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This 4th of July, We Will Still Hold Some Truths to Be Self-Evident

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/04/4th-july-we-will-still-hold-some-truths-be-self-evident

How can Human Decency be promoted in a country where those who are in a position to bring us all together, are instead using their powers to divide us all?

We must reject this division and unite as one people.

Free of their influence.


Having decency is something Humans were born with or we would not recognize it as decency. The indecent behavior is taught coming to us from those sociopaths that have turned it off , ignore it entirely , or were born as monsters without it. This type assures us it the normal state of affairs and that all humans are and should be motivated only out of self interest and greed. They even built an economic system around it and called it “Capitalism”. This thing called “Capitalism” is worshiped in their Churches on Wall Street and Bay Street and Fleet Street.

It just another of those false gods that these people promote so as to assert control over others.


Most americans are pacified into believing that they are better than the rest of the world, and propagandized into being as ignorant and as infantilized as possible. That’s the reality. It includes academia and all other levels.


Claude Levis Strauss made that observation about Americans in 1946. Since that time the infantilization of peoples has spread the world over.


Thanks. Didn’t know about Strauss. Mine is a personal observation, from having lived only less than half my (long) life in the US.

True, the rest of the world is following the trend. But when you compare US with the rest of the world, controlling for other variables, critical thinking and knowledge of the world lags much behind in the US. As the propaganda machine in the US is super powerful and it is well combined with the cultural isolation of the population from the rest of the world and strong commercial interests and lack of community unique to the US…and…and…and…

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It was nice to read something from you after what seem like years. Yes, these are depressing and scary times. Please take care…