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This Deal Is a Big Deal


This Deal Is a Big Deal

Trita Parsi

Today, the U.S. and its partners secured a commitment from Iran to significantly constrain its nuclear program and subject it to intrusive inspections in order to prevent a path to an Iranian nuclear weapon. If these commitments are converted into a final comprehensive deal over the next three months, President Obama and Secretary Kerry and their partners will have secured through diplomacy what neither war nor sanctions could ever have accomplished.


“Now is not the time to undo all of this progress or to see this chance for peace escape.”

I have never known a chance for peace ‘to escape’. It is simply not something that peace does - except, given its nature, to escape destruction which, if threatened, I’d be happy to help it ‘escape’ from all sorts of forms of negativity - to blossom and grow.
Amid all the destruction going on - may it grow like mycelium, subvert conflict with love, simplicity, creativity and attentive nurturing of all life and everything it needs.


Now we need for Israel to accept the same type of deal regarding its nuclear programs.


I hope this writer is an agent of the government, or at least the “Democratic” party, rather than just extremely naive.
The former is to be expected of a regime fending off its own demise, (Remember COINTELPRO.) But the latter, I hate to see: someone intelligent enough to write an article, but still buying into the conventional, corporate “wisdom”. Such gullibility, at least in people with a few years experience- does not bode well for desperately needed social change.
May he have the ability of intellectual growth, or the re-discovery of conscience, whichever is needed.
Please see the article on today’s Common Dreams: “We Agree: Iran and P5+1…”, and the comments as well.


Other than our MIC firms anxious about their bottom lines who would fear PEACE more than WAR? I hope we can see our way clear to give our MIC enough contracts to make parts for a national smart electric grid and equipment to harness renewable energy to console them for their loss of business to peace.