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Think Trump and Republicans Wouldn't Try to Cancel an Election? Look at What GOP in Georgia Just Pulled Off

Lose his base? Not even on 5th Ave.
The stock market for base voters could be a factor, but the rest are in for the long term. I’m sure they think things will be hunky dory with trump and four more years.
2024 will be like the sediment layer between dinosaurs, and no dinosaurs.
A new world. The old one doesn’t work anymore.

Except Trump would rather kill as many Americans as it takes to keep the economy from tanking.

CA already had it’s primary. Bernie won.

Thank you for siting Cambridge Analytica’s new! improved! ratfcking name.


Hi ReconFire:
I was totally flummoxed when she supported Biden re: the Tara Reed info. Joe promised a female VP.-----he’s trying everyone. And —no to Michelle Obama----she’s a corporate lawyer and we don’t need any of those. X your fingers that Hillary doesn’t slither in.


I live in the northern part of the state, and for a lot of us she represented a sort of last hope of something resembling a rational government, not a leftist, but a hope of a non-idiotic-Confederate-battle-flag-waving, let’s-lynch-the-illegals alternative to Kemp, who you must admit is a Trump licking wingnut.

Between the two, the choice was obvious. The choice was not even a choice.

I stopped voting for Democrats in 2008.
I guess I’m one of those hippie purists who refuses to hold his nose and vote LOTE.

Now you can do as you please, but there may be more choices than you think.


The Republicans didn’t need to get the message. Despite being wrong about almost everything, they know how politics works, and they use whatever power they have to forward their stated agenda.

That’s why, of the two, the Republican Party deserves to last.

The Democrats lie to their constituents every election cycle, never wielding the power loaned to them to deliver on any of their campaign con. They follow Republican policy, and Republicans aren’t so stupid as to let those losers lead.

Sadly it’s not just the Democrats who are losing to the Republicans, it’s all those stupid enough to continue to vote for them despite 40 obvious years of futility, and an entire history of action contrary to campaign promises.

Both the losers who believe that Republicans offer good ideas in governance, and the losers who believe that the Democrats are willing to do something different, serve as the anchors that will drown us all as the tide is rising on every global problem created in service to bankers.

There is no justifiable pride in being either Democrat or Republican, for human beings, as they both oppose us.

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The other party just spent 4 years lying to us about Russiagate, a creation of the Obama Administration and the DLC, and you have the oblivious partisanship to call only Republicans cheaters. Which of the two parties has made a response to the proven hackable voting machines in America? That’s right, neither of the cheating parties. I know Democrats were convicted of election cheating crimes for actions in 2016, And the closer the ties to the Leadership, the more rampant the cheating.

Evidently you have never read any of my Democratic diatribes about the fake opposition party! I have been a Green Party supporter ever since Nader cost Gore the election LOL!

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