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This 21st Century Modern Presidency Is a Spectacular Sh*tshow


This 21st Century Modern Presidency Is a Spectacular Sh*tshow

Charles P. Pierce

While we were all beginning the celebration of the nation's founding by plumbing the depths of 21st Century Modern Day Presidenting, which looked a great deal like 20th Century Modern Day SummerSlam, and while Chris Christie embarked on a new stage in his effort to end his governorship with an approval rating in negative numbe


Why does it seem so hard for people to understand that people like Trump and Pruitt know about climate change but that they just don’t care? Maybe for people like them it is about politics or corruption or simple spite towards anything that liberals are for?

In any case, what if they do know but just don’t care? Bush/Cheney unleashed a shock and awe assault on the civilian population of Baghdad even though they knew full well that were no WMDs. LBJ sent hundreds of thousands of troops into a genocidal war against the Vietnamese even though he knew that the Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened. Lots of death and misery for what reason? Policy?

Denial of Climate Change is policy. When you think of it that way it starts to make sense that Trump and Pruitt et al ignore science!


Indeed. In the same way they know that they are willing to deny health insurance to millions.
They could not care less about the American people, nor others from other “loser” countries.