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"They're Playing With Us": Anger With GOP Growing as $600 Unemployment Benefit Lapses

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/01/theyre-playing-us-anger-gop-growing-600-unemployment-benefit-lapses


The corporate oligarch class and their paid political whores have been playing with us for decades. But I guess we are finally reaching the place where they don’t even bother trying to hide how they have been playing us. They are at the point of trying to steal everything right now. And now the citizens are going to bear the brunt yet again at the hands of these sociopaths. And then somehow if at all possible the citizens must eliminate the oligarchs and it won’t be through their bought and paid for JustUs system. Tough times are ramping up and will continue for likely years as a result of the citizens going along with the oligarchs and their games to steal it all.


I used to think Charles Dickens wrote fiction. Thanks to the Republicans I now know that people like that are around us right now.


The republican dream is a world where they own and control everything, the 1%, and then everyone else, the 99%. ‘No soup for you!’



"If you need more make more."

How about we rescind all those tax give-aways to the rich? These corporate cretins are trying to rob Paul to pay Peter by throwing the disabled and seniors under the proverbial bus through the included “TRUST” Not bill of Mitt Romney.


We the people don’t hear or read it often enough that the democrats in the house passed a bill for continuing help in detail. We need all of media to be repeating and repeating the truth. Plus alll the other bills they’ve passed in sit in a waste backet under Moscow Mitch’s desk. Over and over again. National News is a joke all of abc, cbs, nbc… I don’t have cable other than basic so I don’t here them??? Do they ever talk about it or the further destruction of the eco system of the earth or that these storms of related to climate change. Oh, they would piss off their advertisers.
Just who works for "we the people?


One thing that fuels the republicans today is that they are confident and certain that if and when Trump loses in November, that there is no chance of the incoming administration reversing any of the legislation they gut, or legislation they implement. Republican’s right wing lackey, Biden, will do the job neocon right wingers selected him to do, and babysit the regimes fascist policies until the time republicans return in force in 2024.


Billions for the Military Complex, no problem. Billions for their wealthy friends, no problem. A roof over a poor persons head with food on the table, no fucking way!

Psychopaths, sociopaths, all of them!

November is coming.




If it’s true, we’re only begining to realize how many survivors, who’d only ‘mild’ (or NO symptoms) are only now going to discover chronic, even debilitating complications, months after infection. I’m guessing some are now having second thoughts about mixing young kids and… well, ANYBODY in our school systems? And smug young adults (who figured to attain immunity the old-fasioned way) feel crappy about taunting obese, diabetic, asmatic or immuno-compromised friends into COVID-orgies. This is going to be nasty, trying to survive on the street, sofa-surfing with precariate folks and suddenly figuring out why BernieBros were willing to shuffle about in ice rain for hours, only to have their vote dumped at the single polling place open in ghetto/ barrio. Cui bono?






Bill Moyers explains ‘how the South won the civil war’



You certainly hit that one on the head.
The oligarchy doesn’t care if they lose this year. Sure, they’ll try every dirty trick in the book to get Trump re elected and keep the senate at least 50/50, but in the end They know that they’ll have an impotent Joe Biden in the Oval Office, the worthless Nancy Pelosi in the house, and a federal court system protecting every awful thing they have done for the next 20 years.
I don’t think the 2020 election cycle will amount to what grandpa used to call “a hill of beans”


Go on and be homeless now. You’re God, the market, commands you.

At least you don’t have to be scared of the ghost of Karl Marx hiding in the closet anymore. You don’t have a closet anymore!


The “Heroes” Act has a few crumbs for us, but it is mostly a handout to the already rich.

A crumb is better than nothing, but I will not fall over in gratitude to the corporationists that occasionally pretend to be less greedy.

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This is EXACTLY why we DESPERATELY need Medicare for All NOW! But the DNC Platform Committee just voted overwhelmingly against it, while the majority of House Democrats voted for the bloated, unnecessary $740 billion Pentagon budget.

The DemocRATS are the “inauthentic opposition party” as the late historian Sheldon Wolin correctly termed them. They are the other half of the Corporate-Imperialist War Party ruling us and ruining most of us as well as the planet.


Thanks for the link.


The bottom line is that repugs come prepared to play hard ball which includes hitting the batter without being ejected (their version of pin the tail on the donkey), in a nine inning game that will go on, if necessary, for as long as it takes. Whereas the democrats show up to play slow pitch softball in a 7 inning game and are perfectly willing to forfeit in the event that it might go longer. And the American people are happy to bounce back and forth between games just as long as they’re promised a beer, hot dog and peanuts. Yeah, root, root, root for the home team …

Now we’ll see if the donkeys can actually learn anything new at this point in time, or if they cave in once again and call the game in the name of political correctness to a bunch of psychopaths.


A good start Giovanna, followed by a 50% cut in the military/pentagon war-machine, cuts or dismemberment for other alphabet agencies (ICE), ending corporate tax loop-holes, offshore scams and tax reductions, end all corporate subsidies, start wall street transaction fees, and claw-back the banker/wall street bailouts from last time they screwed the 99%!


Do you mean:

“Remember, remember, the Fifth of November
Gunpowder treason and plot
I see no reason why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot”


From James Collier, '66

Rent Strike Blues

I got the rent strike, the rent strike blues,
I got the rent strike, I got the rent strike blues.
Landlord won’t fix my building,
Gonna have to try and move.

I got rats on the ceiling, rats on the floor,
Rats all around, I can’t stand it anymore.
I’m going on a rent strike, got to end these blues.
Landlord-y don’t fix my building,
Gonna have to try and move.

I went next door, see my friend,
Landlord won’t fix the building and the roaches let me in.
Going on a rent strike, I got to end these blues.
The landlord-y won’t fix my building,
Gonna have to try and move.

Well, no fire-escape have we got, no money has the landlord spent,
If he don’t fix the building, ain’t gonna get next month’s rent.
Got to go on a rent strike, got to end these blues.
If the landlord don’t fix my building,
Gonna have to try and move.

Don’t care what you do, don’t care what you say,
Everybody black and white 'titled to a decent place to stay.
Going on a rent strike, got to end these blues.
If the landlord-y don’t fix my building,
Gonna have to try,
Gonna have to try,
Landlord-y won’t fix my building,
I ain’t about to move

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