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'This Cannot Go Unanswered': Govt Watchdog Group Files Criminal Sedition Complaint Against Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/12/cannot-go-unanswered-govt-watchdog-group-files-criminal-sedition-complaint-against

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No quarter should be offered to the families of Trump, Cruz, or Hawley, just as a start. As the rocks are turned over there will be more and more co-conspirators identified. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law without any consideration of letting “bygones be bygones”. This was SEDITION by its very definition. The sooner the better. This is no time for tolerance.


It just keeps getting worse…


In December, Ali Alexander claimed he and three House Republicans were organizing the rally that led to a storming of the Capitol on January 6.


This coup, obviously, has been long in the making.


How much is enough people? We have seen, over these last four years, thousand upon thousands of lies, inflammatory statements, blatant illegalities all perpetrated by a small coterie of government officials, not simply confined to an out of his depth president and his criminally entitled crime family.

Mitch McConnell ( you might have heard of him) breaking his oath of office and ignoring his sworn duty as far back as the Obama administration. His cohorts among the GOP were equally culpable as well. The many appointees, incompetent and unqualified as most were, rubber stamped by the Senate, the GOP controlled Senate, as were the myriad of decisions to weaken, if not end entirely, environmental protections to favor mineral exploration in our national park system, regulations designed to slow, if not halt, global warming as well.

Ending long established alliances and treaties, entered into in good faith and summarily withdrawn from by this horrific shell of a human being, and, again, approved if simply unopposed by those who should have known better.

Which brings to to another culpable entity; the Democratic Party. Yes, they have excuses for failure to block legislation , to stop unfit appointments. But they have absolutely no excuse for remaining, almost always remaining, silent when they should have been standing up for this nation and against our orange fuehrer constantly and consistently.

This, then, brings us to the obvious question; what do we now do? Some will undoubtedly suggest adrenaline fueled solutions that would make us no better than these brain dead, gun wielding ,mouth breathers, carrying American flags while demonstrating they know nothing about what it means to actually be a good American.

I think the solution will bore these people but remains the only real solution that keeps the integrity of our democratic processes alive. Participation!!!

Every election sees millions not voting, even this last, after four years of insanity, inanity, incompetence , illegalities 80 million eligible voters failed to actually do their duty and cast a ballot. Again, participation.

If you are a democrat then it is your duty to push back against an aging , far too silent and calcified leadership. Your party needs new blood desperately. You need to install leadership open to the will and the wishes of the people and not solely to those of the corporate and the wealthy.

If you are, like I am, a proponent of third party politics then work to bring that to reality. Yes, an uphill road certainly, but, when combined with an energized bunch of democrats working within their own party, far more possible.

Insisting that laws be , not only obeyed, but, when violated, prosecuted. We are 300 million, we have the power if we just realize we do. One last, if I may, beware those who offer nothing but negativity, they are not our friends, they are surely not our allies.


It has been answered and that answer is loud and clear. Joe’s handlers do not care and nothing will be done, apart from a few low hanging fruit being offered up as sacrifices to corporate media.


It is curious, that the “Freedom Caucus” Republicans found the temerity and determination to organize a full blown coup based on lies and deception but the #FraudSquad Democrats don’t have a clue how to even spell temerity, courage or conviction, to organize and hold their vote on Pelosi as speaker for a vote for #Medicare4All (something they ran on and said they would “fight” for). They didn’t, and in fact fought hard against it, and all this during a pandemic in which 14 million families lost their healthcare on top of the already 40,000 lives that are forced to die each year due to lack of healthcare…

At what point will these supposed “progressive” women and men fight not for their disgusting party but fight for the dying people?

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Voting in a rigged system, which only allows two horrors from which to choose, is now largely redundant. The US has become the Weimar Republic and Joe will usher in the Nazis with a smile and some ‘civility.’ The Democratic Party, including the #FraudSquad, are happy that they did their part to ensure that corporate governance will not be compromised for the sake of mere peasants and consumers. I admire your optimism but general strikes, mass protests and defunding of all Democrats is also going to be required.


The United States doesn’t need a “Truth and Reconciliation” process; it needs at Truth and Prosecution process, as outlined in the 14th Amendment, section 3, as well as in the USC section(s) regarding treason and sedition. Biden and Congress better damn well come out swinging, or the Republic will fall.


Perfectly put. Thank you.

The cry from the Democrats will be for unity (without equality or justice), much like the cries for unity that were used to gather power for the Nazis.

The more the liberals and it’s tech monster force mass censorship the more we are going to see these forces grow exponentially and then use same tech censorship to propel the NeoAmerican-Nazi party to crush anyone that stands in their way.

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Biggs! Gosar! AZ Despicables, just two among many. I know them well, after watching them up close and personal for many years. Biggs, after winning a Publishing Clearing House sweepstakes, believes he is invincible in his madness – and incompetence.

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Joseph Biden is certainly no horror, that is simply you getting carried away. He is the supreme Centrist and deserves a bit of patience to see which way his administration chooses to go. How can he be rationally compared to Trump? No, don’t bother, he cannot. While surely not a progressive voters choice he is what we have currently and, by comparison , an improvement. Look at the cabinet he is forming , never in our history have we had such diversity there.
This nation requires your patience and good judgment. But most of all it requires all our participation, and I do not mean angry and pointless rhetoric, I mean working to grow a decent political party, to primary good people to run for office and the like.

The two party system certainly deserves criticisms and change, on that we agree. Both parties hold allegiance to corporate money and not to the people. But that which man created, man can amend. if only we actually do more than post anger on line.

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As ever, Mr. Tuttle, you live in an adrenaline fueled fantasy . It might make you feel oh so good to vent as you always do ( liberals forcing mass censorship…oh please, get a clue), but the real problem is that you are not helping to make change, only having what seems like an endless temper tantrum.

Change will come from those who identify a problem and work their tails off to fix it, not from semiliterate children screaming loudly.

We don’t just need accountability, we need wholesale changes in law, congressional behavior accountability, and a strong move to lessen the right-wing propaganda machine. And it wouldn’t hurt to come up with a way to prevent gross lying, or to punish it.

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Insults, Insults Insults… I usually see this type of empty disparaging attacking banter - because they don’t have a rebuttal - from frothing right wingers… Not liberals. How charming and against Commondreams Community comment guide lines.

Have I insulted you personally? Have I demeaned you personally? Have I attacked you personally? But you feel the need to do so. You might want to take a look into that.

I wasn’t yelling. There isn’t one exclamation point in my statement. But you feel the need to attack me personally and call me the screaming child.

Is this what passes for community in your Neoliberal world?

I guess you don’t like that I “push” our representatives on issues they ran on? Wasn’t it AOC herself said that we should raise a ruckus? Wasn’t I just doing as she said? Or was it me pointing out truths as I see them and taking part in this conversation that made you spew your insulting attacks on me? Or do you just wish you could censor me?

By the way, there are a number of people warning about this tech censorship that make a very compelling case ( Glenn Greenwald for one and even the ACLU). You might do yourself a service and read them.

How conveniently you avoid the points I made in my initial response to you. Poor baby , you find insults where I find truth. You avoid my points , accurate by most standards I believe, to attempt to hide behind high dudgeon…
Where, oh pundit on your high horse, are your suggestions for progress? Where are your calls for anything other than despair and negativity. When you compare the democrats, certainly a party in dire need of change, to Nazi sympathizers, especially when the far right actually fits that descriptor far, far better, yet goes unmentioned by you, you should expect a correction from actual reality.
If you are insulted by my reference to screaming children then try and post something that doesnt bring that analogy to mind

you find insults where I find truth

RickDD these are your insults.

  1. “you live in an adrenaline fueled fantasy”

  2. “oh please, get a clue”

  3. “only having what seems like an endless temper tantrum.”

  4. “semiliterate children screaming loudly”

Are these your “truths” as you call them or are they insults or personal attacks?

You are telling me to write with your approval, tone with your approval, or you think it’s A-okay to insult me.

It honestly feels like you are singling me out, and targeting me.

You personally insulted me numerous times and I did not respond back with insults. In fact, I addressed your opposition of my point with a recommendation to look up Glenn Greenwald’s and ACLU writings on censorship.

This common dreams community is for discussion and expression of thought. If you do not like what one might have to say you have no right to insult them personally. If you feel you cannot do that maybe you need to find another forum.

I’ve been on this forum for years writing as I write in the tone I write and NO ONE has ever insulted me personally as you have.

I think we probably have a lot of common ground much more than you probably think. If we want to change this world we are login to have to learn to work together and not insult each other personally if we disagree with their POV or tone.

We are all living in a time of great stress and trauma and we all handle it very differently but we need to remember not to attack personally.


Here is an article by Glenn Greenwald that speak to my concern of Silicon Valley censorship.


Here’s another


I think censorship and freedom of the press and speech are very slippery slopes once walking down that path and it appears to me that in reaction to Jan6 the Democrats with the aid of Silicon Valley are -outside any rule of law - censoring people they don’t agree with. That precedent and tool can then be used against ANY and every activist, movement & candidate any certain politicians are fearful of.

So, IMO, in order to protect against a fascists the Democrats are quickly becoming fascists. Just this morning the Democrats are announcing they are putting people on no fly lists, with no trial, no explanation. Do you see?

Since you work with the Green Party, you know how much the Democrats fight against third parties. You don’t think they would like to put Jill Stein (remember Clinton and the MSM fueled the Mccarthyistic lie she worked with Putin/Russia) on a no fly list? Or knock Jill off Twitter? If the Dem party with the aid of Silicon Valley war lords -deplatforming and censoring swept continues, they very well might.

All of this is going on while both parties are pushing the US Government to slowly killing Julian Assange for exposing war crimes and the truth of massive deception of both parties.

So am I concerned about a fascist tools being used to fight against fascists and ultimately becoming a fascist government in itself.


You want a better world? Start with yourself.

I am not responsible for the delusions my posts engender within your obviously sad grip on political reality. The “insults” you cite are my observations and are based upon the contents of your posts.
I oppose your distorted response that I am “forcing you” to do anything. You are as free to post I am to judge both the veracity and the utility thereof.
We all post opinions here and politics is a messy subject to begin with.

By any standards whatsoever this from you is unacceptable , unreasonable and grossly untrue:

"The cry from the Democrats will be for unity (without equality or justice), much like the cries for unity that were used to gather power for the Nazis.

The more the liberals and it’s tech monster force mass censorship the more we are going to see these forces grow exponentially and then use same tech censorship to propel the NeoAmerican-Nazi party to crush anyone that stands in their way."

I am firm in my belief that this sort of editorializing, more resembling Fox News and Breitbart, certainly containing very little, if any, truth deserves the criticisms I leveled at it.

In the face of the last four years , hell the last sixteen at least, of republican betrayals of their constitutional duties and obligations, of their heinous support for a mentally crippled president who thinks himself a dictator, who is responsible for so much illegality and amorality, hundreds of children forcibly separated from their parents and now with no way to locate the parents in far too many cases, to name only one makes them the ones most resembling nazis.

But you ramble on and, in my opinion, are a detriment to honest discussion. When you decide on truth I will temper my comments to you.