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Think Tank-Addicted Media Turn to Regime Change Enthusiasts for Iran Protest Commentary

Think Tank-Addicted Media Turn to Regime Change Enthusiasts for Iran Protest Commentary

Adam Johnson

As usual, it’s simply taken for granted the United States has a divine right to intervene in the affairs of Iran.

A Twitter user illustrated the irony of Trump calling for respect for the people’s right to express themselves—in Iran.

Between our “Very Stable Genius” in the White House and our “Fake News” mainstream media, it’s hard for us out here in LaLa Land to pick which we’d like to “Nuke” first.


Hey! Its predatory capitalism as GOD the newest, bestest cannibalizing leading edge of the collapse of the empire. [Un]think tank “Experts”, paid the big bucks by the predators like Koch et al and the metastasizing gambling billionaire from Dune, provide relief from the “time is money” press. A journalist (excepting types like Matt Tiebbe, Glen Greenwald and their level of refinement) see research time/money savings while guaranteed face time before millions, thus driving up their predation chops, becoming more desireable in the predation hierarchy, etc…

I also like to chuckle thinking of Glen and Matt going bald and gray and wrinkiling in fine style while the likes of Trump and whatisface glue their courage to the sticking spot in orange crap.

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Three thoughts:

Oil prices will skyrocket if war with Iran breaks out.

Will Russia and China sit on the sidelines or give Iran military aid?

Why is the stenography pool (MSM) confused about how little the public trusts them?


So, much of US-left already supports the dictator of Syria with a positively savage record of torturing and murdering protestors - notably out brothers and sisters on the left. Is the left now going to rally behind a clerical theocracy?

A but of nuance is in order:

Assad is bad.

Putin is bad.

Khameni and Rouhani are bad.

And the USA and its cynical interventions are bad too.

That is a given, and a dangerous one. Do the billionaires care?

Regime change in Moscow has been a U.S. goal since WWII.

"Apparently, “The West” intends simply to keep on destroying nations and leaving behind more and more failed states.

Of course, that long war to get rid of Russia’s allies might be a profitable policy for the owners of corporations such as Lockheed Martin, but there are big downsides to this policy, for the billions of people whom “The West” seems to care nothing about, such as in Syria, and in Libya, and in Ukraine. And this evil policy is also bad even for the American people, who are increasingly coming to loathe the Government that America’s billionaires have increasingly bought and impose upon us.

America’s corruption deserves a Nobel Prize, like was won by Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama; but, this one should be called the “Hypocrisy Prize” and awarded directly to the U.S. Government — an invoice, “amount due,” totaling the damages done by this Government to all of the governments that had posed no threat to U.S. national security but that the U.S. Government nonetheless overthrew, starting with Thailand in 1948. Of course, the rogue U.S. Government would not pay it, but the bill should still be presented, because that bill would be the first Hypocrisy Prize, and it would show what hypocrisy can amount to.


Thank you, Adam Johnson, for continuing to give us the truth behind what passes for “news” these days. These lavishly funded, Right Wing “think tanks” have controlled what Americans hear, read, watch and internalize as unshakable beliefs for two generations now. This has resulted in a population so estranged from reality, that much of it blindly accepts and approves
what invariably turn out to be policies that are counter to our own interests, and highly destructive, destabilizing and deadly to those we are ostensibly trying to help.

Only those of us above a certain age remember what the media was like before its takeover by Corporate Greed and “Think Tank” Ideologues. From H,L, Mencken to Edward R. Murrow to Martha Gellhorn to Helen Thomas, among others, Journalists in this country once thought for themselves, neither needing or wanting any “analysis” from “experts” with hidden agendas.

Fortunately we have a few of you left, such as yourself and your colleagues at FAIR. I just wish more of the misinformed people would be exposed to truth for a change.


Three very logical questions, ST!

Humans are bad and humans with power get worse. Mr Assad is no more savage than the Saudi government, or Israel’s. Governments assign to themselves the right to murder their own citizens in the name of law and order - look up how many US citizens the US police have murdered in 2017. Mostly they do it with the support of “law-abiding” citizens who like to align themselves with the powerful - though their notion of the law has much more to do with revenge, pay-back and security than with justice. That doesn’t give them the right to criticise the minority who are capable of rational, nuanced thought who manage to control the beast inside all of us and think clearly.


I agree. Better to question and redesign hierarchical political and economic systems that herd power and wealth into the hands of a few people. At some point, trying to throw deodorizer at a craphole is a diversion and waste of time.

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If opposing US funding of terrorists and military action against the Syrian regime equates to support for the Syrian regime, then that argument has the left supporting every dictator that the US decides to topple. Even the ones that the US installed in the first place.

This tack of criticism against the left parallels Christopher Hitchens’ attack against the left for not supporting the invasion of Iraq.

Please tell me you didn’t support toppling Saddam Hussein in that criminal invasion that was a mass slaughter against civilians.

Okay, so you weren’t for the invasion?

Well according to your argument, you supported a dictator.