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Think Trump and Republicans Wouldn't Try to Cancel an Election? Look at What GOP in Georgia Just Pulled Off

You assume the economy is not completely rigged in sync with the goddamn fascist regime.

The fascist regime has demolished the free market. The fascist subsidiary “Georgia” will suffer no ill effects because the fascist fatherland will simply kick back an amount equal to whatever it might lose.

This is how fascism works. Economic monopolization enforced by political monopolization.

The only solution is to beat the holy shit out of the fascist ratbastards. Sorry, pacifists, but we gotta fight like hell.


Oh those nasty Republicans. What’s up with the Dem primaries in NY and CA?

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Those nasty Republicans don’t seem to have gotten the message: “There’s no big difference between them and the Democrats.” At least that’s what I keep hearing here at CD. So why do they fight so hard for their team?

The Banana Republican Party up to no good again. Where’s the Democratic outrage? Time for another go nowhere investigation.

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Football analogy: don’t want to be a “loser” and for the big bucks.

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I hadn’t noticed much fight in Democrats. Did they put up a fight about something this century?


hey stardustIBID, Skeptic’s giving her more of a pass than I do. IMO she’s a fake progressive, and more focused on climbing the political ladder, than doing anything to help the people.
In the vid. below, a GA. reporter explains a few things she did as a state legislator, by his definition, her and Biden will be a matched pair.

“Zaid Jilani Absolutely Annihilates Media Celeb Culture Obsession With Stacey Abrams”
The Hill

Well now all this makes sense if we admit that we have Jim Jones and his followers in the lead. What could go wrong?

If you are referring to Stacey Abrams, why would you vote for a Truman Scholar with a Master’s degree and a JD from Yale Law school? I mean, really, she’s so unqualified to run for governor against a stupendous redneck like Kemp, who ran ads like this in the race against Abrams in 2018:


thanks for the informative tube piece. The journalist’s focus is very appropriate by stating how “mass media” would rather place people on a pedestal as a celebrity and avoid discussing their record as a politician which would document why they are or are not qualified to be a representative for the public in government.

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No surprise there. I expect fully the same scenario to repeat in November and beyond.

Dirty money has fueled this entire mess. Maybe we should refuse to go back to work if we work for large corporations and other companies who fund Republicans. Money power has led us to the mess we are in now. Money turns even good people turn into crooks and patsies. That’s surely part of why all too few people in office- and beyond- are doing little to stop Trump.

After all, Mitch McConnell received contributions almost entirely from Wall Street. It ought to be clear who the real power behind the GOP throne is. So lets attack them, in any way we can.

We were talking about a general strike before the shut down. I wouldn’t rule out the idea, especially since now we’ve had a sort of dry run of a general strike with the shut down.

Past general strikes required people to take care of each other and to change how they lived. I imagine it was freeing because for once, people weren’t begging the boss-man for their subsistence.

I believe it is more than possible to live in a world without working for corrupt people. It requires risk and sacrifice in the short run, but times like these pass. Change isn’t comfortable initially, but long the long term gains are more than worth it.

Growing our own food, taking care of each other, getting landlords to let up and trying to use the internet creatively for income- these are things people are doing in response to the coronavirus shut down. Human beings can adapt, but we have to be creative and able to think outside the box to get through times like these.

Why not just extend our new shutdown lifestyle and have a general strike? Shutting down corporate profits will get the attention of the people who most need the pitchfork in their butts.

I know these ideas for weathering a general strike sounds glib and hippie-like. I don’t mean it in this way. I know full well some people have few choices of where to work. We will have to help these people out. Those in better positions will have to give back and not hoard.

However, the alternative is to become prisoners of a GOP police state, with no freedom, no hope and probably having to live in terror for our lives, especially if we are any sort of minority.

Trump is a savage, a madman, a rapist, a racist, a killer, and traumatizer of small children. Anyone who is willing to let him rule America, the most powerful nation on the planet, for their own economic security or gain is a worthless a coward.

I think the problem is more than money, alone, but the people who love it. They are the drivers of our system. People who have broken into believing you should predate off of others for material gain and status symbols are the problem.

If you look at how the coronavirus crisis has panned out, you clearly have two camps of people: Those worried about the economy and those worried about human life. The country is divided between people on the right who lament the loss of material wealth and those on the Left who are worried about people getting sick.

“Let people die so that I may have.” I think Americans are so spoiled and so brainwashed into thinking money is the measure of life, we really have people willing to let millions die for cash. The Cherokee taught that scarcity is an illusion. It’s a concept hard for Americans to understand. We Americans fear scarcity to a fault and rely on the material instead of our minds to solve our problems.

I should never have to say to anyone that if you think you need cool things to attract friends, you will have people around you but not friends. In this country I have to say it. People are lost. They’ve forgotten it’s your internal character which determines your worth, not the contents of your wallet.


There is a difference, however: The New York Court (unlike the backward Georgia Court), ordered Bernie’s name reinstated on the ballot. BIG DIFFERENCE. The Georgia electorate has shown the country how misguided they are with their fake conservatism: They elected Kemp AFTER witnessing his corrupt practices in his prior job.


The government just will not listen to us. The government has to go. The corruption is so deep and intertwined that it’s going to be impossible to root it out. I abhor violence, but as JFK put it,

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

And, as stated elsewhere,

“Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”




Pretty much says all I need to know about the state of Georgia and the people of the state of Georgia. I really do wish the Southern States had been allowed to secede The rest of us would be so much better off these days.

I didn’t say she was unqualified. She’s just another run-of-the-mill Georgia centrist.

Smart and funny, sure. But a centrist – that’s the only kind of Democrat who gets elected down there.

I lived in in John Lewis’s Atlanta district for seven years – he’s a centrist.

And it’s Stacey. Thanks.

You say this as if those states were just going to do their own thing and leave the rest of the states along but their own thing was human chattel slavery and they had expansionist plans that can be read about but maybe not in "approved’ textbooks.

Because of massive purges from the voter rolls. I am not sure what your point is supposed to mean.

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Roger Waters, IMHO

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And according to one of my progressive, friends, the way Trump plans to cheat is why he wants the economy opened up no matter how many people have to die and according to him, Trump’s achille’s heel is the economy and he fears a depression and the Dow dropping thousands of points more than anything else as that is the one thing that could cost Trump his base.


That would be their problem, not ours.
Of course, it won’t happen; we will continue to harbor them.