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This Article Is Not About Donald Trump


This Article Is Not About Donald Trump

Tom Engelhardt

Think of the 2016 presidential campaign as the political equivalent of Batman v.


Corporate media--the more you view the less you know.


"People who don't read newspapers are uninformed. People who read newspapers are misinformed" - Mark Twain

If Twain is to be believed, our 21st century media experience is an evolutionary stage born in the 19th century or beyond.


Corporate news is not really news that is a misnomer because the Fourth Estate is really the news for the Fourth Reich; especially true in being cheerleaders in supporting the MIC.

The insult to ones intelligence, is the MSM pretends to be news while most of the time it either lies, tells half truths, or makes important stories unimportant like the democracy spring protests in D.C. where around 800 people were just arrested and got very little coverage while they covered Trump ad nauseum! And the further insult, is in between their mendacities they peddle their commercial, products!


Nevertheless, you can't have it both ways. Americans notoriously don't vote. They are usually not all that interested in tweedle dumb or tweedle dee!

This time however, Americans are actually excited by this presidential race. Why shouldn't it be news worthy (such news as we get amid the game rigging and propaganda that is).

Maybe it is just me but I am excited by this race and I haven't been excited in a positive way by any presidential race ever. So this is what an election is about? Who knew?


Tom Engelhardt is a fastidious bean counter. He can go on and on over minutiae in ways that some might find fascinating.

This is a good insight (from the article):

"The news -- no matter your screen of choice -- increasingly does several things:

  • It creates its own heightened, insular world to replace the world we actually live in.

  • At its most effective, it’s like a recurrent floodtide washing over you.

  • It has an obsessional quality, with single stories engulfing everything else, inducing a deeply skewed view of the world, no matter what event or events are being followed."

Tom seems content with the "fact" that people end up mesmerized by electronic media and that the owners of said media make a fortune. But his analysis stops there. And I notice that this same type of analysis forms the core of most of his articles.

The real question is why. If a would-be probing, genuinely journalistic mind stops at the surface level of appearances, that's a real problem.

What part of this mass numbing doesn't comport with Aldous Huxley's world of Soma, the Nazis' determined interest in mind control, and the magician's skillful use of a diversion in order to pick the public's pockets?

These distractions don't just exist to profit media's owners. They are all about social controls. The best way to thwart a revolution is by numbing the populace, and if Mr. Engelhardt thinks that the experts hired by media corporations don't know a thing or two about brain waves and how to anesthetize the viewing public through the use of specific rhythms, light patterns, buzz words, repeated memes (a/k/a lies told often), and unseen vibrations... he's either limited in the reach of his journalistic savvy, naive, or hiding something. (The same is shown in his absolute lack of curiosity about the flaws in the Official 911 story.)


The Corporate Owned News is a CON--call it what it is!


Welcome to the Age of Denial. If the world is going crazy and falling apart and nobody wants to think about it, then what you really need is a compelling diversion to take your mind off your many worries. And that's what the media machinery provides us in so very many lovely forms. It really doesn't matter if it's: Trump, Cruz, Hillary, Donald Duck, Stalin, Hitler, Chicago Cubs, Game of Thrones, Kobe Bryant, Oprah, Stephen Colbert, Fox News, Elvis, Buddy Holly, booze, Marx, crack, Muhammad, meth, porn, pot, you name it. All merely different forms of a single cozy warm place to park your aching mind, hide out and just forget. My only complaint with Tom's reverie is his pious lefty suggestion that somehow thinking about the Panama files is a more virtuous mental exercise than thumping with Trump. It ain't. It's all the same shit. We need a shift of consciousness, not just flipping the dial to a different premium channel.


That would help if there were any outlets that would out forth the results of the investigations. Bits and pieces lead out in websites like this one, Truthdig, Counterpunch, but these are only slight leakages that do not receive sufficient dissemination to awaken any significant portion of the masses, aka the General Public.