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Thinning Five Times Faster Than Just Two Decades Ago, Study Shows Antarctic Ice Melting at Terrifying Rate

Thinning Five Times Faster Than Just Two Decades Ago, Study Shows Antarctic Ice Melting at Terrifying Rate

Julia Conley, staff writer

New research released Thursday revealed that ice sheets in Antarctica are thinning even more rapidly than scientists previously believed, with ice melting at five times the rate it did in the 1990s.

"Seems like humans are genuinely getting close to unlocking the “Make Earth Unlivable” achievement in their species career. Big come down from the moon landing." —Murtaza Mohammad Hussain, journalist

I had just found this article on the guardian and (luckily) found this headline way down on the c.d. list.

Come on c.d. This should be Headline.!!!


I cant believe i am the only commenter on this important issue!!!


Perhaps we could install floating stainless steel mirrors to reflect sunrays. They could be semi-permanent.

Here’s the bottom line: All of the stories like this – the kind trying desperately to sound the alarm – won’t stop climate chaos from doing its damage.

The vast majority of humans cannot/will not respond until catastrophe actually happens.

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And it’s happening now!!!

Arguably, yes, catastrophe is happening. From an extinction event standpoint, it’s already devastating.

But global warming’s effects are unfolding in this slo-mo series of events that can seem isolated and disconnected. That makes it easier for humans to proceed with business as usual. Political leaders are starting to speak up, but party establishments are firmly in the status quo camp. Meanwhile, emissions are tracking to go up again this year.

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There is no putting the genie back in the bottle at this point. We are too far down the proverbial rabbit hole. And we blew past 415.00 ppm CO2 in the atmosphere at the Mona Loa facility. Today’s reading is nearly at 416.00 ppm. Brace for impact in the near term…


That’s right. Millions will finally be in the streets in terror when the Mega Floods come. Not one second before, as they don’t believe or care about articles like these. So again, what’s the point of these Climate Rallies when the Damage has already been done? No Point!

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The article is constructed from Guardian articles, not scientific ones. Scientifically this was reported last year. The article is trying to keep its aspect in the headlines. Yesterday there was a mega cloud burst in Chico, California for the second time this year and as far as I can recollect for the second time in history. Better to include with every repeated announcements the extreme weather events of the day. The midwest is drowning and is expecting another round of flooding and tornadoes or have they begun?

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And these are the flood victims that will not receive one dime from their boy Donnie, and will vote for him again. Go figure!

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That’s exactly what people can’t seem to wrap their heads around. Now means Now! We see it in the Weather Reports daily. Call it denial or stupidity.

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Tornado Alley ‘about to wake up’: Wall of storms threaten 18 states. Hail the size of baseballs, 5” of more rain, tornados will be slamming into the Midwest states soon enuf with the ground already over saturated. Millions will be affected. Denial is a powerful excuse, but this is Reality and relevant to this article.

The farmers will be overjoyed: grain prices will get a kick upward.

This is the twisted capitalist system we are dominated by.

As for talking about climate change, most politicians are just amazingly gutless:

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It’s not only the short term, but also the long term. Only 3% of earths water is fresh water. And as the seas rise, they will encroach more and more on our fresh water aquifers.
I’m getting thirsty already. I would say, places like Florida are f-----.

Exactly! What I have been saying for many years with this FUTURE headline: MILLIONS OF PEOPLE SICK AND DYING FROM CLIMATE CATASTROPHES!

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Farmers and their families are suffering and whatever their climate beliefs, quite a few may lose their land because of a planting time loophole in crop insurance; to leap to such conclusions is not worthy of you.

But I’m with you on the system needing to be changed.

As for talking about climate change with politicians, get a load a dis:

There’s a link in the article that appears to lead to the study but just goes to a Guardian article, which also doesn’t link to the study in question. Please always include a link to studies referenced, even if it’s behind a paywall or is just the abstract. Many people can access it through their public or school library.

My point: Farmers will vote for Trump overwhelmingly, religion and ideology once again superseding reality.

I live in MI, thanks for the very well done video.