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Think US Media Won't Help Lead Nation Into War With Iran Based on Flimsy or False Intelligence? Looks Like They Already Are

With so many ways of making fake videos, it’s very foolish to believe anything that Pompeo/Bolton/Trump/Republicans spew out.

Verify! Verify! Verify! And then verify again!


Anything for a story.

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Actually, Goering, is over-stating the case.

“the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders — when the people are held in an EMPIRE” — which of course the Nazi Empire was.

“tell(ing) them they are being attacked and should denounce the (reasonable people) for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger… (only) works in an Empire” — which of course the Nazi Empire, the Japanese Empire, the Soviet Empire, the British Empire, the French Empire … were all EMPIRES.

This is why the late great Jewish intellectual, Hannah Arendt, warned her own German people that:

“Empire abroad entails tyranny (and looting) at home”

People, who have experienced the tyranny, deceit, propaganda, massive depredation, and looting of themselves as domestic citizen/‘subjects’ of a ruling-elite super-wealthy ‘internal’ Empire — always learn Arendt’s lesson of EMPIRE controlling them as pawns — and they always, after the collapse, and if they survive, will “never forget” that EMPIRE is a death-like experience, and will never again allow themselves, their children, their grand-children, nor their country to be taken over by an EMPIRE again.

Unfortunately, ‘we the American people’ had not experienced an ‘internal’ and domestic EMPIRE — and thus have not been inoculated against, nor even sense this highly disguised faux-Emperor Trumpius I and the Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Empire that has forced America into stage IV cancerous metastasis of EMPIRE today.

We must all WakeTF-up fast and


“We can’t be an Empire”

Remember, like it was burned into the back of your brain — when you go into the voting booth, you have only one of two levers you can pull — one for democracy and one for EMPIRE. Don’t ever even think about voting for EMPIRE if you love your kids and country.


America has been positively salvating for decades to have a war against Iran. This action bears all the hall marks of yet another false flag operation by America. Just who are the terrorists in the world.


With such a collusive (not “credulous”) corpress

War means never having to say more than a sorry excuse


I am 67 and have more than a few friends that are not Biden lovers.

Including myself and my partner.

And I don’t do t.v.


I am just responding to what the data shows. I realize that it isn’t everyone. I support someone running that is in that age group.

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The first “expert” CNN interviewed was a Saudi official (I think it was the Ambassador since he was in CNN studio.) the other guest did not question the official version even though the evidence was not even released yet.


I don’t have cable and am glad I don’t. Just want to point out that NBC News’s website leads with the Japanese owner’s claim that something flew into the ship.

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Hi August:
LOL, at you comment that Bolton, Pompeo and Trump) are " a trio of big dicks."
who want to start a war.
LOL, to be explicit and possibly really sexist. : ) I don’t think that they have big dicks----but they seem to belong to that group of strange people who believe that killing loads of men, women and children, will actually make their dicks bigger.
No—the best sex comes from the best brains------technique and caring ----not size is what matters.
I do however, think that these 3 have somehow managed to suffer from shrunken brain syndrome ----which occurs when any kind of reasonable thought is neglected! : )

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War is great for our economy. The most profitable business on earth is war, and American taxpayers pay 60 cents for every federal tax dollar the government collects on the military-industrial-surveillance-prison-police state complex. The Republican war profiteer friends of Trump and his administration are drooling in anticipation of their massive profits to come from a war with Iran. Killing Muslims is even more fun for them then our genocide of our own Native Americans, and at least as profitable, if not more so. Every dollar bill in America is soaked in innocent, and some guilty human blood! Please join Veterans for Peace or some other antiwar organization and call your elected officials to stop this unnecessary war with Iran. Bolton promised a cheering crowd of war profiteers a war with Iran by 2019. Bolton doesn’t want to let them down. Trump wants war because it is much harder to impeach a wartime President. I say Pelosi must start impeachment hearings now or democrats might as well forget it and go home. If Pelosi doesn’t start impeachment soon, I’m voting for the Green Party and to hell with wimpy democrats. Wimpy democrats are almost as bad as evil republicans, who needs either of them! I’m fed up! This is sick! Where can I go on earth where the government isn’t a total joke? There must be SOMEPLACE decent to live on earth! Or do I have to leave earth and take over my own safer planet? ET come and save me, I want to go home with you!


Just for laughs, let’s assume that the Trump administration isn’t lying (really a stretch). This is an attack on two Japanese tankers so why is it 'murikkkas responsibility to respond? Abe was just in Iran so he knows who to talk to or yell at. He does not need US help. He could ask for it, but hasn’t, so leave it to the diplomats to work out. Just because the US has the biggest military hammer, they treat everything like a nail.

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This is a stubborn myth that is touted by politicians and generals but dismissed as untrue by economic models using actual data.


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Borat had it right when he said in the movie Borat that he “support America’s war OF terror.” Yes, it is a war OF terror, not a war against terror, and our American government officials, along with our Israeli, Saudi, and UAE, and perhaps other friends left unnamed are the real war mongering, war profiteering terrorists! Iran just wants to be left alone, but America just cannot ever leave them alone! Ever notice how America keeps fomenting a war with Iran and with other Muslim countries that do NOT have any active nuclear weapons programs, while during the entire same period of time over many decades we have NEVER considered any military action against North Korea who has and still does have an active nuclear program? We have neglected North Korea to the point that now they actually do have long range nuclear missiles that CAN actually incinerate mainland America and they have even expressed a willingness and a desire to do so, while neither Iraq or Iran ever have even come close to ever doing so and have little to no desire to do so, especially if we would only stop provoking them! Read the real history of Iran and you can clearly see our bullying and abuse of Iran and its democratically elected government where members of the American government secretly and illegally assassinated the entire Iranian government in 1952 and forced an American puppet dictator on Iran for thirty years and then our media demonized them for taking American hostages which they only did so that we would take this horrible right wing phony Shah American puppet dictator away and give them back their freedom! Our government has been using our entire press to misinform us, lie to us, and brainwash us, as well as to refuse to properly inform us for many many decades. I figured it out in 1979! I found out the truth about Iran at 1 A.M. when some brave soul in the media put on a documentary of the history of Iran, and then I knew exactly why they had taken the hostages and why they were right to do so! Most Americans still believe all of the lies about Iran who is a traditional Shi’a, moderate Muslim country and they are NOT terrorists at all and they do NOT want to attack Israel or America or anyone else that is not harming them directly. Trump, Bolton, and Pompeo are just fomenting unnecessary war as expected. Even Late Night with John Stewart and Dana Carvey knew what Bolton was up to last year when Carvey impersonated Bolton and his mustache. Trump, Bolton, and Pompeo are not fooling anyone who doesn’t want to be fooled.

Freedom of the press in America?! Bah, total nonsense! We are all slaves and chattel in a massive evil oliogharchy and if we don’t all get busy real soon it will be too late. It might even be too late already. But I don’t believe in ever giving up hope, so we must fight this every way we can. This is because the lost causes are always the only ones that are really worth fighting for!


Two “experts” on PBS Newshour said who else could have done this ? never mentioned Saudi Arabia or Israel ???-----some clown on Chris Hayes said at the end of all his BS it is possible Saudi Arabia would like to see a war between the US and Iran------REALLY----------what in depth analysis !!! Do we live in the land of Idiotville------If Iran did this they have a lot o balls---------the sanctions against Iran are an act of war. The PEOPLE o the US fired the first shot------not to mention Iran’s neighbor Yemen the poorest country in the being bombed to oblivion by the richest people on Earth.


Unfortunately, too many people never got the memo that correlation does not imply causality.

Seriously, though. Isn’t the act of removing a mine evidence of cooperation?


A cult of personality relies more on the cult than the personality. This “triad” didn’t invent or even renew American warmongering. People will stop accepting the lies only when they recognize the truth, and the need for peace.

Breaking news. Just in. Colin Powell has confirmed these are Iranian Revolutionary Guards removing an unexploded limpet mine from the hull of the ship. He said the secret is to squint real hard at the video and the truth emerges. Showtime!

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Have you read the book Dark Money?

How can it be that in a Global World War started BY RUSSIA to destroy the entire planets capitalist democratic society in favor of their terrorist anti semitic, sexist, racist, patriarchal, STALINIST pro Russian TREASON are tolerated when our very existence hangs in the balance?? Why are Assange, Snowdon, Manning, Sanders, Corbyn, Tulsi Gabbard, Noam Chomsky, John ‘Adolf’ Pilger and Glenn Greenwald who are openly treasonous to all of us humanists and progressives still be allowed to daily undermine our world and walk among us when thanks to them, we have a Russian plant sitting in the White House when it was HILLARY who won??
Hillary Clinton IS the legitimate POTUS and it is and always will be HER TURN until she has had HER TURN. There has never been a better candidate for office than her in the history of our nation but the Russian stooges here and on the internet sabotaged her and continue too, to the point that the DNC folded and showed how weak they are by tolerating the existence of enemy followers in their party. The Putin Trojan horse Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard the anti war on evil candidate, readers of this paper, wikileaks and all the other Stalinists who rule the internet and U tube and actually work WITH Trump in attempting to protect the West from illegitimate ‘fake news’ truth denying opinions that are not so much another view point but a truth ‘narrative’ blocker whether or not you realize it, precisely designed by wily Putin to destroy the world we know and love and are in may ways more dangerous than the swastika waving NAZIS who at least are honest about where they stand as the open enemy, unlike the globally organized Russian campaign to destroy the West which is fundamentally far more dangerous, insidious and popular. We need to REMOVE all anti Western opinions and ideas being pushed on the internet and U tube under the bogus excuse of free speech which is NOT being threatened. You still have the right to your own opinion but NOT your own ‘facts’ (lies). Nor are you allowed to use the excuse of truths when wikleaks, in the words of the NYT, the very standard of journalist excellence spread ‘weaponized truths’ when the truth revealed are STATE secrets in a war setting. Would journalists have argued they had the right to reveal where the Conveys were sailing in WW II when that would have led to Britain’s defeat and Hitler’s global victory as happened with Hillary?? This is what this paper and it’s followers support and it is necessary for the MSM to shine a light on what is going on here so this can be shut down and the perpetrators removed for causing yet more harm. The whole of Europe is crumbling (EU) under your sabotage!
Russia; Islam and Iran have ALWAYS been the enemies of the West. ALWAYS and without one second of not being so, since the moment they came into existence. It is their NATURE to be evil and to be anti semites like their secret Nazi/Putin allies. The only time Russia fought on the side of good was by accident when betrayed by their buddy Adolf and even then it was just an excuse to conquer Eastern Europe to rape their women and take their resources as they did. Persia or Iran have been our enemies for 3000 years long before even Islam as Darius and Xerxes attempted to wipe OUR gay friendly Western civilization from the face of the planet as it was born under the wonderful ancient Greeks who created our culture and gave us democracy. You lot scare the hell out of me. It feels like 1934 and we the Hillary democrats are the Jews and the West is dying BECAUSE OF YOU
The Anti Hillary ‘Left’ ARE THE NAZIS. Today it is the FAKE LEFT for whom gay rights, trans rights, women’s dignity and liberty from rape, the existence of Jews are all EVILS they reject while all they do by attacking Hillary is protecting Putin’s Manchurian candidate Trump and helping Iran and Russia destroy the human race. It is us or them. If you are a DEMOCRAT PROVE IT or else be treated as the moral equivalent of SS death camp guards who MUST BE removed from our society before they remove ‘we the people’. This is SELF defense and the only moral stance. Insist on Hillary or someone SHE backs to prove you are not traitors as our very planetary existence hangs in the balance, There can be not time for pussyfooting around. Insist on lifetime incarceration for those who support Assange, Gabbarrd, Corbyn (UK’s present day Quisling; SS Type) and other Nazi Communist types who want nothing but permanent terrorism, a US not defending liberty and gay and trans friendly Israel exterminated along with the collapse of our civilization that has bought the world prosperity, human rights and FREEDOM! Do you want to live in Putin’s Nazi state or Corbyn’s Venezuelan HELL hole of mass murder and starvation?? Do you really want to exterminate Europe and have it become a home of Islamic terror and global rape after all the Jews have been eliminated??
Will I be even allowed express my opinion even though nothing I have said is a personal attack but me making MY POV known in words. Donald Trump and the anti Hillary ‘Left’ are on the same team. The Putin Traitors team. Such pro rape (Assange), pro anti semitic (Corbyn), pro Communist (Sanders) and Islamic terror (Omar) bigots are RUSSIAN agents like Donald Trump must be utterly eliminated to save our planet and humanity. Fight evil, defend the vulnerable and discriminated against the fascists who deny the DNC’s DEMOCRATIC victory, support Iran; jihad, terrorism and genocide against Israel; support Hillary! Support humanity against PURE EVIL You do not talk to EVIL, you do not reason with EVIL, you do not accept EVIL nor do you make peace with EVIL. You can only ELIMINATE IT! ‘ME TOO’ am ‘STILL WITH HER’! Go Hillary forever and defend our fellow trans, gay, Jews and feminists against the genocide planned by the patriarchy who want us to live under sharia and the Russian Stalinist state forever! At least Trump wants to protect Israel and destroy Jihad, evil as he is and of course he is our enemy but less so than you anti Hillary Communists who will help him and Putin win again in 2020! NEVER AGAIN!

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