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Think Innocent People Are Never Wrongly Convicted?


Think Innocent People Are Never Wrongly Convicted?

Leonard Pitts Jr.

Last week, on the day he was scheduled to die, Marcellus Williams didn't.

Just hours before he was to be strapped down and pumped full of poison, Williams, the convicted killer of Felicia "Lisha" Gayle, a former reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, received a reprieve. Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens stayed the execution and announced formation of a panel to review the case.


It is way past time for us to join most other advanced societies and make capital punishment illegal.
Even one person wrongfully executed is too many. We know that there have been many. We will never know how many.

The state should never be allowed to murder!
Thank you Mr. Pitts. I have enjoyed your work for years.


A majority of USA citizenry believe in god(s) who/which there is no proof of existence. Pretty much the same with ghosts and little green men. So yes, we need to grow up, but it is not a ridiculous headline for many, but something they need to admit and come to terms with the fact that it happens continually. We have the highest prison rate and most prisoners (%) per any industrialized, UN country. They probably do not know that either.
Otherwise, amen.


Thanks this informative article. Sheds more light on why the death sentence, State murder needs to be abolished. One innocent, is one too many. Who would trust the American justice system?
Mafia Don certainly doesn’t. Hence the pardon of Joe (piece of shit) Arpaio. The law and order president and attorney general are jokes.
I was so proud when Occupy Tucson drove Arpaio out of Baja Arizona, when he was unwelcome here, promoting and campaigning for an extremist Tea-bag candidate. Message? Don’t come around here no more.