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'This Change in Policy Will Kill': Scientists, Medical Experts Warn of Dangerous Loosening in CDC's Covid Guidelines

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/26/change-policy-will-kill-scientists-medical-experts-warn-dangerous-loosening-cdcs

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The police in many cities in KS where I live are now refusing to enforce the statewide mask mandate made by Democratic Gov. Kelly, and most businesses aren’t enforcing it either even though some of them even have “masks must be worn inside” signs on their doors. The medical clinic I go to had to hire an armed guard to stand by the lady at the front door that takes your temp and makes sure you have a mask on because people were getting so irate about this. This is how crazy this is getting!

From the whiny comments I’ve heard these anti-maskers think they have a “right” to not wear a mask, or they claim the “gubment” doesn’t have a right to make them wear masks. I suppose they also think the “gubment” doesn’t have a right to put signs in the road that tell them when to stop or how fast they can drive their cars and pick-up trucks.

Some of the anti-maskers whining about their “rights” are the ones saying that “we need an effective vaccine”, as if once one is out we’re magically going to be free of this virus. My personal unprofessional opinion at this point is that we shouldn’t hang our hats on an unproven vaccine to get us out of this horrible mess, and that the only sure way out is if everyone wears a good quality good fitting mask and practices other safety measures such as social distancing, handwashing, etc. This is the only way I can see to prevent the virus from having hosts to infect, and if it doesn’t have hosts to infect there is a better chance of getting it under control like most other countries that have populations that have followed these measures have done.

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Nobody anywhere near me has done anything like that. People who have held big parties have been arrested.

People are still supposed to wear masks inside businesses. They have marks painted on floors to show how far apart to stand.

Why do people get so worked up about it, that makes zero sense to me. They are only hurting themselves.


Idelson said the move offered “clear evidence of how Trump has destroyed every public agency that is supposed to carry out the public interest rather than hucksterism for his cult.”

Eye on the ball - then instinct - hit that bastard so hard in November he never returns.

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It seems as though there are a lot of these anti-maskers. I wonder what would happen if the issue of mask-wearing was put to a popular vote. In a democracy, popular opinion should determine public policy, right?

So I wonder, what would happen if the issue of mask-wearing was put to a popular vote? What would the election results be? Would a majority of U.S. voters decide to make mask-wearing mandatory?

And let’s suppose that the majority votes to make mask-wearing mandatory. Would there still be a large contingent of refuseniks who wander about in public without masks?

Or, let’s suppose that the majority votes to make mask-wearing optional. Would the maskistas decry the popular vote and insist that the mandates of “medical experts” are more important than the popular will?

The point is that this administration does want to kill more people.

Why else during a pandemic would such a move in the middle of the night, be taken?


Alternative facts, how do you do?

They may not consciously want to kill more people but they are certainly insouciant and could care less how many more people die from covid-19!


Ignorance is strength! The ignorant shout “freedom” but what they really mean is license, the relevant definition being “excessive, undisciplined freedom, constituting an abuse of liberty.” The US is a case study in devolution, an ever-growing idiocracy, and idiots are currently running the show.

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Insouciant – nice!

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Looks the autumn outbreak is going to be a doozy.


Today, physician advises that corona19 stats from Bulgaria are taken with a large grain of salt.

They report 563 deaths which is 8 per 100,000 people. 15,386 cases and 10,497 recovered
Then America would have about 26,800 deaths in the 50 states and territories.
177,000 minus 26,800 equals 150,200 deaths due to current executive branch.
Who has denier, no masks, and ‘we do better than anyone else’ Trump.
I am blaming him for the unnecessary loss of 150,200 people.
And we are at 1,000 more dying each day.

This bad advice from federal government (white house task force concensus) provides the Trump with fewer reported cases, places blames into states and locals by saying it is up to them, and murders more american citizens.

Will anyone object at the ballot box in November?
= NO

They are only concerned about poor people living longer.

Rich people, they dont care one way or the other.

And what people would vote for donald trump? Makes no sense.
They don’t REAIZE they are often hurting themselves.

This is a huge gift to the virus. I hope they wrapped it nicely.

Many Trump voters hate him as a person, and can’t stand his racism, etc.
they just absoilutely cant afford to have their jobs outsourced. They would lose everything. So Biden is off the table for them because they know he means more FTAs.

The scheme is obvious and its not going to fool anybody. It should be a severe crime.

Its supposed to “manufacture consent” to a real nightmare of outsourcing which they agreed to 26 years ago and never told us about. Now they are tryiing to manufacture fake consent ex post facto, having already signed our rights away.

Brexit was the same thing. A manufacturing of fake consent to getting rid of their NHS. They never got the memo. Bidens promise is actually to destroy Medicare, we just dont realize that a superior law dismantles it if we expend it without leaving GATS FIRST.

Whats being done is so dispicable that everybody, including myself hates to explain it, that is how bad it is. Between all the thefts that are being undertaken all at the same time, people wont have anything left, its a multi pronged war on the very existence of a middle class.

I fully expect this to destroy this country in some way. We have the most dishonest leadership now than we have ever had. There, I said it.

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They want to “get out from under entitlements”.

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They should be aware of the fact that a rushed vaccine could easily make things much worse, not better!

If you look into the issue of antibody dependent enhancement of pathogenicity, coronavirus infections may be cumulative. So vaccines MAY be much more complex and dangerous in the case of coronavirus.

See Frontiers in Immunology

doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2020.01120 ~https://dx.doi.org/10.3389%2Ffimmu.2020.01120

PMCID: PMC7291596

PMID: [32582200]

Antibody Dependent Enhancement Due to Original Antigenic Sin and the Development of SARS

Walter Fierz and Brigitte Walz

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Not only vaccines may be dangerous in the case of SARS-CoV-2, but from pubmed/3258220, “Furthermore, it poses a note of caution when treating COVID-19 patients with convalescent sera.

This week on 8/24/20 the first volunteer group began clinical trials of the Cuban vaccine candidate, a sub-unit vaccine using the RBD protein (receptor-binding domain) found in the spike protein (S) by which the virus enters human cells.

“Of the 30 vaccine candidates in the world that are in the clinical trial phase (WHO, August 20, 2020), 8 candidates are of the subunit vaccine type and only two, the Cuban and one developed by China, use the RBD protein.”

“The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 and the one that causes the disease known as SARS, bind to the same cell receptor, however, one of the factors that may be influencing the great viral replication observed in COVID-19 (greater than in SARS) is that this union is more efficient.”

“Therefore, the RBD protein plays an important role. As this is the active component of the Cuban vaccine candidate, if the preparation is successful, it will generate antibodies against RBD that will block this entry key to the cell and possibly neutralize viral replication.”


So, Zed, are you saying even this antigen, the RBD protein, could trigger “original antigenic sin” and the cytokine storm response in people who have had more coronavirus exposure over their lifetimes?

I have no idea.

I have also read more than once that having been infected with SARS-CoV-2 once does not prevent subsequent infection with another strain.

Coronaviruses mutate. Thats what they do.

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