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'This Attack Is a New Low': Trump Rebuked for Rolling Back Birth Control Mandate


'This Attack Is a New Low': Trump Rebuked for Rolling Back Birth Control Mandate

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"Today's outrageous rules by the Trump administration show callous disregard for women's rights, health, and autonomy."

birth control pills


to the choir
hows that flag waving chest beating going for ya?


Grab em by their pussies!


This is a completely nonsensical move for a supposedly pro-life president. You take away their tools to prevent pregnancy, and then try to deprive them of the ability to end an unwanted pregnancy. It’s hard to tell what the endgame is…it just seems to be a gesture to a small group.


“By taking away women’s access to no-cost birth control coverage, the rules
give employers a license to discriminate against women,” Graves added.
“We will take immediate legal steps to block these unfair and discriminatory rules.”

As I recall, Trump’s sister is big on limiting reproductive freedom… right?

The insanity of the GOP is that they want to limit birth control at the same time they
allegedly want to limit abortions. And, sex education, of course.

And, along with Global Warming … presumably they also don’t think that 8 billion
population is at all too many for the planet.


The end-game for Elites is to recover control over females – especially
their bodies, forcing them to bear more children/cheap labor.

I think we also have to notice that among the Elite, there is disagreement
… some want to kill us all and some seem to want to continue over-populating the earth.

But if you’re familiar with CIA’s MKULTRA, you understand the true end-game is total
control – Mind Control – over everyone on the planet.

Think of how much easier it would be for them to run the military –

See: Kay Griggs/YouTube


“The Trump administration has dramatically expanded the number of employers allowed to flout the Affordable Care Act (ACA) policy that requires company healthcare plans to cover contraception at no additional cost.”

"Under the new rule, publicly traded for-profit companies can opt out of the so-called contraception mandate by citing a religious or a moral belief, whether or not the company has a religious purpose. (Today’s The Guardian.)

With his executive order and this new rule, Trump and the Republicans are not ending attacks on religious liberty --their OSTENSIBLE RATIONALE.

Rather, they are engaged in a religious attack on liberty that amounts to no less than agreeing to the view that freedom from the freedom to choose to become parents or to have more children is a right and just attribute of liberty.

This is not a proper freedom from.

Freedom from government interference in such private decisions IS, however, an important constituent of liberty, one that must not be subject to religious attack through Sharia-type Christian ‘laws’ in civil society.

I HAVE GREAT discomfort with the idea that personal morals can be allowed to shape law, unlike interpersonal ethics that focuses upon the outcomes for everyone concerned with this very private decision made conscientiously with different moral and ethical frameworks for their decision-making.

This would remove from many both the ability and the capacity to live their lives according to reasons and motives that preserve and protect living their lives. they would make the law something to be buckle to all of the time on their so-called moral grounds. And that tells me that it is their religious conscience --not that of others-- that they take into account by forcing these others through law to live their lives according to their religious standards. Other religious traditions DO permit abortions.

I find that Trump and these Republicans are trying to exercise an inherently unreasonable and unscrupulous control over and of the situations of others, their persons, and their lives. Freedom from this kind of manipulative, moral law-making is part of freedom in civil society --one based on interpersonal ethics that do not unreasonably burden anyone.


Cannon Fodder needed.


Follow the money, indeed. An economic theory that REQUIRES CONSTANT GROWTH / expansionism must play both ends of the market. The problem is that the exponential factor imbedded in the theory requires babies to be born (consumers) and at the same time exponential extraction/exploitation expansion. The irony is that the sclerotic tunnel vision inverts everything except the addiction parameters - the world continues to look like an endless resource because the sheer scope of the reality of the decimation has been dismissed among the “externalized costs” configured as curved walls - like a telescope being viewed from the wrong end.

Yuppers - cannon fodder and consumers

come to think of it, celibacy looks better and better all the time!


TIME TO TAKE TO THE STREETS WOMEN AND THEIR PARTNERS! And just why is this incompetent creep still sitting in the white house???IMPEACH THE BASTARD!


The SCOTUS decision that essentially said that corporations have religious rights is nuts.


As if the world isn’t swimming with way too many unwanted babies Trump just turned the spigot to full blast by trying to remove the BC mandate from the ACA. Great, they take away completely any choice young women have over their own bodies by using outdated arcane religious nonsense about overpopulating Earth. The US has to lead the way and address this crisis. Since I was born in 1954, the world population has more than doubled from 3.1 billion to 7.4 billion.(approx.) This theocratic influence poisons government in many ways. I thought church was where you went to follow 2000+ year old rules to run your family. The government has to step in to allow personal freedom to make one’s own choice and to have medical insurance to have provisions to allow that choice. I thought that’s what the GOP pushed; choice unless of course they force their women to bow down to 2000+ year old rules administered by the ‘man’ of the family to keep their woman ‘in line’. Yeah, I’m bitter. I’m watching one administration dismantling all the rights and regulations and social systems that make living worthwhile for the vast majority of Americans. I just didn’t think it could happen now in the 21st century by one extremely right wing assembly of corporate vultures complicit with the government.


I assume vasectomies are still covered, because, you know by the GOP, it’s MEN’S CHOICE which is important to protect.


Women take birth control for different reasons. Women should be allowed to chose when or if to have children. The GOP want women to become pregnant , but are doing all that they can to make life unbearable for women and their families. I fear that the country will return to the time when women were penalized because they can become pregnant.


Relentlessly, step by step, theocracy advances!

Prediction: lots of business owners are suddenly going to find “religion”. “Praise the lord, I saw the light.”


Yes, their positions are so contradictory as to be absurd. They must have a great deal of cognitive dissonance going on in their minds. No wonder they can’t tell wrong from right, up from down, in from out!


Handmaids are next! Women beware.
Wow what if women decide to refuse sex because it takes away their rights and freedom to follow their own dreams for fulfillment. What if women decide against marriage contracts.
By the way, if contraceptives will not be covered by insurance, isn’t it about time for most contraceptives to be granted over the counter status. They have certainly been around long enough to qualify. That would at least make them cheaper. No prescription needed…fewer doctor visits…that should lower insurance costs too.
Seems like more men will be encouraged to have a vasectomy since birth control is their responsibility too.


And those meds for supermen who can’t …who can’t… er, who can’t…you know… Does employers’ insurance still have to pay for that?


And a red herring while the admin sells more and more arms, bombs more people, and sets fire to the Constitution.


You can’t take out just the bastard-in-chief. Pence, Ryan, Sessions, and many other equal-size bastards are running around loose and, imo, are the real string-pullers on this theocratic move which will morph into SCOTUS giving us a full theocracy…cheers…