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'This Country Will Stand Still': Businesses Shutter Nationwide for #DayWithoutImmigrants


'This Country Will Stand Still': Businesses Shutter Nationwide for #DayWithoutImmigrants

Nika Knight, staff writer

In response to President Donald Trump's anti-immigrant executive orders and sweeping deportation raids that have led to nearly 700 arrests nationwide, immigrants in cities across the country are walking out of work Thursday for a "Day Without Immigrants" strike, to demonstrate how much the United States depends on immigrants.


Together we stand, divided we fall!

Hasta La Victoria Siempre!


If this isn't enough to get the serious attention of the power structure, along with structural changes, don't worry. WE have MORE dissent to come!


Yes, We cannot allow Trump and his fellow white nationalists like Bannon and Jeff Sessions to divide us!


A Nationwide Strike is just what Dr. Demento ordered. Bring It All To A Screeching Halt!


Perfectly exemplary of the devious Drumph methodology. If you're busy getting media pumped to blame and attack the utterly straw target of contemporary immigrants, then you're SURE to erase the legacy of Anglo immigrants, legacy of enslavement of Africans and the genocide of native tribal peoples on Turtle Island through application of the Doctrine of Discovery and the presence of it in US Law today.
Yuppers, predatory capitalism sure do beat all ... frequently to a bloody pulp while it insanely keeps digging the hole by which it is - today - being buried by double digit trillion debt. MMMhhhmmm...Can you say pyramid scheme? If it gives you trouble, just go ask our Secretary of Education.


Although i don't see this helping, im glad for them. In a capitalist country like ours, immigration is a major part of the foundation. The idea here is that we are to have an ever growing GDP. To do this, there are a couple of ways this happens. One is that every family has 4-6 children for a fee generations. Or, have immigration fulfill this need. One person can only make what one person can make having a stagnant economy. But add a person, now you have doubled the economy and in turn cause growth. Pretty simple for the most part. Too bad our Prez is only a businessman. Funny that a politician, who grasps at least the most basic concept of economics, is who we need after all. There's some irony in this somewhere.


Not a fan of the slaughterhouse---but I do believe at one point these were decent paying jobs for what they do----what happened to this industry????

I worked in the construction industry in the 90's and saw these jobs taken by low wage illegals.

What are these restaurants paying people??????

Go into a Walmart and workers can't speak English--what is going on???
call a help line you get someone who barley understands English and has no idea what to do????

people in the tech industry are getting visas to come here and replace people with good paying jobs???

Obama made this a campaign issue in 08 but failed to address it----why?

Republicans,Democrats, and the rich benefit by the current system.

I live near the Mexican boarder---I want an open boarder----I want Mexico to be more like Canada---but the richy rich want cheap labor-----To me this is a bunch of BS

And the media fail to address this issue for what it is about. The rich making millions off of slave labor!


How about more older people working ( if they can) and contribute to SS ( voluntarily to age 75)? Why do want a population explosion of 4-6 kids? Check populationconnection and what an explosive population contributes to pollution and depletion of resources. Why do we need an ever growing GDP? How about a more relaxed sustainable society not a big corporate ever growing one with more and more people taking up more and more land.


Sorry but you can't have an open border and have immigrants taking American jobs for low wages. Plus these businesses and illegal immigrants have been getting away with this for over four decades. I know someone personally who had to train someone who replaced her job. The replacement was from India. Not only did she lose her job to someone from India, ( outsourcing)- she had to train her replacement. I would have said Up yours! Obama wanted more immigrants to take American jobs. When the country was going through a recession- he did not even want to discuss jobs- only immigration and rescuing of big banks.


They make millions , but the illegals often live ten to fifteen people to an apartment which is against code, and they undercut Americans. This is BS all the way around. Plus if someone wants to emigrate to another developed country, they need to have a job waiting ( unless they take in refugees of war) and money on them.


These illegals now say they have "rights"- try that in another country. Canadians are not pouring into our country- that is why we do not have a fence there ( or a "wall"). People who emigrate into this country legally ( and have a profession that is needed such as doctor) are being slapped in the face by these illegals who feel they have "rights." The businesses violate the law by having them over stay their visas, and they also start interfering in Americans jobs ( They right to work for less). This is also union busting. Companies that are really dirty will then use the excuse that American workers do not have "skills" ( even with degrees from ivy league ) and outsource jobs or relocate workers from other countries with visas.


It is also a CRIME to enter the US illegally.


It is a misdemeanor, but illegal entry and unlawful presence are recommended to be avoided.


I am wondering what they are paying these people also? Any business that hires people purposely to undercut American jobs needs to be put out of business and also fined for having people on board who overstay their visas.


Hey here's one: Why is the US paying for transportation for people walking over the border from Central America and flying them all over the US while they wait for a court date? Why not just fly them home, and refuse to give aid to these countries that are sending these people? Something smells rotten here - like business and gov't purposely letting them in so they can have cheap labor.


Oh shucks, why stop at 75 - why not work until you are dead ... folks can work "voluntarily" now as long as they want - that is not the issue ...

Oh hey - how about more high earners paying SS taxes? Today is the last day millionaires were paying SS taxes on their income ...


Hey, how about enforcing decent wages for ALL workers ...


All folks have rights by virtue of being folks ... You are lumping "illegals" in with folks who have visas ... which ones are "taking" jobs - jobs aren't "taken' they are given by employers ... let's focus on them for a change ...

As for "union busting", again it is employers doing that ...


Hell, the folks at the top of the food chain are guilty of a lot worse crimes than entering illegally - lets focus on them ....