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This Accursed Place: Israel Moves to Deport Innocent Families to Its Most Ravaged Penal Colony - Gaza


This Accursed Place: Israel Moves to Deport Innocent Families to Its Most Ravaged Penal Colony - Gaza

In its 10th year under siege, Gaza is the world's largest ghetto, with 1.8 million Palestinians, almost half children, trapped in fearsome ruins without adequate housing, water, food or electricity - conditions so grim they've sparked plans for an all-women's Freedom Flotilla to bring aid, and efforts by Gaza's refugees from the Syrian "death camp" of Yarmouk to return because "their hell is better." Now Israel, seeking collective punishment for a surge of lone-wolf attacks by mostly teenagers, wants to banish their families to Gaza, thus recognizing for the first time it is, in fact, a prison.


Perhaps its time to rename it. How about Warsaw ghetto?


Come to DC March 20!

We will march from Lafayette Park at the WH to the DC Convention center where the AIPAC annual convention will be holding their opening events.



The Middle East would be a much better place were there no Israel. In fact, had Jewish people simply decided to move "back", Palestine, would just be Palestine with a lot of Jews and Palestinian people. The problem only became such because of the British Empire and some very unscrupulous, greedy, powerful people.



Please explain how the British Empire is responsible for Zionism in its most extreme form.


How about Isreal's Auschwitz?


Hitler and Himmler would be proud of Israel today, despite the fact that they are Jews.



On November 2, 1917, Britain issued the Balfour Declaration, a
classified statement of support for establishing a Jewish homeland in
Palestine. Britain was an unlikely sponsor of the Zionist initiative,
considering that it was the first European country to expel its Jewish
population in 1290, and that it did not grant full political
emancipation to Jews until 1871.


As Israel moves increasingly to the right, the problem will only worsen. And as Clinton and the Republicans try to outdo each other in swearing fealty to Israel, Sanders, the Jewish Presidential candidate, looks to be our best option for sanity in dealing with Israel.


One Important Tool....BDS


The ancient people of Israel do not have the same DNA as the present occupiers.This is proven. I have no criticism of this other than to say that because of history some governments see Israel as above being touched- holy.I think this is subconscious. Many of the present people of Israel (see JVP) would join with strong peace initiatives from outside governments now because they too are victimised, kept in fear, by the present Israeli government.I, who do not have sides, care deeply for both the Palestinian peoples and the present people of Israel.Eventually we will all have to speak up!


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And Sheldon Adelson along with former Senator Lieberman (and any number of Jewish US million/billionaires across the country) continue to send million$$$ to Israel through their 501 C-4 "foundations" with the money earmarked for the establishment of kibbutz' along with the ongoing expansion of the extant kibbutz' in the West Bank and on other Palestinian land/territory in a concerted effort to exterminate the vermin that the Israelis deem the Palestinians to be. Genocide and ethnic cleansing...that which they decry when reminding the world annually of the horrors of the Holocaust...yet they perpetuate like inhumane tactics by building walls around Palestinian towns and villages thus imprisoning the residents or diverting water resources or blocking access and egress with armed soldiers and rocket-launching armour...enslaving Palestinian workers in Israeli factories. And MSM headlines shout about the missiles supposedly launched by ISIS/ISIL having death to Israel emblazoned on them....


That is one bizarre and obviously completely wrong interpretation of history you provide. Also, this is not the appropriate site for "whitewashing" Hitler and the Nazis. I recommend that you take this message elsewhere, please.


It's notable that both the British and Americans were sowing deep seeds of blow back by dividing Korea and Viet Nam, to say nothing about the same culprits engineering an Iranian coup d'état to rid the democratically elected Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh. The world is still suffering from that imperialist gambit.

Oil is probably the biggest reason Middle East boundaries were so capriciously, by the British.



Yeah he needs to take his message elsewhere all right - like maybe "Stormfront"


Not a helpful remark.