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'They're Trying to Poison Our Future,' Resistance Heats Up to Stop 'Black Snake' From Slithering Through Midwest


'They're Trying to Poison Our Future,' Resistance Heats Up to Stop 'Black Snake' From Slithering Through Midwest

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Resistance against a new Bakken crude pipeline stepped up this week with the arrest of 12 people on Thursday near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota.

"They're trying to lay a pipe across our water. They're trying to poison our future," said one of the people taking part in the action.

YouTube user UrbanNativeEra posted this video of the event:


The Sioux, a proud and honorable people, continue the good fight. Even with all the treaties broken, the theft of the Black Hills, they do not back down. Solidarity! I'll carry a poster where ever I go along with my Black Lives matter poster.

From Mother Jones: http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2016/08/new-american-mega-pipeline-youve-never-heard


My understanding is this one of the poorest reservations in the USA. They could sell out for a few dollars to alleviate that poverty but most recognize there more important things than money and it life itself. All life.


Flippen Cops. When you boys gonna do your job.
The crime here is not the protecting of the Land
It is the Poisoning of the Land.
Still arresting the wrong people....morons


When these shoddy weld job pipelines burst, and they do, this crude oil is going to destroy Standing Rock Sioux Reservation land, and water, and much, much more. Dakota Access Pipeline will just simply just walk away from the wreckage, and go somewhere else, and do it all over again.


Yes, sadly, it is a profoundly poor rez, with youth suicides off the charts.




More examples of the delusion that Obama’s “feet could be held to the fire” (horrid expression that it is) and be a true environmental leader (which he is not). These pleas are reminiscent of Code Pink begging HC to vote against the illegal war in Iraq. Their wise words fell on ears that refused to take in the truth and were dismissed by a mind that was driven by an insatiable quest for power.

“Dear Mr. Obama: I very much appreciate your bold steps to combat climate change. Please consider executive action that would permanently close the Bakken oil field.”

“Please Mr Obama help us stop this pipeline, you honored us by coming to my home in Cannon Ball North Dakota. I ask you to look our way again as the closest land owner on the Cannon Ball River, I love my land and the river i grew up on, Dont let them build something that will damage our world we are only trying to live. I ask for my grandchildren stop this pipeline.”

LaDonna Brave Bull Allard