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Things Didn’t Go Well When Betsy DeVos Was Confronted With Her Department’s Charter School Fraud

Things Didn’t Go Well When Betsy DeVos Was Confronted With Her Department’s Charter School Fraud

Jeff Bryant

During a series of recent congressional hearings in Washington, D.C., U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos had to respond to a recent report finding the U.S. Department of Education has been scammed for hundreds of millions of dollars by fraudulent or mismanaged charter schools. Her responses reveal not only her inability to counter legitimate concerns over the spread of charter schools but also the charter school industry’s resistance to honestly address a chronic problem with its schools.


Did Mel Brooks write the screenplay for this debacle? Charters making more money by closing than by actually, you know, TEACHING??? Let’s all join in a chorus of “Springtime for Twitler!”


Aren’t charter schools just another example of redistributing wealth from the working class to the ruling elites?


By denying, distracting, and personally attacking the report authors, she encouraged us to delve further into the evidence that much of the money awarded by the program went to charter schools that are, at best, bungling attempts to start up education businesses that should never have been financed to begin with or, at worst, scam operations that willfully intended to make off with taxpayer money and not suffer any negative consequences.”

Thank you Jeff Bryant, in the spirit of a true educator, the above concisely encapsulates the task before us.


Bryant sez:
“Our calculation was that a least a third of the $4.1 billion spent by the CSP was wasted.”

“Wasted” in this case is something of a subjective term. Corporate “donors” (sic) who pocket the loot would describe it rather as “Return on Investment”.


Yes, and they get public charters that are just a ruse for big business.

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This woman and her boss Dump need to go to jail pronto!


They are FIRED !!!


So, Jeff, are charges being brought against the fraudulent administrators and their business/corporate charter “school” owners?

Have you heard from teachers or other employees on the sites, as in whistleblowers?

Are any nation-wide educators and/or parent advocate organizations taking political action? Legal action?

Thanks for any info.

No wonder DeVos fell off her bike; she didn’t know how to ride one. Did she hit her head, too?


What a great post! You nailed it again- I wondered the same, but you did so aloud? Perhaps we can contact the NEA or the AFT to see what is going on in public school land? Charter schools as I understood it were supposed to be consultants- really not schools at all but just consultants for public schools- instead they turned out to be fraudulent, and this has been going on since the 1980s! Very distressing, and the teachers most of the time make very little and do not have benefits. Devious needs to be fired and sued as do the owners, and CEOS of these crap places. Thank you.


I think everyone is too easy on DeVos. How about investigating her to find out if there is any quid pro quo with these so called charter school start-ups.


Louisiana had Charter School issues long before Devos

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I agree- the connection that is somehow being blocked as this beast is ferried around with secret service-


thanks… agreed. But when you consider Dump’s (and his handlers’) purposes to begin with, weren’t most of the Cabinet secretaries appointed in order to undo their respective departments? So the only solution is for impeachment and suits. Get rid of Dump and Dumber, and maybe we have a chance before the 2020 election.


Yes, the charter school issue has been around since the 1980s as well as merit pay for teachers- a reward for students who were producing- as if they were a commodity.


They are need to be charged with treason- too many people are closing their eyes and running around on empty.

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What ideas are you having for the quid she gets? With her millions $$$$$, what can anyone do for her, bigger and better than US Cabinet?

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welcome aboard… but i don’t understand what your point is.

Yes, and getting the public to pay for them!

She says she is not taking a dime for her position ( yeah, right). I suppose brother Erik is probably one of the drivers for her position and her “ideas”. It’s power and ego, and stamping out the “little” people