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Think Again Hillary Democrats: 10 Reasons Why She Could Lose this Fall


Think Again Hillary Democrats: 10 Reasons Why She Could Lose this Fall

Les Leopold

The media tells us that Hillary has a lock on the nomination. That news should make her supporters extremely nervous, and not because the prognosticators have been wrong so many times already. All Democrats should worry because her major policy and character flaws could leave us with a Republican president this fall. Here’s why.


Convincing case, Mr. Leopold.

The poster LRX will have to meet with his handlers to spin up some new Talking Points to preserve the image of Hillary-as-winner that they so desperately desire.


Bernie… please start mentioning these 10 points at every speech you give and on every interview you give.
These are exactly what the delegates to Clinton should be worried about if they really want to keep a democrat in the White House.


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I also think that there is a good chance that one of her wall street speeches will be leaked just before the election and have the same effect as it did on Romney in 2012.


I’ve got A funny feeling this will happen- After all, there are NO secrets- It is just the timing of when those secrets get out…Come on Anonymous and Wiki-Leaks, this is important!!!


It could be the bankers their selves, their loyalty is to whomever will give them the most advantage to make money.


I suspect that Trump has the record for use of “I,” but this is almost all well taken.

Without pretending that I have a meter of what’s going on, the startling campaigns of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders surely show at least that something is going on. That is bad news for Hillary Clinton.

Clinton could lose in November because almost everyone despises her authoritarian, anticonstitutional, violent, coercive, Mafia-style neo-con politics and ways of inflecting her politics. We are not voting against Clinton because we believe that she cannot kill people; we are voting against her because we believe that she will. We are not voting against her because we feel that she is incapable of centralizing control within the Democratic Party but because we fear that she will. Clinton might win in November anyway because the Republicans will field a cartoon fascist clown bigot instead of a candidate.

I am appalled to say it, but I think this needs to be said, and I think it has to be said differently than the sort of standard reflexive both-parties-are-equal rhetoric that we 3rd-party people often descend to. Hillary Clinton may lose not because she is indistinguishable from a fascist clown, but because by virtue of being herself no clown, she may be way worse.

She may not. But the second Sanders drops off the ticket, I cannot help seeing any vote for a major party candidate as a wasted vote cast in despair. Let us consider a few obvious and excellent reasons for condemning Trump and see whether they really give Clinton an edge.

  • He’s a bigot. But so is Clinton. Witness her comments about “superpredators,” “terrorists,” and her willingness to kill foreigners, particularly Muslims–a bigotry that she gets away with with a Democratic base, sadly.
  • He’s corporatist. So is Clinton, and probably more centrally attached. Moreover, she has been at least more obviously “globalist,” favoring so-called “free trade”-style shadow-government-and-mafia states.
  • He’s authoritarian. Clinton may be more so. Whereas Trump makes inflammatory statements about domestic coerciveness that appeal to Republicans, Clinton is involved in massive coercive violence to establish authority abroad. She is also part of the most journalist-unfriendly American regime in history, and the first to openly claim to be able to legally kill citizens by fiat, though far from the first to do so.

I will say that her comments about gender groups and minorities are less dramatically unfriendly. At the same time, her comments about military involvement are distinctly worse.

I really do not know what to say about November. Under either candidate, the persecution of the disenfranchised, the destruction of the earth, and the erosion of the informational base necessary for an electoral system will increase with federal support. If Trump wins, there will be some battle between forces that have not spoken their names in public for a long time–including those that have persuaded Republicans to move against their obvious candidate. But if Clinton wins, the Republicans may complete their metamorphosis to a vestigial doppelganger of the Democratic Party, a memory and an excuse without an ideological basis.

Batten down the freaking hatches, folks.


You just may be right here Melmac- Bankers only owe Loyalty to one Master, and that is PROFIT at any cost…Hillary is easily expendable to these rabid creatures…


It’s Bernie now or Donald later. Your move, status quo Democrats.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Slithery Hillary just can’t seem to tell the truth. She lies without even thinking about it. It’s second nature to her and it happens fast.

Bernie said: We need to get corporate and billionaires’ money out of the electoral process. She immediately says,“Bernie and I agree that we want to get unaccountable money out of the process.” No, Hillary, that’s NOT what he said. KNOWING where the donations come from will not eliminate the effect they are intended to have. But just that fast, she’ll mischaracterize what Bernie just said. You have to watch her constantly.

That’s in addition to the huge and obvious whoppers she’ll tell like the ducking bullets in Bosnia story or the claims that Bernie wasn’t involved in the Civil Rights Movement or that Bernie wants to totally destroy Obamacare and start a new health plan from scratch (as if expanding existing Medicare could be characterized as starting from scratch.)

Bernie has been playing pretty nice with her and that could be a mistake. Trump WON’T.

While Bernie Sanders apparent reluctance to dish the dirt on Hillary Clinton may cost him the Democratic nomination Trump’s willingness to expose every skeleton in Hillary’s closet may make him our next president. And there are lots of skeletons.

Whether from supporting a military overthrow of Honduran democracy (which makes her an accessory to the murder of Berta Caseres), laying the groundwork for war and violent regime change in Ukraine, transforming a model society in Libya with universal health care and education and more rights for women than in any other nation in the Arab world into a post apocalyptic wasteland where women are afraid to leave their homes or being instrumental in creating the war against Syria in which over 300,000 have died, Hillary Clinton has no shortage of skeletons waiting to be exposed.

(If she’s elected, I’d give her six months, twelve at the most, before she has us in yet another war – probably against Iran.)

Trump will find those skeletons and use them without hesitation.

But her largest skeleton isn’t in her closet at all. He’s walking around in the guise of her campaign director and he’s as dirty as a former corporate lobbyist for Big Pharma can be. How dirty is that? Letting hundreds of thousands of South Africans die of AIDS dirty.

Her campaign director, John Podesta, was named in a Dec 19th, 1999 expose by The (UK) Guardian newspaper as a key player in a twisted and morally bankrupt campaign against President Nelson Mandela and the South African Government to block them from using international trade law to produce or import cheap generic copies of HIV drugs for the THREE MILLION people in South Africa who were infected with HIV, the AIDS virus.

The team of conspirators included her husband Bill, Bill’s chief of staff, John Podesta, John Podesta’s high power corporate lobbyist brother with whom he formed a corporate lobbying partnership called the Podesta Group, and Vice-president Al Gore who chaired the US-South Africa trade commission.

While the pharmaceutical companies that held the patents to the HIV drugs that Mandela wanted to manufacture went to court in South Africa to try to prove that what South Africa wanted to do was illegal (it wasn’t but they could hold things up for a long time with appeal after appeal), Al Gore and some of the others threatened South Africa with economic retaliation if South Africa insisted on manufacturing the anti-HIV drugs. Gore was reported to have threatened Nelson Mandela to his face.

They forced South Africa to back down and as a result countless thousands of poor South Africans died a needless and painful death from AIDS - possibly hundreds of thousands. It was almost completely unreported here in the USA.

And, as mentioned, one of the key players on behalf of the greedy and inhuman drug companies is now Clinton’s Campaign Director. He’s a walking-talking conflict of interest who connects Hillary directly to the most dark and despicable aspects of American “politics.”

(Trump’s racism might actually look trivial next to the racism that would allow thousands of South Africans to die from AIDS as well as many thousands of Arab men women and children being killed in Libya).

Democrats may choose to look away from this list of Democratic crimes against humanity because their favorite sons, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Barack Obama were also deeply involved. But that won’t deter Trump.

And finally, because Trump lies constantly, an honest opponent like Bernie, who doesn’t change what he says from week to week depending on who he’s talking to, can draw a sharp contrast to the truth-challenged Trump. Hillary cannot. In the end, that difference could determine the outcome of the next presidential election.

Eduardo Cohen

PS Yes I might not vote at all, rather than vote for Slithery Hillary, Queen of War, Death and Deception. She is a confirmed war criminal surrounded by other criminals. I hate the Democratic Party for giving us such poor alternatives to the Republicans. But if some of these skeletons are exposed before the primary is decided, Bernie may have the opportunity to run against Trump.


I agree, Bernie as candidate will bring out the younger crowd. This could be the difference between getting or losing the Presidency.
The Democrat leaders should very carefully weigh up the chances.
Younger voters will see Hillary as the article points out, a Wall Sr stooge ,and so on.


I don’t disagree with anything in this article, but I think there are other reasons as well, with a few of them being covered in Peter Schweizer’s latest book, Clinton Cash. I can’t recommend this book enough! There’s an entire arsenal there that can be used against her…


And we may not even need anonymous or wiki-leaks to unearth those wall street transcripts. Didn’t/doesn’t Ted Cruz’s wife work for Goldman Sacks? If anyone might have access to those transcripts… The only reason they haven’t been produced already is that the republic party doesn’t want to waste such valuable ammunition to help Bernie beat Clinton. They’d rather do that themselves for obvious reasons.


That would make sense to me- I just hope and wish someone somehow could get the copies-
And then again, there is so much out there against Hillary and she just sheds it off like water off of A ducks back- Voters need to be more careful in what they wish for…


That “entire arsenal” WILL “be used against her” by Trump, who is an expert at wrapping his opponents’ baggage around their necks. Hillary has more baggage than all of Trump’s GOP primary opponents combined.


I expect, given other caucuses, that you may be pleasantly surprised. Regardless, hold the courage and speak out. Thank you for going.


I absolutely agree! And, there is a great deal in Clinton Cash that would outrage her supporters as well as the people who don’t trust, like, or support her. Just the idea that all the uranium mined in the US now goes to Russia (thanks to Hillary’s wheeling and dealing) would upset an awful lot of her supporters… But, hey, the Clinton Foundation made millions from that deal!