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This Billionaire Mega-Donor Gets It: The Democrats Need Bernie Sanders

This Billionaire Mega-Donor Gets It: The Democrats Need Bernie Sanders

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Democrats scramble to form a coherent and inspiring message for the 2018 congressional elections in the face of a historically unpopular president, billionaire Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer argued


It DID happen here and it makes me BERN all the hotter.


The Democrats embrace a set of values that are every different from those of the Republicans. I think most people vote based on which party’s values are closer their own. It is way too early to be thinking much about 2020. The big question is whether Trump will be running for re-election. If he does then the number issue for the Democrats has to be stopping fascism, assuming it is already not too late at that point. Trump and Bannon are certainly trying to turn the US into some version of the European fascist countries in the 1930s. It is deeply troubling how many Americans support this. About one-third of the country still approves of Trump even though he is heading in that direction. The fight is over maintaining a free press and an independent judiciary as well as the right of people to protest against the government. At the same time the country needs to move ahead on climate change while Trump and Bannon are trying to pull us backwards. Bernie gets the economic inequality very well. I think Hillary Clinton has done a better job pointing out the dangers of white supremacy and fascism. What we need is a broad view about what is is going on and how to stop it. Since Steyer supported Clinton in the primary it seems unclear what he thinks and as he apparently switches gears pretty easily based on his what you might call flip flopping.


“It’s way too early to be thinking about 2020.”
Trump is borderline impeachable, now not later.
Pence would finish the term tail between his legs.


“There is an absolute, unspoken war between corporate interests and the American people,” -T. Steyer.

Look who just caught up! Yeah, dude. It’s called class war! Marx was on to this 170 years ago!


To read this this morning is encouraging. A billionaire who gets it! Wow! He is absolutely right…but will the Democratic leadership heed his words? I think their are too many corporate owned politicians in both parties. How to address the corporatization of our government is another huge issue.


That is possible (that he switches gears too easily). It is also possible he supported Hillary based on a pragmatic “more likely to win” decision, and he has changed his mind on this assessment. If so, welcome to the club. Sure we don’t need billionaires to tell us what to do, but if it happens to be the right thing, it doesn’t hurt either.

I can’t give Hillary credit for doing anything better than Bernie (anything positive that is - of course she won so you could say she works the system better). The idea that Hillary had a better message than Bernie on White Supremacy - where does that come from? Reminds me of Jon Lewis saying he never saw Bernie at civil rights marches.


Capitalism is leaving the United States, western Europe, and Japan and moving to places such as China. Nothing can stop that. The last five minutes of the video “Richard Wolff: Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism” | Talks at Google" explain this very well:


The Democrats need Sanders only if they want to win more elections. If they want to continue to soak up corporate dough they will continue to lose elections.


He’s right – the harridan was moving as far to the right as she could without actually admitting she was just one more reptard – why bother voting for the ‘chocolate’ part of the vanilla + chocolate party? We need a party that’s meat & potatoes instead of some flimsy dessert!


Absolutely so.

Steyer is inconsistent. His org (NextGen) supports Calif. AB 398, which in exchange for extending the worthless and deeply cynical cap & trade program, will remove regulation (such as it is) over all of Calif’s oil refineries.
And seconding Tom Johnson, placing stock in the opinion of billionaires is, to say the least, dubious.


I needed to hear a billionaire share an opinion that is simple common sense and the truth!why are people so petty about him agreeing with them about Bernie. In fact his talking to them Dems about the Dems winning or losing in the next election is right on the mark!

People should stop being petty and jealous and be glad of an ally that the Dems old guard leadershipwill find hard to ignore.


Hanging all out hopes on a presidential election (the “quadrennial extravaganza” as Chomsky called it) and one, aging person to win that election, would be a big mistake.

Recall the slogan from the 90’s global economic justice movement “We are the people we’ve been waiting for!”

And even if we just focus on electoral politics, replacing the US Congress is much more important…


No one is electing him though. He is just stating his opinion. Which I agree with. The Dems need Bernie as their front runner otherwise they’ll lose again.


Seems to be a poster boy for the 1%. A father who worked for Sullivan & Cromwell, Stanford graduate, jobs with Morgan Stanley, Board of Stanford. Yes, he has had more than his fair share and he does not stand alone. When they are part of the “select” they get about everything and leave almost nothing - unless it is some charity which they control or a charitable contribution with their name all over it (i.e. Zuckerberg San Francisco Memorial Hospital or Benioff Children’s Hospital). Anyone who is the least bit smart will come to the conclusions that he has. What will be done about it is another question.


I agree. Just opining that billionaires of any party are intrinsically not to be trusted.


You like playing both sides of the fence I suppose! You call yourself Leftist but that doesn’t mean you are one. Hanging hopes on one person? You don’t like the Bern? I would give thanks to see Trump followed by Bernie. Bernie would undo Trump’s incompetency and uber greed as well as restore America to the citizenry and not the oligarchy.


What does that mean? Trusted about what? The man stated a valid and well reasoned opinion and that was it!


I agree with you completely on Cap and Trade which I found a stupendously idiotic path forward compared to a carbon tax. Of course I didn’t expect this billionaire to be right about very many things, but when this class of people are right about one thing and that can be leveraged by progressive groups to make political change more likely on that one thing (say because some voters consider very wealthy people to know something about the economy - completely wrong perhaps, but that voter sentiment is there), then I see nothing wrong with that strategy.

Warren Buffet is pro-single payer? Good, nothing wrong with mentioning that whenever it is perceived go be an advantage. Likewise for any progressive goal if you ask me. This guy is pro getting more progressive leaders for the Democrats? Maybe he can convince some of his buddies to not oppose us so much. Doesn’t mean we can’t oppose him on his stupidity/corruption like Cap and Trade.