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Thirteen Things I Learned in Iran


Thirteen Things I Learned in Iran

Robert Naiman

Istanbul, Turkey - I just experienced the blessing of visiting Iran for the first time. Here are some things I learned.

1. If you are visiting someone's office and you appear very sleepy, you may be asked if you want to take a nap. If you say yes, a comfortable place to take a nap may be immediately prepared. I want to state categorically for the record that no country in which you can take a nap any time you want should ever be bombed by anyone.

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I visited Iran in 2008 on a cultural tour. It was a modern country with young ideas, many charming folkways, a welcoming friendliness, and a heritage of incredible architectural and cultural history. Iran has been demonized by our mainstream press and we must ask why? Who is benefitting from this power struggle? It is not our people and it is not the Iranians.
Hate and war ultimately will not work in our world.


As a US college prof I worked with multiple Iranian students, and every one of them was a delight—well-read and very hip, philosophically thoughtful, hard-working, genial, and always prepared to contribute, usually in much more elegant English than our natives.


A clarification about coffee and tea in Iran. An Iranian friend writes:
“Iranians used to be coffee drinkers. Tea was introduced to Iran mostly in 19th century by the British and Russians! Coffee was largely pushed aside. But, to this day many teahouses in Iran are called coffee-house!”