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Things I Have Learnt Since Being at the Paris Climate Talks


Things I Have Learnt Since Being at the Paris Climate Talks

Kevin Smith

It’s big, it’s dizzying and it’s inside an enormous aircraft hangar. Everyone seems to run around in a constant frenzy, people are dressed up as polar bears and penguins and handing out bars of carbon-neutral chocolate and big fancy industry booths from many different sectors are loudly proclaiming themselves to be THE solution to the world’s problems. And then in the midst of the circus are a series of rooms where representatives from over 190 different countries are hammering out the international response to the greatest threat that humanity faces.


Empower the First Nations to develop camps to educate the privileged how to live with the land. Let them use their proceeds to sustainably improve their living standards. This should have happened centuries ago.


Thank you Kevin for great on the job reporting. There are millions of us out here eager to know what it feels like, looks like, tastes like, how it shapes up, stuff like that. And thanks especially for the wonderful visuals brought forth from your language.


An interesting perspective but I think if one wants to keep up with the serious disputes going on between the developed and developing nations, which are very pertinent to the outcome of this conference, it is worthwhile reading sources such as The Guardian.


Ok, thanks. But it's not an either/or deal. Humans, you know, are complex little critters.


"the team behind This Changes Everything film and movie"
I thought film and movie were the same thing. I don't think, 'a team' was behind the book, so I am stumped as to what was intended but somehow switched at birth.