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"They're Playing With Us": Anger With GOP Growing as $600 Unemployment Benefit Lapses

The oligarchy wins regardless of which party wins this, or any other year. Outlawing parties and private money in our elections (and politics in general) is the only way to remove the oligarchy from the political equation.

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I agree! Less than 2 months away from the first “debate”. Will he even make it to that point?

Interesting/challenging week coming up with Biden’s ( his handler’s) VP announcement. I will come here for processing that! (and emotional support—it’s so depressing)

Biden’s appearances are very hard to watch. But I feel it is important to see what he is doing/saying------ how he is behaving.

One thing is for certain: he is spoon feeding trump great material for campaign ads----the most recent being Biden did not know where he was speaking (once again).

How the the dems/powers that be (see below*) orchestrated Biden to be the nominee to try and defeat the craziest of crazy (and cruel) trump is beyond maddening. Talk about “playing with us”. The whole of the duopoly/oligarchy is playing with us.

Many here know this and realized what was happening when it was happening:

Basically (as Bill Clinton just stated at the Lewis memorial service) it came down to Jim Clyburn and Barack Obama wielding their power to kick aside Bernie supporters and neutralize Bernie (which as we know, he went along with).

Voters blindly, ignorantly went along with Clyburn/Obama strategy as the video link outlines below.

The fact that Bill Clinton (the sexual predator/rapist, covert narcissist extraordinaire) used John Lewis memorial service (I’ll hold my tongue re: John Lewis) to brag about how they (neoliberals/dems) regained control when Bernie’s support was surging is another example of how sick Clinton and all who support him and what he represents is.
The fact that no one is talking about what Bill Clinton said at this memorial service (except Christo?) is another example of how screwed we are.

This system is beyond repair.

People still think the Clintons are wonderful, helpful people to the world.
Same with Obama (and Jim Clyburn).

Christo Aivalis—summary of his video:

“At the memorial service for John Lewis, Bill Clinton specifically thanked Jim Clyburn “for ending, with a stroke of his hand,” the Bernie Sanders campaign when he and later Barack Obama united the Democratic Party establishment, not in an effort to elect Joe Biden, but to use Biden to block Bernie Sanders While none of this is a surprise to progressives, establishment figures and media denied their was any anti-Bernie coordination. But this remark by Bill Clinton shows otherwise.”



One of the comments after the video:

“They’re so self centered, even a funeral is a good place to celebrate how they got their way. Sick.”

Clinton chuckles in the most slimy, disgusting way as he bragged about how Obama/Clyburn neutralized the left at a Memorial service!

Speaks volumes . .

When a narcissist tell you what they do, who they are BELIEVE THEM and then marginalize them----get them out of your life.


This is all by design.

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I am accurately trashing the Dems. They are a HUGE part of the problem and once again, maybe $600 extra dont mean much to you, but to struggling people who have nothing, they do mean a lot. if anything, showing a willingness to show up for the people and extend that UI for even one more week would have sent a message of we are here, we got your back, we are doing all we can.

I dont want to put too much an emphasis on this but the general point is that Democrats aren’t helping!! And this is just another failure and let down in a long series of let downs. Another nail in the coffin of Democrats complicity. Pelosi could certainly have done a lot more noise when McConnell decided to go home. Go on TV, address the House, hold a special session, talk about the urgency. I mean they all knew this deadline was coming, it wasn’t a surprise. THEY SET IT. Instead she is just going along and all she can do is throw some stupid insults at the GOP comparing them to different animals trying to mate?? The Amercian people are simply not a priority for anyone running this shit show and i am tired of headlines that just always one-sidedly blame the GOP but fail to accurately outline how much Democrats are equally part of the problem. These assholes control the House and have enough votes to block legislation in the senate yet their response to this crisis has been mass looting of the national coffers to make sure their rich donors are taken care of with the people being a second thought after the rammed in a ton of corporate bailouts.


The problem in my view is that Amerika’s wars have never been about winning ever since WW11. From Korea, Vietnam to Afghanistan the only ones that consistently win are THE WAR PROFITEERS!


It certainly can’t ALL be a bloody accident PB.

I see that one of the biggest problems in Washington is the fact that very few in congress, with the exception of AOC and a handful of others, are from the working class. Typically they are Harvard-educated lawyers whose goal is to make it big and enjoy the benefits of all that easy money. They can’t even understand what issues most people have when it comes to out-of-pocket expenses because they’ve never been there before.


Actually it is spot on, and i can only thank you very much for the link. Everyone should read this.

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It’s always been up to the people and it still is. Americans are politically lazy.

You mean if they would have if they didn’t think that military spending was more important. But they do.


When are people going to wake up to the fact that Republicans offer working class people NOTHING!!! They cannot govern - when they had the house the senate and the white house- they did their usual act - NOTHING!!!

Dealing with a problem is beyond their limited capability . 1929 Depression - Republican failure. 1980 Savings and loan scandal - Republican failure. 9/11 - Republican failure. 2008 financial collapse - Republican failure. 2020 Pandemic & Financial collapse - another republican failure!!

All Republicans can do is come TV and whine about Democrats - that is the one thing they can do and do well. Still about 40% of America supports them. How stupid are these people in reality?

The “opinions” are oftentimes more truthful than the “news”.

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You are so right, those blue dogs screwed us over.

Youre right in that, globally, they see it as a sort of holy duty to prevent money from going to social programs, schools, public services, etc. In fact they created a trade deal that is dismantling more and more public services irreversibly. A treaty.

Its also funneling increasingly scarce public jobs to wealthy peoples children. (if they can afford to work basically for free) It does this by privatizing them and outsourcing/offshoring them.

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"Connecticut resident Raven Holmes told the Post[,]

‘Money is not a resource that can be depleted. It’s a man-made thing,’ said Holmes. ‘If you need more make more.’"

Believe it or not–and I know that a lot of people will not believe it, and many who do will not understand why–this is a true statement. Keynes, whose economic specialty was the nature and workings of money, was the first to recognize it (in the mid-1930s), and as of about a decade ago the dam finally burst and every honest economist (there really are quite a few now) grasped it almost simultaneously.

Who said “There is nothing new under the sun?”

Moyers, the LBJ flunky working for the man who gave us the MIC on steroids. Millions dead in the Nam after he and his boys disposed of our last president.

That would start the sweating from the right. Can they gear up the cheating machine to a high enough level to get a win?

The gloves are coming off, and poor people are getting a taste of the future under corporate rule.

Its basically the “second Enclosure” (a reference to the period when the common land which was use by the common folk for thousands of years was “enclosed” by the landed gentry, forcing people to find other ways of supporting themselves other than farming or grazing animals on land which was thought tio be shared. In the case of the US, people think they have a right to do the jobs that are located here even though with our rights and obligations we are more expensive than other workers.

Well, they intend to end that within the next few years, and millions of people will likely be forced to find new ways to survive without jobs. There may not be any. There is no right to them, except for foreign firms, (if they are cheaper) since we signed the GATS.

This is going to come as a big shock to many people, and it may really change the way many look at the world and our oligarchy.

Thats definitely what was happening in 1993 during te fake “Clintoncare” negotiations, which were going on at the exact same time as the Marrakesh Agreement negotiations on services which literally act to force countries all around the world - including the US, to irreversibly privatize public services like healthcare, also locking us in to bad healthcare here forever, unless we literally buy our freedom. (Shhh! Big secret!)

That wasnt the absolute beginning of politics here becoming completely fake but it is a good example of it. @1Nall

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WTO rules only allow them to do things like that in an emergency, and they have to be the most minimal possible. So for example, we would only be allowed to help people who there was no chance would ever be able to survive any other way, and only give them the vesry least possible for the shortest amount of time. Otherwise we are unfairly competing withg banks, payday lenders, etc, and depriving them of their profits in the form of foreclosures, etc. It works similarly with health insurance, another financial service. Technically, we are supposed to be limited at the 1998 level of financial services regulation, no more. So how could we have gotten the ACA then? I am fairly sure that we were only able to get the increases in FS regulation in the ACA because of the 2008 financial crisis. In 2010 countries all around the world, including a number of them who had also signed onto the Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services and its standstill, instituted “protectionist measures” (so called because they temporarily prevent things that job outsourcing and large scale liberalization of services) instead increasing FS regulation of various kinds. (The approved WTO compliant way to address all these problems is more deregulation, which may include bringing in foreign companies - increasing competition- For example, foreign firms could do many of the services now done by Americans increasing profits) But at the G20 meeting in China several years ago they all promised to roll them back as soon as possible, including us.