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'This Country Will Stand Still': Businesses Shutter Nationwide for #DayWithoutImmigrants


I'd up-vote you 100x if I could. Thanks for your input here.....and for being civilized....my blood is boiling, so hats off to thee!


Didn't mean to give you a like. Screen moved. If I knew how to give you down votes, I would do so.


Cogent perfect replies. Thanx.


Thanx .....(smile)


To be clear, im talking about capitalist philosophy, not my philosophy. Economics goes through this philosophy in our country pretty thoroughly. The ever growing GDP philosophy shows up when the DOW Jones hits a certain point, like 10000 points, or like the other day media talked about 20000 points and Wall Street got hats that had that number on it. As for children, this cimes up in macroeconomics and country building efforts. The children thing affects other issue like defense of the country, so its more than their economic value. In our economic system, Keynesian economics, a debt based system, we are counted so the Federal Reserve can determine how much debt our country can take and is one reason the consensus is so important. As for debt, we can never get rid of it unless we change from the Keynesian system. So, until then the ever growing GDP will be followed by politicians. One downfall to this philosophy is that employment needsto be low so people absorb more debt. Look over the past decade within the Great Recession and you will see politicians not making more jobs. They are doing this with purpose. Check out epi.org. Great sight to learn more. There was a great article about minimum wage and why it exists. Just be prepared to read graphs...many, many graphs.


The courts are all we have now, that will keep out the barbarians who are assembling outside our Constitutional barricade of protections. How soon to a forced entry do we have? A re-installment of another tyrannical monarch like King George III, who "....had recurrent, and eventually permanent, mental illness..." (Wikipedia)? Or a cabal of theocratic bankster wannabes running amuck on our planet? "The World is a Ghetto" - War (the band)


I agree whole-heartedly. And the way the politically fascist-leaning (right), has divided us! Makes me wanna scream! I, we, they, us: who, mostly lean toward the politics for People, Peace and Planet - NOT profits - are the progenitors of our Mother Earth. We work full time, without a paid maid. We fight the bankster "ownerclass" at the ballot box. We fight the traffic in a crumbling infrastructure to get to work. The oligarchs will gladly fix it all, if they can own it all and charge us back rent and permissions! lol

We fight each other! Yes, we do. Those Independents fight their paucity of information (caused by media mischief!) that keeps them on their wobbly ideological fence. (Me) Greens and (Me) Berners argue and bicker - when the real fight is a (currently) fixed duopoly of the wealthy. The shifty one leans slightly left, but only enough to not seem too thuggish. And of course, the grand old party, who always prides itself as thugs.

We really need to solidify. In-fighting among our political selves cannot endure.


No they should go to jail----illegal immigration can be stopped with ease-and you don't need a wall and you don't need to spend millions deporting people---put in prison those who hire illegals-don't issue visas to people who will be taking another persons job.

This is all geared for the rich---keep an underclass to keep wages low -create division so people are fighting with each other and not focused on the real culprit ----the rich