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'This Bill Should Immediately Pass': Advocacy Groups Applaud Proposed Ban on Facial Recognition Tech

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/25/bill-should-immediately-pass-advocacy-groups-applaud-proposed-ban-facial-recognition

First, a Republican senate will never vote for this bill, and even if they did Trump would never sign it into law.

Second, the CIA and the NSA will simply ignore with impunity such a law. Who’s going to stop them?


Without severe penalties (years in prison), local and federal law enforcement will ignore this bill also.

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Well if the government does it, then it is not against the law. Or something like that. I saw it on David Frost years ago…

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There are idiots (of the general Joe Public) who will be 100% in favour of this bill who will also believe in the PLANdemic and be the first ones to sign up for a ‘contact tracing’ app on their phones.

When are people going to wake up? The virus has already stolen constitutionally guaranteed rights - freedom of movement, of assembly, of speech, of privacy. Yet people will trust in some app that traces everything that they do, everywhere they go, and everyone they see, just so that they might not get sick from a virus that has a greater than 92% recovery rate (and also a virus for which over 85% of people have mild or no symptoms!)

And these same idiots that sign up for the app will be the first ones to sign up for some untested vaccine, just so that they (boo hoo hoo) don’t get sick from some flu that they will recover from (assuming that they aren’t obese - slim chance of that in the USA, or have some other pre-existing condition). Hell, if Boris baby in England recovered and he’s obese, it’s likely that you will, too.

So sure, Joe Public idiots, sign up for the tracing app, sign up for the vaccine. But. gosh darn it, stop with the facial recognition!

Just ban its use by everyone; ban research into it by any company or organization; mandatory jail time for any officer, owner , researcher participating. weasel-wording who can do it and who can’t for this reason or that reason leaves the door open.

Its good that action is being taken w.r.t. facial recognition. Too many in STEM fields continue to deny the fact that White Supremacy is often amplified by tech. While many folk in STEM often view themselves, and the field, as “objective” and “incapable of bias”, the reality is that when folk of color speak out against the racism that persists in the field, we are often the subject of ad-hominem attacks and decreed to be too “irrational” or too “unsciency” to merit standing in the field.

For any White allies in STEM who want to help support folk of color in the field, please help to get your colleagues to engage in discussion, to read on the topic, or to watch films, such as the one below