been for decades, at least since the 1970’s, though I didn’t see it then. But I didn’t see a lot of things way back.


And it was the Dulles brothers, along with Robert Taft and Joseph McCarthy who launched their commie witch hunt in 1950 to expedite the fascist takeover of the US. They picked up where Prescott Bush (Dubya’s grandpa), Henry Ford, and others left off when they attempted to push the US into fascism during the 1930s.


While living and working in Bavaria, '82-'85, I happened to attend a local beer fest, in a very small village, which had one of the top fest hall bands, known for their music and entertaining style. The huge tent was packed, as we ate, drank and sang along.

During one break in the music the lead accordion player/singer simply lifted his hand from the wrist, saying ‘Seig!’ (victory), to which the entire crowd responded, as if on cue, with absolutely no hesitation, ‘Heil!’ (hail). The fella chuckled, wagging his finger, saying 'Ah, there’s still some of you out there.’, and the whole place erupted in laughter.

For me this so-called Trumpism is part of the belief-over-knowledge mentality, not unlike the zealotry of religious conviction. And, of course, we’re all familiar with such beliefs in the course of history, right up to the current day.

The calls for democrats to be beheaded and executed by members of the political version of such radicalism is little different from the ISIS crowd, or the Zionist genocidal persecution of Palestinians.

Hate and anger seems to be the main element of such ‘belief’.


“Hate and anger” plus blaming someone else for everything that happens to them are universal characteristics of cult members. That is why they can’t leave a cult…they are unable to ever admit they are wrong.


I would be willing to bet those demonstrators were paid by some PR firm to make such idiots of themselves.

Figure out who, and especially who paid them, who it is may not be so easy to figure out, but, do it, and there is the cause of this “riot”.

This group looks less like rednecks, than like people who are trying to shock others.

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My brain can’t process the Orwellian photo of the “patriot” in the whitehouse carrying the confederate flag. Its like an MC Escher print or something.

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Well stated :“This country murdered Martin Luther King Jr.(I should add Malcolm X). This country beat civil-rights protesters and killed trade unionists and Communists and so, eventually, it elected Trump.”

But it also murdered Jack and Robert Kennedy because they were a threat to the American way of war. We can credit the “deep state” and the MIC for cutting short their careers. And this was before the neo-con concept of “perpetual war”.

Name one other major country which has had four heads of state assassinated in the last two hundred years-good luck. Violence is the American way; it was how this country was created, ask any Native American.


Check out “suitman” in the last story photo (about 4 people to the right of center) of “In Pictures: Pro-Trump Mob Storms US Capital Building”, here at CD yesterday. @thylacine13 and I discussed this out of place person, and wondered who he belonged to, and why he was there.

Suitman! Now he’s lost the space in his name, I see. Yesterday he was “Suit Man” and today he is “Suitman.” I can’t wait to read some scholarly articles about who Suitman is and what he was doing at the trump mob storm.


The real beast is the hyperglobalization and its GLOBAL BUBBLE ECONOMY we’re having forced on us.

Trump is an actor, a diversion and professional time waster.
To manufacture a phony “consent” to Biden’s hiding of the sellout which actually occurred decades ago 26 years - if I pull a date out of my ass.


LOL, I didn’t even look for a reference in yesterdays conversation. I was thinking about “Umbrella Man” in front of the Texas School Book Depository, during the JKF assassination.

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“Mama don’t go. Daddy come home” John Lennon

Proud Boys Motto

wrong - the right wing has been active for a very long time before Trump. he’s just one of the worst.