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'This Campaign Is Coming to an End, Our Movement Is Not': Sanders Departs 2020 Race With Vow to Continue the Fight for Justice

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/08/campaign-coming-end-our-movement-not-sanders-departs-2020-race-vow-continue-fight


The burgeoning mass struggle movement being spearheaded by Amazon and other workers will define the politics of “the movement” going forward, not the mushy social democracy of Sanders.


If you’re serious Bernie, run as an independent.
Liberals and progressives no longer have a party that represents their core values. Until there is one that does, the nation will continue its movement towards fascism.


I guess we had better prepare ourselves for four more years (or more) of Trump.
Although I might just go crazy having to stay at home for the next four years.


The title of this story is not correct, it’s the same story that the MSM is using as their headlines.
Bernie is not dropping out, he is suspending the campaign.
He is still on the ballots and I will vote for him in Oregon.
If Biden wants Bernie’s support, he will have to earn it, Bernie will have a lot to say about the democratic platform and who the VP choice will be.
It’s not what I wanted, but Sanders has given his life fighting for us, Let’s still support him.


You may want to stay home given what this planet will turn into. Or should I say, further into.


I am feeling so damn depressed. I cannot figure why Bernie would do this now ??? There was no need to end it today, Let everyone vote in the primary to demonstrate just how strong the movement is. You cannot tell me public opinion about medicare 4 all has not dramatically shifted and there is only one candidate willing to fight for it. I am truly disappointed and in dismay. WTF ??? Why , why, why,
Where are we headed ? Over the cliff ? Ughhhh !


“A single spark can start a prairie fire.” This not the end, but it is just the beginning of a great revolution.


I read articles and comments saying America is heading toward fascism! Study history my friends. America has always been a fascist state. When the first puritans arrived fascism came with them. COINTELPRO, slavery, genocide of the native peoples, Japanese internment camps, the kkk, the aryan nation, trigger happy cops, the CIA, Mass incarceration. Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, and poor White folks have felt the sting of the whip of fascism, imperialism, and capitalism. Using the gun or the credit card. America has always been a beacon of fascism. Trump vs. Biden. IQ45 vs. Mr. Dementia. I’ll be staying home this November. Bernie you aren’t a true socialist but you had some good ideas. Why you have an allegiance to the dixiecrats is beyond the universe.


It’s better now than the showdown the Neoliberal Dems in charge of the party were planning for the convention, if their backroom deals failed to deliver anybody but Sanders. What a shitshow that would have been. The Powers that be inside the DNC were simply not going to let Sanders win. They were even discussing an inside challenge on the second ballot at the convention, so disappointed are they now with Biden’s candidacy. Trump will absolutely win this election because Joe Biden couldn’t excite the electorate with a giant dildo in one hand and a vat of viagra in the other.

Keep fighting the good fight! There’s always revolution in the streets; our history is thick with average beings who stood up for what is right and good about this country. That DNA is still in our veins.


I agree with the first part of your post that workers will define the politics of the movement. Sanders’ politics are not social democratic, though. He is a democratic socialist. Big difference here. The social democratic model is still based on Capitalism. Sanders’ model is not.


Bernie acquiesced. Tool of the DNC. If there is so much fevor for him why at no time did he dare to use the strength of his movement as leverage? Oh, I forgot, Biden is his friend despite him being responsible for a multitude of policy’s Sanders claims to oppose, and having waged far more military escapades than Trump? It’s time for a third- party,


…and then there was darkness.


If your not fucking outraged your not worth of anything at all, as a human being or otherwise: certainly not worthy of a representative democracy. Thanks for being intelligent enough to to be outraged.


Progressives in the USA have been fighting for medicare for all for decades. They have not gotten anywhere. The reason it gains no traction is because they think the vehicle for this is the Democratic Party. The past decades should demonstrate this not the case. The DNC will do everything to sabotage such a program.

If the fight is going to continue it has to be from outside the Democratic party. If Bernie insists the DNC can be reformed from within he is doing a disservice to the cause. Leave the party. Council your supporters to leave the party and support a third party. Take those millions of people with you and the Democrats will act.

Stay inside the party under the guise it can be changed within and it will be Business as usual.


’*ll support the ultimate Democratic nominee, whoever it is - period… No Monday morning quarterbacking. No third-party threats. Immediately after there’s a nominee, I’ll endorse… As soon as there is a nominee, I will put myself at the disposal of the campaign."

-The DNC’s revolting Loyalty Oath, which Sanders was s̶o̶ ̶r̶e̶l̶u̶c̶t̶a̶n̶t̶ chomping at the bit to be the first to sign in April of last year.

Sanders has been a sheepdog from the beginning.


Well said, except I would argue that Amerika has been covertly fascist for a long, long time. If one can say anything good about Trump it is that he has exposed what was covert and made it overt! .


Because the DNC did not want Bernie to debate Biden. Look what happened to Biden after the last debate…he was mentally a mess and they threw him in his basement to recover. They don’t want to use all those drugs on him again to prop him up as his head may explode. What the DNC wants, the DNC gets. That is the gamble Bernie took when he tried to play ball on their field.


“While this campaign is coming to an end,” said Sanders, “our movement is not.”

Then PLEEEASSE BERNIE! Get the hell out of the corruption of the Democratic Party!


This is what I heard in this campaign.

We must be dissatisfied until the walls that separate the city of wealth and comfort and the city of poverty and despair is demolished by the forces of justice.

We must be dissatisfied until integration of all Americans is not seen as a problem but as an opportunity to participate in the beauty of diversity.

We must not allow the necessities be taken from the masses to give luxuries to the rich.