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Think GOP Lawmakers Not Unhinged Enough to Endorse Program Called "Kinderguardians" That Puts Guns in Hands of 4-Year-Old Kids? Think Again


Think GOP Lawmakers Not Unhinged Enough to Endorse Program Called "Kinderguardians" That Puts Guns in Hands of 4-Year-Old Kids? Think Again

Jon Queally, staff writer

That comedian and chameleon provocateur Sacha Baron Cohen has been traveling the country and duping clueless Republican lawmakers and their supporters has been known for weeks, but as his new show—titled "What Is America?"—readies to drop its first episode for Showtime on Sunday night, clips have surfaced in which actual adults are seen endorsing the preposterous idea of arming children as young as three and four years old with guns in order to possibly intervene in case of a school shooting massacre.


Only in America!!!


“In the first episode of “Who Is America?” on Showtime, comedian Sacha Baron Cohen plays the part of Erran Morad, a former Israeli colonel who has a compelling argument (at least for Republicans) that arming 4-year-olds in U.S. elementary schools is an idea worth endorsing.”

I suggest an episode in which a warm Smoked Virginia Ham is thrown into the Knesset, the members of which are all armed with AR-15s (the hard-core Zionists only get blanks). Oh, hell, add some bacon, too.


Sacha Baron Cohen … priceless. Thank you.

May the premises of your method flow into the citizenry like honey on a warm day. Many happy returns.

Dick Cheney… would you autograph my waterboard kit?


It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so damn sick and twisted.


He left out pre-school…maybe they could add a PRE-CRUEL rifle that shoots out gummy bears —but every 5th shot is one of the organ busting ones like the Vegas shooter did. Dead kids! No need to worry about SNAP then, eh RePugs? : )


This is true genius.

Those with their brains scrubbed by Faux news will immediately find a way to give firearm to their infants, anyone else with the cognition of a four year old will recognize the madness.

How many will actually watch the episode on high subscription rates tv?

Leaking these bits is exactly what the planet needs.

Yesterday, in Castle Rock,Washington, a group of over fifty people had gathered in the parking lot of a gas station . They had all arrived in motorbikes

There were some very large American flags, One of them over twelve feet long. Almost all of them wore leather jackets.

In white font across the black leather were the words Patriot.

I think something got lost in translation.


Consistent with the large number of judges, prosecutors, immigration officials, and child service workers that are willing to accept a system that puts kids under 5 before a judge and without representation to make their case against professional lawyers seeking to deport them.


Conservatives are the embodiment of stupidity and death.


But, but, they are pro-life.


What’s good for the goose is good for the gosling!


Proving yet again why the GOP is known around the world as The Stupid Party. America would be better off without most of them.


Don’t think it is so much a matter of stupidity as corruption.
Had Cohen not claimed to be an Israeli officer, with all that this implies, i am not certain they would have gone along quite so eagerly.
There is a reason you won’t find any american lawmakers speaking out against Israel, regardless of how many innocents they slaughter.


GOP, doesn’t the stand for Greedy Old Perverts? : )


The MSM showed an unhinged Palin complaining about how sick this was. I do not get showtime, and only have basic- but what a sick idea to reflect the mirror that these rethugs look at everyday.


Yep, as long as one isn’t born yet!