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This Ain't Over: Rallies in 100 Cities to Demand Obama Cancel DAPL


This Ain't Over: Rallies in 100 Cities to Demand Obama Cancel DAPL

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The fight is not over, is the word from the tribes gathered at the Sacred Stone camp, whose months-long resistance against the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL) has captured national attention. Heeding that call, more than 100 #NoDAPL solidarity actions are being held on Tuesday to put national pressure on U.S. President Barack Obama to revoke the pipeline's permits once and for all.


It's highly fitting that rallying and leading the current peaceful---but firm---stand against the destructive forces of American corporate Empire are the Native Americans; their strength comes not from brutality and greed, but from hearts and minds connected to the Earth. Now, at last, might we sit at their feet, listen, and learn?


The dominant regressive, reactionary politics of today opposes renewable energy. The same politics yield no incentives for businesses to innovate at all. And now since US innovation is in steep decline, money is chasing the old destructive industries even harder. Like the slave owners of the 1850s, the oil interests fear change and will fight to stop it. Easy and quick profits, like slavery. As native people once harbored fugitive slaves, they once again offer refuge from a system that threatens all of us. America continues to struggle with its contradictions. My great-grandfather's cousin rode with Sully to Killdeer Mountain and then went to fight for Sherman's army in the South. One fight was meant to possess and another, to liberate. This fight today is to free us all.


Which is precisely the difference between the Left which wants to free us all, and the Right and neoliberals who want to possess us all simply to make a profit.


This stand has great potential. I take issue with this sentence:
"But pipeline opponents say that the fight need not drag on"
I'd rather suggest that pipeline proponents are the ones who don't want this fight to continue, as they see it's getting stronger day by day.


Please come to our vigil tomorrow Tues Sept 13th #noDAPL, QUAKERS standing w. STANDING ROCK SIOUX, against this pipeline. at the ARCH, Washington Sq. Park, north side, Fifth ave,

one of over a hundred rallies across the country and around the world, from Maine to Alaska, Ireland to Hawaii, tomorrow. In MAINE there are rallies in Bath and Portland.


PS our vigil Quakers standing w. Standing Rock Sioux is 6:00pm to 7:00 pm.
at the Arch, Washington Sq. Park, NYC in Greenwich Village, just below 8th st, at intersection of Fifth Ave.


If this works, is it possible to stop the destruction of the US Mariana Islands, scheduled for destruction simply for bombing practice? See article today in the Guardian.


Like a 'dangling chad' for elections in 2016, the issue of the INTENDED FOR EXPORT portion of this travesty opens onto the question of the extent to which those interests will decimate domestic law, economic integrity and life itself. Why? Because the the 'great big sucking noise' of the 'derivatives' parasites can now be heard and felt throughout the machinations twisting and contorting every conceivable balance necessary for life.

The 'too big to fail', so dependent on fraud, deceit and manipulation is running up against an awakening world that it has been holding hostage through every means that it can cook up. In order for it to survive it must make ALL of life expendable - the age old "externalized cost" - the great void it has 'invisibly' been building. Plausible deniability requires that black be turned against white, nation against nation, rich against poor, organic vs GMO, diversity vs monoculture and the list of its death wish goes on. Its 'crowning glory' being just that - claiming that the 'crown' is all that matters.

Funny, the parasite has convinced itself it is the host; the tail wags the dog, death is life ... and all it is doing is forestalling the inevitable in its narcissism. Let it go into the abyss it has created before it really truly destroys all that it is not: life.


Well, well, it's good to see the Quakers visibly demonstrating on this issue.
Don't get me wrong on this, but how is it that they've been so absent from the public scene these past years on other prominent issues one would traditionally associate with the Quaker mission? Why this? Why now? Contributions to AFSC and FCNL running low?
At one time I regularly supported these, only to become weary of doing so as it seemed the mission priorities focused more upon self-perpetuation than service.
Perhaps there has been a reassessment of priorities and we might expect more in the way of tangible expression from the Quakers?
Perhaps added to the list of very public vigils might be included on-going ones in protest of the 15th anniversary of the US imperial war, others in demand of food security around the world with a call to eliminate the further propagation of GMO commodity crops at the expense of precious wilderness and habitat...?
One waxes hopeful on your efforts. Hopeful that you'll no longer remain AWOL in the domain of public protest.


When has Obama really cared about saving this planet, or anybody that can not defend themselves?


If Obama finds some humanity and cancels DAPL they will just sue under the terms of NAFTA and make a ton of money anyway. Keystone is a perfect example. They are now suing for lost profits.
They sure know how to arrange things,eh?


It is not just America that is upset with the habits of fossil fuels. There are some flying in from Ecuador to camp and protest the DAPL. North and South Dakota gave their states to fossil fuels to get the money. Iowa also on the line let the oil companies use "eminent domain" to take land from farmers. That should be unconstitutional. The only ones who make sense are the Native Americans pointing out they have an obligation to their future to save the integrity of their water. The pipeline goes to the destroyed Gulf to refine the oil for sale off-shore. No one in America benefits from that. Tax-payers are stuck with the destruction of their environment. That dirty oil needs to stay in the ground.


thank you for this painful historical research. Grant's presidency was back in the 1860s ?
I apologize for the Hicksite Friends (Quakers) in their participation in the boarding schools, which were horrific . However there was some trust among First Nation American Indians with the dealings in Pennsylvania, and when George Fox visited tribes in the US.

The book "Fit for Freedom, not for Friendship " by Donna McDaniel and Vanessa Julye also researches the painful history of segregation and discrimination towards African Americans in Friends Meetings.


The state of Texas has also allowed private oil and gas corporations to use eminent domain on ranches and farms, and small towns. The Jumano Apaches and other tribes in Texas protested in Dallas, at the offices of Energy Transfer Partners, because the same company is trying to build the Trans Pecos Pipeline, which would ruin the archaelogical and cultural sites in the delicate environment of the Big Bend country, in Brewster, Presidio counties. go to www.bigbendconservationalliance.org


So sorry to hear Texas also allows corporations to use eminent domain. That needs to stop. The attorney fighting in Iowa was very hopeful he would win his case. Having an honest Supreme Court would help.


Obama cancel the DAP? Depends on whether his future bosses will allow. At this point all he cares about are his future earnings.


I think when President Obama saw the dogs biting the protesters getting pepper sprayed into their eyes by those hired to attack them plus the massive numbers gathering on native lands he decided to do something. He called together the DOJ (that was helping the oil company), the Dept. of Interior and the Army Corp of Engineers (also helping the oil company) to put a halt on that part of construction. Smart move. What surprised me was that Democracy Now and perhaps friends of the Natives and Farmers being stripped of their land are getting global support. That can be serious and maybe Obama realizes it.
It encourages me to gin up opposition as we will have bomb trains going by my house soon in CA with that dirty exploding oil on sale globally with no benefit to me. In contrast if they explode we will need to pay the costs.


My fight will be against having bomb trains go by my house. As for supporting green energy that is a constant. In my area they have done good work through our citizen owned utility. Owning your own utility is always a good idea.


When has the US had to pay anything based on such suits? Anyone can file suit. Ask Trump.