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Think California’s Drought Is Bad? Try Palestine’s


Think California’s Drought Is Bad? Try Palestine’s.

Laith Shakir

California is in the midst of one of the worst droughts in the state’s history, prompting Governor Jerry Brown to declare a water “state of emergency.”

Ordinary Californians are bearing the brunt of this disaster. While the governor has imposed restrictions to reduce residential water consumption, businesses in the fields of agriculture and hydraulic fracturing have been largely exempt. Brown’s unwillingness to take on these gargantuan corporate water-wasters lends a sharp political element to an otherwise natural disaster.


As a former professor of water resources I will attest that the Israelis were at the forefront of a lot of solid technical knowledge regarding ground water. Their land issues have always been at least as much about water as politics and security in the traditional sense. Water gets folded into their security narrative internally while such exploitation of the Palestinians in contrast to the Israelis is taboo for corporate media. Thanks CD for bringing this issue to light.


Heck, the government here in the United States is trying to outlaw rain barrels. Cant have people thinking that water running off of their roof is THEIR water...


Thanks ZT! Always nice to hear a Zionist Troll's take on inequality and oppression!


You cause me to wonder how I would react if Israel suddenly did not exist.


WiseOwl, agree.
This allocation of water issue, the issue in this conflict seldom gets airplay or headlines in American dailies. The Bernaysian narrative sells the conflict as a "religious or ethnic" issue.
Real political power resides in the coercive ability to allocate resources. Since Israel possesses superior firepower in the region, Israel gets to determine water allocation. It's an oppressor/oppressed "relationship." The oppressed Palestinians fight back by any means necessary lest their Israel-determined "quota" diminish till Palestinians die of thirst.
(By the way, I expect to be called anti-Semitic in the coming days. Par for the course. Considering relatives on my grandmother's side, respected colleagues and my highly respected mentors visit temple, I take it all with the proverbial grain of salt...)
Be well.



You cause me to wonder why you believe in a fictional land called palestine


There is no such people as Palestinians, they are Arabs occupying Jewish land. Arabs belong in Arabia.


No anyone with half a brain knows the conflict is an attempt by the Arabs to delegitimise the Jewish homeland and steal Jewish land by the occupying Arabs calling themselves Palestinians. Goole "What Palestinians do not want Jews to know"on youtube. The Fakeistinians should all go back to their Arab hell holes.


Oh, God, the spitting contest has begun...
I am a bit long in the tooth and longer on memory. Before 1948, there existed no Israel. What that country has acquired and established is by "right" of conquest, sheer coercive force, i.e. military and armed "terror." Naked power. Let's not kid ourselves. Ever.
The pre-1948 inhabitants and their descendants want a share of what was once theirs. It's kind of late in the day to de-conquer. All one can do is apply some fairness to the conquered non-Israelis. Provide them equal rights to water, land, etc. Heck even allow them fair electoral and proportional representation, if you want to be fair. A pipe dream as far as the Knesset is concerned. I get it. Otherwise, as a conqueror and colonist, one should expect the occasional "act of terror" from militarily weaker, oppressed folks who want their lands back...
Be well.


'Vengeful angel', seems to me that it's you that has only "half a brain"! You clearly know next to nothing about the history of the Middle East.
Thanks CD for this excellent article on the water situation - I just hope it gets widely read.
I have attended more than one lecture on the subject of water as a likely cause of conflict, and this article is I think accurate, and if anything under-stated.


This is pure crap. In fact Israel is bringing water into Gaza – and in significant amounts. “Israel to double amount of water supplied annually to Gaza” (Haaretz, March 4). Indeed, Israel doubled its supply to the enemy enclave from 5 million cubic meters to 10 m.cu.m., twice its commitments under the Oslo-derived Water Agreement. (Israel supplies Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority in the West Bank up to 60 m.cu.m. annually – also double its Oslowian commitments.)


Anti-Zionist pig


thanks WiseOwl for your insight....I'd like to add that ever since the Paris Peace meeting in 1919 and likely before...the zionists had their sites on a 'different' northern border...encroaching into southern Lebanon...their intent was to have the Litani River as zionist's northern border in their plan for "Greater Eretz"...long before there was the Yinon plan. They continue to push for that result which is one reason why they keep pounding southern Lebanon...they expressed their belief that such water was "wasted" on the farmers and shepherds and villagers of southern Lebanon....!! that is also why they took and held the Syrian Golan Heights, one of the wettest areas in the region...


OK, that "chosen people" comment is the give away. Endgame isn't just an anti-Zionist pig, Endgame is an Antisemitic Jew hating pig.


If Israelis are so piggy about having a gross amount of water why are they so filthy-dirty? Because they are evil inside and out.