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Think Religiously Motivated Discrimination Can't Affect You? Guess Again


Think Religiously Motivated Discrimination Can't Affect You? Guess Again.

James Esseks

In the past, courts have largely rejected attempts to use religion to discriminate. But our opponents haven't given up.

Anti-LGBTQ advocates are also trying to use religion to deny people healthcare


Extrapolation from cases of discrimination against LGBTQ folk to racial, age, sex, etc. is pure speculation, because the religious right are smart enough to avoid cases that they have no chance of winning. I don’t see a direct line from LGBTQ cases to those others, though we need to be assiduous on the pioneer attempts and may be kept busy for a while fighting every attempt.

But we need to be smart about how we fight. For instance, this week’s “action” headlined as denying contraceptives to women. First, these are “interim final rules,” going outside the legal process for making regulations except for one thing: There IS a period for public comment, Oct.6 to Dec.5. We have our chance to say nuh-uh. That the rules take effect during the comment period only means that employers can begin applying for exemptions. We can also make it clear that those companies will lose valued employees and our business.

I’m glad the ACLU and a number of states have also filed suit to stop these rule changes, but we the people need to exercise our individual power too. And we need to stand in solidarity with those who are the objects of discrimination. A baker who turns on longtime customers because he doesn’t approve of their getting married should lose the business of other customers, especially for their wedding cakes. We are not powerless. We have a different standard of morality to demonstrate and insist upon.


exactly so.

I’m almost at the point where it’s like, "fine. serve only who you wish. but only after you print up a very large-lettered sign on your storefront identifying who you will and will not serve and why so all your customers can decide if they want to patronize you after they learn you’re jerks.


Way back in the 40’s Mrs. Roosevelt wrote and talked a lot about having to re-fight for the separation between church and state. WE LOST FOLKS.


America’s ally, Saudi Arabia has religious police and if the right wing, church nuts in the U.S A., had their way, America would have them too!


I think that’s the plan. Beware the rising tide of encroaching Theocracy. They are serious, determined, and now have gained enough power to start making their beginning moves.


Yeah, how long before the church police knock on our doors of what they call “sinners”. They already do that to try to convert “sinners”.


“They” are not nearly as widespread as you and @nighthawk seem to think. They’re just vocal, but they can’t actually do much. I think the contraceptive change (which, remember, is only about insurance, and premiums are actually lower with contraception encouraged, because pregnancy is higher risk and higher cost) may reflect Pence trying to accomplish something, since he didn’t (yet) get his Armageddon from Korea (why do you think he took his wimmenfolk to the DMZ on Easter weekend?). Remember, too, that the current mouthpiece, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, represents another apocalypticist, and that brand of religious is a much greater danger than “religious police.”

But please, the right-wing Christians making all the noise do not see Saudi Arabia as a model. And this article isn’t about “religious police.”


Thank you for your reply. You, in my opinion, are correct, when you state:" Sarah Huckabee Sanders, represents another apocalypticist, and that brand of religious is a much greater danger than religious police". When I wrote religious police I was being satirical…to a point!


Our choice is atheism or barbarism.


It is not over, until it is over.

PS. Really liked you website!!!


I’m just feeling defeated right now. I go to my government and beg and get no where. They know who I am, they respect that but I cannot get them to budge and stick their neck out. Thank you for liking the site. Do see anything I can improve on? I took down all the political stuff. Think it was scaring people away. No one comments of clicks on likes and such. Don’t know why.


Ever notice how “deeply held religious beliefs” almost always contradict the basic tenets of the bigot’s faith?


As the following article sets the stage for what is ahead, the Christian theists have no regard for the U.S. Constitution or a U.S. District Court decision…

14 States File Brief Saying Giant Christian Cross in FL Park Isn’t Religious

Once again, we are in a real fight for the separation of church and state.

“The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”
― George Washington


Yeah, I know what you mean there is a lot going on right now, what I do is pace myself. Everything has its own pace so you have to deal with that and recognize some of the issues we deal with have been going on for a very long time and it is one the of the things that is represented on your site. It functions as a reference point which is something I like. That is not all, unless some of that information is preserved it becomes lost. You have a very nice composite of history that is intact. So, on a personal and informational level it is excellent. I’m not that good at this, all my stuff is in trunks. Maybe make the comments a bigger part of site. Sorry I didn’t leave a comment but I really wanted to think about it. Hang in there.


The Missouri Synod Lutherans, who happily continue to live in the Middle Ages, are setting up a “Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty” lobbying office in DC. I was baptised and confirmed in that church, and trust me when I say their sense of justification knows no limits, Constitutional or otherwise. The thing about the religious right-wingers is that they justify themselves with the belief that they are holding to the only “truth,” as well as an absurd belief in their own victimization. I spent the last couple of weeks brushing up on the Reformation, the 30 Years War, the English Civil War, etc., etc., etc. It’s a short drop from the civil, secular society established here (which was not a given) to the hell of state-sanctioned religious bigotry and terror. I don’t have the stomach for it, but my guess is a listen to a Sunday sermon in some of our churches would strike terror into anyone who values their freedom of thought and their civil liberties.


My site is in it’s 3rd iteration. The other 2 had the same problem. The first one went up to 8000 hits and had an international readership and even then, no comments. I think people are interested but with all the attachments to history, my own history and the nations they think I’m either a star or wacko LOL. Being an INTP is so odd, I wanna fit in and know I don’t, very frustrating. I’m hangin’…get yours outta that trunk :-)))


I’m covered, as I go to the First Church of Hypocrisy, where I see nothing but the theocratic sinners pining for power. They have my back–which is what I’m most afraid of.


The Presbyterian Church (USA) already has a long-established Office of Public Witness in DC, with a director who’s been arrested repeatedly in demonstrations (also the former director, now the chief legal officer of the denomination). I believe the United Methodists and the ELCA also have advocacy offices. They also train members in meeting with their representatives, and none of them are in the least about theocracy or living in the Middle Ages. Don’t be so afraid.


When a religious groups capital is in Israel, Jerusalem, they do not mind the destruction of people’s of different faiths, and the use of American blood to obtain it.
Hense we have an estimated 80 millions who partake of todays Christian Zionism, fundamentalist Dominionist, that we see come to fore during Presidents Cheney-Bush administration.
When they refused to allow all but the followers of Fundies and Jewishness to be Chaplains.
Had spec ops troop at bible camps complete with armor, Arms, light shows and the treats for GRADE school kids was LRRP rations and rides in HumVees
Look up Christian Embassy that has office in Pentagon and overseas bases, meetings aboard ships and at one time upon our military academies.
Hired in Iraq to staff schools and hand out aid and food.
Bibles read before handouts and verses read in schools with Christian prayer before lunch.
Coins threatening all Islamics with going to hell, and the contractor for AT and sniper scopes Had Bibical reference engraved on them.
Those of that ilk are still in State, DOD, and top military positions.
Religion is the highest grossing Industry within US. Est. 450 billions in Revenue yearly and almost a’ll tax free.
Yet they receive Faith based money from feds? Some Southern Baptist and Fundies are designated as part of FEMA.
The Morman Church is CIA and US military Intel center and for years inteRnational Guards full time units were Gov Intel Of domestic and foreign telecommunications due to Church sponsored two year foreign missionary outreach.
IMHO these religious fanatics such as Pense is are far more dangerous to Americans Freedoms and Librrty.