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Think Tank with Close Clinton Ties Faces Revolt from Within, Outrage from Without Over Netanyahu Speech

Think Tank with Close Clinton Ties Faces Revolt from Within, Outrage from Without Over Netanyahu Speech

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set to deliver a speech to the Center for American Progress (CAP) Tuesday afternoon, progressive organizations and figures—as well as its own staff—are expressing outrage that the influential think tank, that has close ties to the Clinton establishment, would provide a platform to a proven enemy of human rights and peace.


Clinton, Podesta, Netenyahu, what’s there to dislike???
I Clinton supporters thought it would be any different, well,…you remember “that bridge…” that has been for sale for years and has been oversold?
Israel is a criminal state.
Netenyahu is a criminal state leader.
There are many individuals and groups in Israel that oppose his (and Clinton’s, Podesta and Republican foreign policies) domestic policies…they are to be applauded.
Too many Americans are absolutely clueless on the sorbid history of Zionism in Palestine going back to the late 1800’s.
Without that history you will remain clueless and continue to put in power here in the US the same advocates of violence against the indigenous Palestinians who have been literally robbed of their land…after the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire by Britain and France, the changes Britain made swiftly after the British Mandate for Palestine to the “common” land laws to facilitate the influx of “Homeland” Jews into Palestine.
And, the major media here in the US, print, tv, or otherwise plus our political leaders constantly “bleat”, Israel has a right to defend themselves…but the indigenous Palestinians, who incidentally consisted of Jews (a very small minority), Muslims, Christians, and others who had their land literally robbed from them have no such right.
Go figure!


Netanyahu is a demonstrated pathological liar, war criminal, racist, and provocateur who uses the subversive influence of AIPAC and other treasonous American supporters to shift US foreign policy to the Israeli extremist agenda at our very great expense, support or ignore Israeli war crimes, fund their terrorism and illegal expansionism by billions annually (that he wants to double!), ignore Israeli killings of US citizens and military personnel, and other odious racist actions by the Zionist state that are against stated US policy! That this contemptible person recieves an invititation to speak anywhere not in thrall to his/Israeli pathology is a wonderment, but expected given the propaganda machine the Israeli extremists have built over the years.

Shame on CAP and those that approved the war-criminal’s invitation! It may be a harbinger of continued or even expanded servile lap-dog status of America to Israel, given the “Clinton ties” to CAP - just what the world needs, more craven pandering to Israeli racism…The policy statement the article mentions titled “How I Would Reaffirm Unbreakable Bond With Israel—and Benjamin Netanyahu.” by Hillary shows her probable intention, and the level of subversion of our sovereignty and politics! We MUST break those “bonds” to the Israeli apartheid state!



The reason is that neocon hawks VOTE … which tells you just what you be getting if you don’t vote for Bernie.

To play that pretend to build a third party tomorrow game and not voting for a progressive like Bernie will get you Hillary and nothing more than that. Maybe even WW3… if she feels she has to prove that she is as tough as Thatcher etc.

That song and dance of disunity among progressives that they won’t vote for the lesser of two evils will just end up giving us the greater of the two evils instead.

Will you like that?

Will you LIKE what you’ll get?

Conservatives vote for whomever is the least progressive on principle.

Progressives don’t vote for the most progressive on principle.

Will you like what you get… letting the hawks win… on principle?


Israel First!

Except on the battlefield.

That should be handled by U.S. soldiers and the soldiers of other U.S. allies.

This ad sponsored by the Center for American Progress Toward a Totally Neocon Foreign Policy


How can I convince the women in my life to vote for Bernie, not for Hillary to have the first female President?

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It looks like Hillary wants to go to war. Tell them that.


Abraham and “The Call”
…The Torah tells us that Abraham truly became the father of the Jewish people when he heeded God’s call to adopt a sacred purpose, spreading righteousness and justice in the world (Gen. 18:19). The Jewish people would not be merely a people apart, a separate ethnic and political unit. Instead, they would be a people bound to a higher calling. According to God’s covenant with Abraham, every Jew is called upon not simply to believe in the values of righteousness and justice, but to act on them: motivated by moral responsibility, to advocate–as Abraham did–on behalf of the vulnerable of all nations.

Having said that, we have a saying, “if you cannot beat them---- join them” one thing the Palestinians could do is to start wearing those funny caps worn by Jews, and to seriously consider converting to Judaism. GO FIGURE.

War is against feminist values. Hillary voted for the Iraq War. She is part of the whole Military Industrial Complex. she may make womens’ lives better here in the US, but ask the mothers in Iraq and Syria if they are able to raise their children in the environment that is healthy and safe…many of those mothers are dead and cannot answer. About a half million people have died in the Middle East over these wars, is this a feminist value?


I will. But will bread and circuses allay their fears?

I agree. But will the majority of these soft, delicate creatures want to face the ugly, bloody truth or disengage and vote for their own sex?

Ask them about Hillary’s views about war in the Middle East. She as Sec of State is a hawk in favor of war. She may be a woman but she is in favor of war. which matters most to them? Then ask them about NAFTA and supporting GW Bush and the bail outs and the tax cuts (two trillion for the rich) and what exactly will they be voting for? are they voting only because she is a woman?

Tell them that they can vote for Warren after Bernie is president…lol


On “Hillary on the Issues”


Hillary is rated a “hard core liberal”. Maybe that’s why Republicans hate her so much. If Republicans hate her so, can she be all bad? Even Bernie gets a lot of bad press on this forum from Socialists, Greens, former Democrats, Republicans and more… They seldom mention Trump, Carson, Rubio, Bush, Fiorina and other republican troglodytes, but they really come down hard on Hillary and Bernie, almost exclusively.

I can understand the ladies’ point when it comes to Hillary.

I agree that there has to be a better way to conduct the business of running the world. I think the whole world setup is cockeyed with all the wrong priorities. Women have not created the present world setup so that successful women politicians have had to compete according to cutthroat rules, which at this point do not include international law. Result? Hillary Clinton does not play like a woman–she plays the guys’ game – ruthlessly (cf Thatcher).

We in Canada have overthrown the warmongering Harper and now have a feminist Prime Minister who has created a gender-balanced cabinet. It took women a long time to realize that getting the vote didn’t mean spit. It’s crashing the halls of power and redoing the agenda to reflect what matters–a harmonious, just and civil society that looks after its children and elderly as top priorities. Trudeau’s first order on day one was to withdraw from the military bombing of Iraq and Syria. I think it’s a blooming miracle that most women have resisted the brainwashing of the ‘it is sweet and honourable to die for your country’ which in fact means 'it is sweet and honourable to die for the Corporations of the Military Industrial Complex with the cooperation of the grovelling mainstream media. Units like Hillary Clinton have booted themselves out of the club. The wave that brought the Liberals to power in Canada may not solve the pressing problems of the world, but one thing is sure–“doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” (definition of insanity) is not in play. Things will be different. Now if we could just effect a similar turnaround in US, UK, etc.


I am not interested in what someone or some site rates anybody. I rate them myself, so what? People are too dependent on what they read from their favorite sources or pundits. It is the main reason why Americans (and others) can be easily manipulated. People take the short cut/easy road and listen to a few selected sources and eventually are unable to trust their own judgement. In effect their shortcuts have left them less informed and they know it.

One site calls her a hard core liberal (which is patently absurd). Imagine Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Dan Savage sitting at a table and each of them saying that the other two are too liberal.

To Dick Cheney, I suppose Hillary is too liberal. So what?

What do you think really matters in the end? What is your opinion? She is too hawkish and supportive of oligarchy to be a liberal. Maybe she could be called a liberal neocon (in my book).

I think voting for someone just because they are female or male, black or white or asian is all bulls**T anyway! That is shallow surface stuff.

The world is in bad shape and if you notice that Hillary hasn’t mentioned her 500 million solar panels promise once since stressing it after her handlers told her to sound more environmental. She is going to pull an Obama bait and switch on that and tell us she wanted to but ‘they’ won’t let her. She isn’t trustworthy and I think a true cynic as well. That matters to me. One of there things to rate her. She is part of the Obama administration… and she has proven it.

Women should look to just how much more of the Woman in the White House Elizabeth Warren would be if she ran after Bernie (very likely) or ran after being Bernie’s Vice Pres (please, please, please!!! lol). They and history would say that women make great presidents if Warren got in after Bernie

. With Hillary, they will get another disappointment like minorities were disappointed by Obama being all promises but nothing else. People thought his skin color would matter but it didn’t. The same for Hillary’s gender. Those are all appearances not substance. Look at what Hillary represents. She is not a progressive just because she is a woman.

She is a conservative democrat and a confirmed hawk who just might want to prove that she is nothing like what women want a woman candidate to be. They want to say the world would be a better place if more women ran things but instead they may get a serious big war because a woman wanted to prove that being a woman was no impediment to being warlike and an aggressive hawk!


Associate with smarter women. :wink:


I could be wrong, but doesn’t Bernie always vote to continue US financial aid to Israel?


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I see so you are unable to actually research a fact yourself simply by googling it?
Moreover if you are American and can even vote please tell us how Hillary would be better as president?

Maybe you think one of the repubs would be better? Or maybe you will try to con us into throwing away our vote for some pretend third party candidate with absolutely no chance of winning because somehow it would be more principled to let Hillary win instead?

Conservatives vote for whomever is the least progressive candidate on principle. While Progressives don’t vote for the most progressive candidate on principle.

Progressives have been critics so long that they don’t know how to actually help even another nprogressive win.

I used google searches to learn about Bernie’s voting record, his support for war, his support for Israeli policies, the F-35 boondoggle and how the Clintons worked with him in his first election to the Senate.

It’s amazing how you can react to a criticism of Sanders by assuming that I must be a supporter of Hillary or a Republican.

I will probably never vote for any candidate running as a member of the Dem/Rep war party, thank you.